Kayleigh McEnany shut down a surprising lie that Fox News told about Donald Trump

Something strange is going on at Fox News Channel.

After the first Presidential debate, Fox News executives praised Chris Wallace’s outrageously biased performance as moderator.

But now Kayleigh McEnany shut down a surprising lie that Fox News told about Donald Trump.

The Fake News Media continues to peddle the lie that Donald Trump did not denounce white supremacy on the debate stage.

President Trump did so three times.

The President then did so the next day before leaving the White House for a campaign rally in Minnesota.

At the White House press briefing on Thursday, Fox News’ so-called “reporter” John Roberts asked McEnany if she would condemn white supremacy on behalf of President Trump.

McEnany quickly saw the trap Roberts set – if she denounced white supremacy, Roberts’ colleagues at other fake news outlets would then pounce and demand to know why they can’t hear President Trump say that – and quickly reacted.

McEnany listed off the numerous times President Trump denounced white supremacy and moved on.

After the briefing Roberts exploded and ranted and raved on air about how it was unfair people on social media were criticizing him over his nonsensical gotcha question.

McEnany had a response for this too.

She tweeted out a picture of the day before when Roberts own wife, reporter Kyra Phillips, asked President Trump about denouncing white supremacy and the President did so forcefully.

The question sounds obvious and easy.

But the premise of the question is that Donald Trump is courting the votes of white supremacists.

And that is why McEnany responded by listing all of the previous times President Trump already denounced their bigotry.

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