Kamala Harris was faced with one demand that could tear her family apart

Kamala Harris’ troubled tenure as Vice President took a turn for the worse.

Harris is now dealing with a scandal that is creating a massive headache.

That’s because Kamala Harris was faced with one demand that could tear her family apart.

Family members getting rich off their connections to power has long haunted Joe Biden.

But the latest ethical lapse does not involve Hunter Biden.

This time it is Kamala Harris’ 36-year-old niece Meena who has been warned to stop making money off her aunt’s name.

Meena Harris promoted a book with Kamala Harris’ name on it as well as selling sweatshirts promoting Kamala Harris.

The New York Post reported:

A White House official went as far to say that the book bearing her aunt’s first name, along with a Phenomenal sweatshirt printed “Vice President Aunty,” are not allowed under existing ethics rules, the paper reported.

But even after federal lawyers briefed Meena on the new rules she must follow, she still flew on a private plane to the inauguration with a Biden donor and shared the trip on Instagram, according to The LA Times.

Her online store also continues to tell sweatshirts printed with the viral quote “I’m speaking” — words spoken by her aunt during a debate with then-Vice-President Mike Pence.

The Biden administration is already facing accusations of grift and influence peddling due Hunter Biden and the President’s brother James being the subject of criminal investigations.

In the case of Hunter Biden, there are still open questions about Joe Biden’s knowledge and role in his son’s allegedly corrupt foreign business deals.

Now it’s Vice President Kamala Harris’ turn to face uncomfortable questions about family members getting rich off her position of power.

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