Kavanugh’s accuser got trapped in a lie that could send her to prison

Christine Blasey Ford left the media spellbound with her testimony.

They cheered her as a “credible accuser.”

But that all melted away when she ended up trapped in a lie that could send her to prison.

During her testimony, prosecutor Rachel Mitchell asked Ford if she ever helped anyone prepare for a polygraph.

Ford responded “never.”

But an ex-boyfriend sent a sworn statement to the Judiciary Committee contradicting her testimony.

He claimed Ford lied about multiple issues.

His statement said Ford helped a friend prepare for a polygraph examination when she was going to be hired by the FBI.

The ex-boyfriend also revealed Ford was not afraid of flying or tight spaces.

And he accused her of committing credit card fraud.

Ford has told multiple versions of her story.

It changes every time Kavanaugh pokes holes in her fairy tale claims.

But now there is actual evidence she may purposefully lied under oath.

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