Kamala Harris was caught telling an embarrassing lie that made her look like a fool

Kamala Harris knows if she’s going to win the Democrat primary, she needs to prove her “progressive” credentials to appeal to the most radical elements of the party.

That’s why she is trying to appeal to younger voters and 2016 Bernie Sanders supporters.

However, Harris just got caught telling a lie that blew up in her face.

In a nationally broadcasted radio interview, Harris was asked if she had ever smoked marijuana and what kind of music she listened to when she was high.

Harris gleefully stated she had smoked marijuana and even inhaled during her college years.

But her answer to the music question did not go over so well.

In an attempt to appear in touch with younger voters, she answered that she listened to Snoop Dogg and Tupac.

The problem with her answer is that neither of those two artists debuted during her time in college.

Fox News reports:

California Sen. Kamala Harris claims she listened to Snoop Dogg and Tupac Shakur when she smoked pot in college – but the West Coast rappers weren’t putting out music until years after she graduated.

“I have. And I inhaled. I did inhale,” Harris said when asked if she has smoked weed. “It was a joint.”

Harris made her comments Monday on “The Breakfast Club,” the New York City-based nationally syndicated radio program hosted by DJ Envy, Angela Yee and Charlamagne tha God. The program touts that it is “the world’s most dangerous morning show” and is popular in the hip hop community.

The 2020 Democratic presidential contender was then asked what music she listened to when she smoked a joint. Charlamagne tha God bluntly asked, “What was you listening to when you was high? What was on? What song was on?”

Harris quickly responded, “Definitely Snoop, Tupac for sure.”

Kamala Harris was caught lying about this.

So far, her campaign has not returned any requests for comments on the matter.

The Harris campaign is likely puzzled that someone fact checked her statements.

Normally, all of the “fact checkers” that nitpick every little thing Trump utters are conveniently missing when a Democrat messes up.

What is so embarrassing about this lie is that it was made in an attempt to appear “cool” and in-touch with young people.

Now, she will just look like another old and out of touch politician trying to fake a likable personality.

Harris is considered by many as the Democrat frontrunner.

But she’s challenging Elizabeth Warren for who can stick their foot in their mouth more.

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66 Responses

  1. Kathy says:

    I totally agree and I’m from and a Republican. We’re not ALL liberals!!’

  2. Richard Van Horn Sr says:

    Please do NOT capitalize the word “God” even in her name. God is reserved ONLY to attribute to the Almighty in Heaven, no matter what your religion is.

  3. Bruce Lindsay says:

    You are as crazy as the rest of the babblers

  4. Jerry Hampton says:

    Want to know how you can tell when a Democrat is lying??? Their mouth is moving. It seems that a Democrat will say or do anything to garner support or to win an election. Is it any wonder America is going to Hell in a handbag??

  5. Carl J Bujan says:

    Kamala Harris is one of those crooked politicians out of California that hates the American way.

  6. DEM777 says:

    True beauty comes from inside a person, not outside.

    That is why I said she is ugly from inside and out.

    She is the same, a Liberal Democrat that will not help anyone but herself and her party.

    Sorry you believe what you wrote.

    We are in this sorry state of affairs because of evilness. People that do not follow the Word of God.

    Believe me or not I truly do not care.

    The Lord Jesus Christ is coming soon. These people mouths will be shut. And His will (Jesus Christ) will be done.

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