Karine Jean-Pierre reacted to the Hunter Biden verdict in this embarrassing way

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Photo by The White House, Public domain, via Wikimedia

The day Joe Biden dreaded finally arrived.

Hunter Biden’s first set of legal woes came to a head.

And Karine Jean-Pierre reacted to the Hunter Biden verdict in this embarrassing way.

Karine Jean-Pierre goes into hiding following Hunter Biden’s guilty verdict

A jury in Wilmington, Delaware convicted Hunter Biden on three counts related to making false statements on a federal background check form when he claimed he wasn’t addicted to drugs at the time of a 2018 handgun purchase.

The trial came after a federal judge called out the Biden Department of Justice for an unconstitutional plea deal that would have allowed Hunter Biden to receive no jail time on the gun and additional tax charges while also receiving lifetime immunity from future prosecution.

Shortly after the verdict came down, the White House announced that it canceled the White House daily press briefing.

Biden White House called out for trying to bury bad news

Over on CNN, former Biden White House Communications Director Kate Bedingfield tried to say calling off the briefing was no big deal because President Joe Biden had a speech scheduled and it was standard procedure not to hold a briefing on a day when the President was set to stage a major news-making event.

“It‘s not uncommon to cancel the briefing after the President gives a significant set of remarks,” Bedingfield stated.

Bedingfield explained the White House press shop didn’t want to provide any distractions for the message of the day which was set by the President.

 “I mean, your aim during the day is to try to get the press to cover the things you want them to cover. So, when the President goes out, gives a speech like that on an issue where that is meaningful to him, where he’s got a lot to talk about, where he’s laid out the accomplishments of his administration, by the way, bipartisan successes, that he’s had in his administration — you want the focus to be there,” Bedingfield concluded.

Republican strategist Shermichael Singleton could tell when someone was peddling a bunch of bull.

“I love my dear friend Kate here, but we know why it was canceled,” Singleton responded.

Singleton said the White House didn’t want to answer questions about the President’s son being a convicted felon.

 “Because they don’t want to deal with questions about the verdict, I understand that, and it’s okay to say, ‘Look, this is a difficult time for the President right now. We haven’t had the opportunity to digest all of this thing, we’ll get back to you guys the next day.’ Just be transparent,” Singleton added.

The conviction was doubly embarrassing because the speech Biden was set to give was for the Everytown USA gun grabber group.

Biden ranted and raved about disarming the American people when his son plans to appeal his conviction on the basis that the law used to find him guilty is an unconstitutional infringement on his Second Amendment rights.

Joe Biden obviously hopes his son wins his appeal and avoids prison time.

But that also puts him in the position of supporting the courts striking down gun control laws he can use to keep guns out of the hands of American citizens.

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