Kayleigh McEnany dropped the hammer on Joe Biden with this one question

Kayleigh McEnany’s press briefings are turning into must-see TV.

McEnany usually spars with the Fake News Media over their latest manufactured outrage of the day.

But this time McEnany set her sights on a different target and dropped the hammer on Joe Biden with this one question.

At the start of Wednesday’s press briefing, McEnany announced President Trump opposed any effort to rename military bases that were named after Confederate Civil War Generals.

That led to McEnany asking the Left how far they wanted to take “cancel culture.”

McEnany cited HBO pulling the iconic 1939 movie, Gone with the Wind, as evidence of how far the Left would go to erasing American history.

Finally, McEnany asked if Senators like Joe Biden who worked with segregationists and claimed segregationists as their mentors deserved to have Welcome Centers named after them.

Breitbart reports:

“What about people that are alleged by the media to be segregationists?” she continued, citing campaign reporting from CNN, The Washington Post, and MSNBC in the 2020 Democrat primary.

McEnany noted that Biden teamed up with segregationists to fight court-ordered student busing to desegregate schools.

“I’ll leave you with the question? Should we then rename the Biden Welcome Center?” she asked, before leaving the podium.

Polls show Biden has an enthusiasm problem with black voters.

So that’s why Joe Biden’s past history of racist policies and racist comments will surely be a major part of the Trump campaign’s attempt to discredit Joe Biden this fall.

The President is trailing in the polls at the moment.

But his campaign has yet to unleash hundreds of millions of dollars in negative advertising against Joe Biden.

And Biden’s racist past will surely be a focus of the coming onslaught.

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