Kayleigh McEnany gave Jen Psaki something to cry about with this piece of devastating news

Jen Psaki stepped in it once again.

But she got set straight immediately.

And Kayleigh McEnany gave Jen Psaki something to cry about with this piece of devastating news.

Jen Psaki fought through tears during an appearance on the News not Noise podcast, where she once again lied about Florida’s Parental Rights in Education Bill.

“What we’re talking about here in Florida, for example … is that families, if you have a kid in a classroom, and I have a kindergartner, right?” Psaki stated. “I can imagine her saying, ‘My friend has two moms. My friend has two dads.’ And the teacher in her classroom, I would hope would say, ‘That’s wonderful. They’re loving parents, and you have a mom and a dad.’ This is penalizing teachers and educators. I mean, it is. There are so many layers of this that are outrageous, and I hope people continue to educate themselves on this because it is a bad side of politics.”

Kayleigh McEnany – who held the position of White House Press Secretary under Donald Trump – blasted Psaki and the Left for supporting teachers grooming children into the transgender lifestyle with age inappropriate lesson plans for students in grades K-3.

Hannity asked McEnany why the Left was so hellbent on imposing a bizarre sexual ideology on children in schools instead of focusing on the basics of reading, writing, and arithmetic.

McEnany readily agreed, calling it a “sick obsession” with indoctrinating children.

“Exactly, Sean,” McEnany told Hannity. “The Left has a sick obsession with our children.”

“When my daughter goes to school, I don’t want her learning about those things,” McEnany continued.

McEnany explained that if Psaki really wanted to cry about children being mistreated, she should cry for the 62 million unborn babies killed in abortion clinics since the wrongly decided 1973 Roe v. Wade case.

“Namely, if you wanna cry about one issue in this country right now, I think the press secretary should cry about the 62 million children that do not exist, that have been aborted because of Roe v. Wade, a heinous, heinous decision in this country that has exterminated about one fifth of the United States’ population,” McEnany added.

“So if you wanna cry, don’t cry about forcing sexuality on kindergartners. That is sick. Cry about the 62 million children who can’t even go to kindergarten,” McEnany concluded.

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