Kamala Harris proved she can never be President with this decision involving the military

The horrific tragedy in Afghanistan laid bare Joe Biden’s incompetence.

But it also showed something about Kamala Harris.

And Kamala Harris proved she can never be President with this decision involving the military.

Kamala Harris hid from the public for days as the disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal played out.

Harris finally addressed Afghanistan on a foreign trip to Singapore and Vietnam where Harris tried to spin the debacle into a win by pushing the administration line about running the most successful airlift in American history.

But two ISIS suicide bombers killing 13 American servicemen exposed that talking point as a lie.

Harris stopped in Hawaii to address troops stationed at Pearl Harbor on the day of the terrorist attacks in Afghanistan.

And Harris refused to answer reporters’ questions about the deaths of American soldiers that happened on her watch.

The Vice President’s office also closed Harris’ speech to the troops to the press.

Fox News reports:

Kamala Harris returned to the U.S. on Thursday, landing in Hawaii after her trip to Singapore and Vietnam.

But the vice president ignored reporters’ questions – whether about Afghanistan or other topics – as she got off Air Force Two for a stop at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam.

She also blocked reporters from attending her planned address to U.S. troops stationed at the base, according to reports.

Pearl Harbor was the sight of the greatest military defeat in American history.

A Japanese surprise attack sunk four battleships, destroyed 188 aircraft and killed 2,335 servicemen.

And that was where Harris was scheduled to speak on the deadliest day for U.S. battlefield deaths in Afghanistan since August 5, 2011.

Americans expect their Presidents to take command of the situation in times of crisis.

When Minneapolis convicted officer Derek Chauvin for the death of George Floyd, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris both appeared on camera to address the nation in under three hours.

But when American troops died in a poorly planned and executed withdrawal, Harris was nowhere to be found.

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