Kari Lake spoke four words that will utterly destroy the Fake News Media

Arizona Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake continues to set an example of how to fight back against the left-wing activists in the media.

Videos of Lake taking on the lies and smears published by so-called “news outlets” go viral every day online.

And now Kari Lake spoke four words that will utterly destroy the Fake News Media.

Kari Lake called an emergency press conference where she tore into the Fake News Media for playing along with Democrat Katie Hobbs’ lies about a break-in at her campaign headquarters.

Hobbs released a statement blaming the burglary on Lake and claimed she incited criminal violence against her.

Police later arrested the suspect and reported there was no political motive.

Lake slammed the media for willingly falling for “Jussie Smollett part two,” meaning the press reported a hoax with no questions asked because it fit their ideological agenda.

“That is absolutely absurd. It sounds like a Jussie Smollett part two. You’re going to drag the people through something like this?” Lake said. “You’re letting a woman who has been running a terrible campaign direct you to a story like this? You know she is running a bad campaign.”

“I can’t believe she would blame my amazing people, blame me for something like that,” Lake added. ‘I don’t even know where her campaign office is. I’m assuming it’s in a basement somewhere, because that’s where she’s been campaigning. You guys are despicable for falling into that trap.”

Lake said Hobbs was desperate to turn attention from her failing campaign because it focuses only on abortion on demand and ignores the issues voters care about.

“I’m saddened that Hobbs and her camp would try to pin this on us. It’s defamatory and it’s wrong. Her own Party is attacking her. She is trying to deflect her abysmal campaign,” Lake continued.

Lake blasted the press for going along for the ride because the real story of this race is the fact that she is pulling ahead in the polls despite all the so-called “experts” claiming she could not win because she supported Donald Trump.

Lake mocked the media for their “chosen candidate” belly flopping in the race and causing the press to take part in every dirty trick in the book.

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