Karine Jean-Pierre found out Kamala Harris has this ugly exit plan

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The rats are abandoning the ship.

Everyone around Joe Biden knows his political fortunes aren’t looking up.

And Karine Jean-Pierre found out Kamala Harris has this ugly exit plan.

Kamala Harris looking for the off-ramp

Swing state polls show former President Donald Trump on track for a decisive Electoral College victory.

Even the national polls show he could very well win the popular vote for the first time in his three Presidential campaigns.

There are no glimmers of hope in the polling and the numbers are so bad that President Joe Biden even had to agree to debate him.

But the lowest shot of all may have come from inside the house.

According to POLITICO, Vice President Kamala Harris is already “joking” about running for California Governor in 2026 when incumbent Governor Gavin Newsom’s term expires.

“Vice President Kamala Harris has joked to friends that she may return to California to run for governor if Democrats lose the White House this fall, taking a page from Richard Nixon, two people familiar with her remarks said,” POLITICO reports.

Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy asked White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre about Harris preparing a soft landing for herself should Trump defeat Joe Biden in November.

“Have you heard … that Vice President Harris is telling friends that she may go back to California and run for governor if the election does not go her way?” Doocy asked.

A stunned Jean-Pierre had no idea how to respond.

“That is news to me. I would say this, the Vice President has been a great partner to this President. He is appreciative of all the work she has done. It is impressive what she has been able to do on these tours she has done on reproductive rights, on gun violence, to fight gun violence across the country, prevention obviously, and leading in the first historic office coming out of the White House. She has been an amazing partner and the president appreciates her leadership and that’s all I’ll say to that,” Jean-Pierre answered.

Harris’ team denies the account

Harris’ team tried to put out the fire their boss started.

“That did not happen,” Harris spokeswoman Kirsten Allen told reporters. “This November, the Vice President will be preparing to be inaugurated for the second term of the Biden-Harris administration.”

But the aura of a zombie campaign is hovering over Joe Biden.

Inflation is still running hot.

He keeps trying to ban gas-powered cars.

New reports keep leaking that Biden is planning an immigration crackdown and yet each week comes and goes with the border still open.

There are still six months left until the election.

Biden could still win re-election.

However, the polls show an increasingly narrow path to 270 Electoral College votes that depends on sweeping Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

Donald Trump leads in all three Rust Belt swing states.

The reality is setting for Kamala Harris and she’s already looking to see how she can revive her political career – polls show her approval rating at 38 percent which makes her the most unpopular Vice President in history – in the event of Joe Biden’s defeat.

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