Kamala Harris suffered a massive public humiliation with what she just said out loud

Kamala Harris is a gaffe machine.

This one takes the cake.

And Kamala Harris suffered a massive public humiliation with what she just said out loud.

The world is on fire thanks to the incompetence of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

Thanks to their bumbling, Russian President Vladimir Putin judged it to be the right time to launch the largest land war in Europe since World War II.

The conflict threatens to spiral out of control into nuclear war.

In the midst of this crisis, Kamala Harris took the time to demand Congress pass what conservatives call the “Gay Bill of Special Rights.”

This legislation is the centerpiece of the homosexual lobby’s agenda.

Harris claimed a bill forcing religious organizations and churches to hire homosexuals and making it illegal to fire them was necessary because Republican-led states took the common sense step of banning biological males from playing in girl’s sports.

“Let’s send the Equality Act to President Biden’s desk. We must increase protections for LGBTQ+ Americans across the country. The onslaught of state bills targeting transgender Americans and their families is wrong,” Harris wrote on social media.

The frivolousness of Harris posting about some woke legislation while potential nuclear war could break out in Europe was not lost on anyone.

“Meanwhile Ukraine is burning and Putin’s army is rampaging across Europe. The Biden presidency is living in the Twilight Zone,” former aide to Margaret Thatcher Nile Gardnier posted on Twitter.

“Every leader should be focusing solely on the potential triggering of article 5. There is a nuclear disaster unfolding in Europe. Hypersonic missiles do not discriminate,” former Mad Men star Derek Ray posted.

Kamala Harris is the most unpopular Vice President in the last 50 years.

Many Democrats are petrified over the fact that there may be nothing they can do to stop Kamala Harris from seizing the Democrat Party nomination for President in 2024 should Joe Biden decide not to seek re-election.

Off-message tweets like this show why.

Harris is a politician concerned with the silly as opposed to the substantive.

It’s a big reason why her 2020 Presidential campaign ended in such embarrassing fashion with almost no support in the polls or the ability to raise money.

Few Americans are concerned with domestic politics right now.

And Congress certainly isn’t going to take up a pet project for the homosexual lobby given that it cannot overcome a GOP filibuster.

Even though Harris focusing on the “Gay Bill of Special Rights” while World War III could break out in Europe was embarrassing, it is indicative of her time in office.

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