Kamala Harris took one trip that dropped a big hint about Joe Biden’s 2024 plans

Joe Biden tells everyone in public and in private that he plans to run for re-election in 2024.

But is that really true?

Because Kamala Harris took one trip that dropped a big hint about Joe Biden’s 2024 plans.

Joe Biden will be 82-years-old in 2024.

Polls already show that a plurality of Americans do not believe Biden is mentally fit to serve as President.

Biden’s job approval rating sunk into the 30s, as Americans blamed him for the record cost of gasoline, the 40-year high in inflation, and for botching the withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Due to Biden’s historical failures as President, Democrats are set to lose control of one or both Houses of Congress this fall.

That’s why few in the media or the Democrat Party actually believe Biden will run again in 2024.

In that context, Kamala Harris’ trip to the crucial early Primary state of South Carolina stood out.

The Associated Press reports:

Vice President Kamala Harris is returning to South Carolina this week to headline a fundraising dinner for Democrats in the state, which plays a key role in the presidential nominating process.

State Democratic party officials announced Monday that Harris will be the keynote speaker at the Blue Palmetto Dinner, planned for Friday in Columbia. It’s her first visit to a state party event as vice president, according to South Carolina Party Chair Trav Robertson.

The dinner comes just days before South Carolina’s primary elections, where the contest for governor tops the statewide Democratic ballot. Five candidates are competing for their party’s nomination to challenge incumbent Republican Gov. Henry McMaster, whose GOP challengers have failed to attract significant fundraising support.

In both the Democrat and Republican Party, the South Carolina Primary always stands out as the decisive contest.

For Republicans, it is a state that features social, fiscal, and national security conservatives, meaning whoever wins in South Carolina shoots into Super Tuesday as the candidate who built the broadest coalition.

For Democrats, South Carolina is the first early voting state that is dominated by black voters, which are the bedrock of the Party’s voting base.

Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Joe Biden all got set on a glide path to the nomination by scoring blowout wins in South Carolina.

And no politician travels to an early voting state by accident.

Kamala Harris is flying to South Carolina to stake out her turf in the most important Primary state in preparation for when Joe Biden doesn’t run for President.

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