Kari Lake and MSNBC just agreed on one surprising thing

Arizona Republican gubernatorial nominee Kari Lake built her brand taking on the Fake News Media.

But that doesn’t always mean Lake is at odds with the left-wing press.

And Kari Lake and MSNBC just agreed on one surprising thing.

Right now Kari Lake trails Democrat opponent Katie Hobbs by about 27,000 votes.

There are around 500,000 ballots left to count, including approximately 290,000 Election Day drop off ballots in Maricopa County.

Despite trailing in the race, Lake expressed total confidence in her path to victory in a statement to Fox News Digital.

“I am 100% going to win. I have absolute 100% confidence that I will be the next Governor of Arizona,” Lake stated.

Lake was not just blowing smoke about her chances.

MSNBC Election Day vote counting guru Steve Kornacki pulled up the big board and said that based on the vote outstanding – which included those 290,000 Election Day drop off votes in Maricopa County – he would not want to be in Katie Hobbs’ position.

The numbers show why.

The last drop of Election Day votes in Maricopa County showed Lake defeating Hobbs by 50 percent, or 75 to 25.

Election Day voting also strongly favored Donald Trump in 2020.

If Lake continues to win 75 percent of the Election Day vote in Maricopa County, that will net her around 145,000 votes.

And given how the vast majority of the vote still outstanding in Arizona is from Maricopa County, that would likely provide enough of a margin for Lake to win.

The problem is – of course – that Maricopa County cannot quickly and efficiently count votes.

The final results are expected by Monday, six days after the election.

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