Kanye West just torpedoed Democrats’ 2020 hopes with one tweet

Rapper Kanye West has been going on a rampage on Twitter.

The controversial celebrity has nearly 28 million followers on Twitter alone.

But Kanye almost broke the internet when he sent this tweet about President Trump.

It all started when he sent a tweet praising pro-Trump commentator Candace Owens.

Owens recently spoke at an event hosted by Turning Point USA where she was protested by Antifa thugs (watch the video below).

But Kanye faced immediate backlash from Democrats.

Then Chance the Rapper, who has over 7.6 million Twitter followers, and Kim Kardashian (Kanye’s wife and the #12 most-followed account on Twitter) came to Kanye’s defense.

Finally, Kanye may have put the final nail in the Democrats’ coffin.

In 2012, 93% of African Americans voted for Barack Obama over Mitt Romney.

In 2016, Donald Trump outperformed Romney, but still only received about 8% of the African American vote.

Like them or not, these cultural icons could be an early signal of a massive electoral swing ahead of the 2020 presidential.

That will surely send Democrats scrambling.

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17 Responses

  1. dandy says:

    i hope that they dont give him that library
    he will turn it into a den FOR HIS GAY COMMIE AND MUSLUM FRIENDS

  2. dandy says:


  3. dandy says:

    we were going backward for 8 years under this MALADO and he still hates this COUNTRY TODAY WITH HIS TRANSGENDER SO CALLED WIFE

  4. Joseph N Scott Sr says:

    Hey everyone I just want to share one final thought. There is not a Democrate Deep State and a Republican Deep State. There is only One Deep State that controls both parties. This is why both parties so vehemently attack Trump and continue to do so. I belive that President Trump is our only Non Deep State option. Go Trump.

  5. Joseph N Scott Sr says:

    A bit of history to consider. It has been some time since I studied this so I will not try to give exact time lines, but you can research this for the facts if you really care about Americas future. 1st, did you know that the Republicans and the democrates used to be one party? They we’er I belive the Fedralist Party. The party had a serous split. Part of the party wanted Comunist like control over the masses. They became Democrates. The other part wanted to keep the American Republic with its traditional values of Individual Liberties. These became Republicans. These two parties are fundamentaly polar oposites on paper. It is the Traditional Republicans that has won Rightes for the individuals. The Dems promis all sorts of things. How much have they delivered on? We need to be one people. Standing together to save America from the comunist of the Deep State that has imbeded themseves in both parties. I suport Pres. Trump. Why? Because you do NOT send a preacher to a gun fight. You send a gunfighter. One that cant be bought. That is Trump. If President Trump succeeds he will greatly benifit our childrens children by returning America as much as possible back to our fundamentals. A nation where the individual can rise above the status-cuo. Where a person is judged by performace. Not race, sex, or faith. Go Trump. So, how do we spot these impostures imbeded in gov offices? It used to be dificult. In Alaska we voted for what we thought was a constitutional governor. Turns out to be another lier. He did everything he promissed not to do to the direct financial harm to the citizens. I think Pres Trump has made it much easier to spot them because Trump is tring to help America. The deep state cant have that so they are on a masive slander and false accusation campaign. So vote against ANYONE that speaks out against Trump wether they are deep state dems or deep state rebs. The deep state dems are lying to colored America while the deep state repubs are lying to white America.

  6. Mikey says:

    Welcome to the real (sadly) world, Kanye. Other conservative black people like Bill Cosby, Michelle Malkin, and Thomas Sowell have suffered the same abuse. They stuck to their guns and you can too.

  7. Joeyounger says:

    Kanye has more guts and common sense than anyone in the Black community…his sense of who he is, and what he is, is not rooted in his bitterness and hatred for his fellow man. He doesn’t need a clown like Schumer, an old hag like Pelosi, or a witch like Waters telling him the white man is still “holding him down”… I mean the guys has millions of dollars, a gorgeous wife, and his success has been hard won…why should he have to cow-tow to what these losers and whiners say, or tell him to do? He doesn’t look or act like a Democrat/Liberal robot…he has a sharp, and intelligent, mind of his own, and uses them to see what is happening around him…you go, Kanye, show your other Black friends and neighbors that they can break from the sheepfold and help real Americans achieve our destiny…#MAGA

  8. Dianne says:

    It was the Democrat’s that wanted to continue slavery, started the Ku Klux Klan and promoted segregation, What they have done today is found another way to continue slavery, by using entitlement programs in exchange for votes.

  9. Army Brat says:

    Our country is so much better now than ever, Our commander in chief got to work immediately following his inauguration, and things are looking rather great for America.I know Trump will get two terms, he Did and Does his homework. He should be president for the rest of his life. AMEN.

  10. F C Hilnbrand says:

    Thank You Kayne for showing EVERYONE that you are not afraid to tell it like it is! I am white with a lot of people of color friends. We see people as people and not color. We thought this was behind us Thanks to MLK. Really hope our country goes back to the people we were otherwise his passing was for nothing and that would be a shame.

  11. cliff says:

    Don’t forget the “new” gullible “plantation residents” ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS. The BRIBES of “free stuff’ and “special treatment” has already started. (as long as they vote DEMOCOMMUNIST)

  12. zebra dun says:

    Black people are getting awakened to the fact democrats will use them to gain power then dump them once they have their vote.
    As will Women, Gays, LGTBCAF? and every other demographic they use and abuse.

  13. Douglas Guy says:

    Anytime, regardless of race or ethnic origin, one expresses recognition of, and appreciation for the progress made since President Trump’s election, is attacked with baseless ridicule and condemnation. Take a deep breath and the time to HONESTLY check the FACTS and REALITY.

  14. Mike H says:

    We Are starting to make some headway in this country. Why would we want to go backwards?

  15. Mike H says:

    He was one of the highest spending presidents we’ve ever had in history. His wife would go on vacations left and right .And would take whoever she wanted with them.The Obamas will go down as one of the most disgrace presidents in history .just a matter of time.

  16. True Believer says:

    Yes Joanna however, the last I read was that the people don’t want the library there and have not issued the building permits yet. If they are smart, they will keep it from being built. How much do we the people have to pay on a presidential library. Hopefully nothing that it all comes from donations however, just think of this, if Obama gets the donations for the library and it is said he needs 100 million, and doesn’t reach the amount – then he gets to keep the money tax free? Hmmmm, maybe that is why it is so elaborate as he could use the money in his OFA foundation to spend on trying to thwart Pres. Trump. Just to add to Kanye’s tweet, look at all the cities in the USA that are run by demoncraps – none are anywhere near other cities run by republicans. San Francisco (Pelosi domaine), Los Angles, (Maxine Waters domain) neither of which live in their district, tent cities, poop in the streets and needles all over the place. Who in their right mind wants their cities to mimic those. If someone knows, please advise, what city is run by demoncraps that is an upstanding and clean city?

  17. Joanna says:

    And Obama still has done nothing for crime ridden Chicago except have an expensive library far from the areas over ridden with violence and gangs..Basically snubbed the people…

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