Kamala Harris made this promise that terrified every police officer in America

Donald Trump is gaining ground in the polls in key swing states because his message of law and order is gaining traction.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are struggling to respond.

And now Kamala Harris made this promise that terrified every police officer in America.

The difficulty Kamala Harris and Joe Biden face is that they cannot express too much support for the police or else they will alienate the Black Lives Matter rioters they count on turning out as part of their base.

This contradiction tripped up Kamala Harris when she was interviewed by the left-wing tandem of Desus and Mero for their program on the cable network Showtime.

Desus and Mero wanted to know if Harris and Biden would be more “progressive” – “anti-cop” once in office.

Harris answered in the affirmative.

“Yes, and I’m going to tell you why,” Harris stated.

Harris explained that a Biden-Harris administration would focus on punishing police.

“So first of all, in a criminal justice system, there’s this phrase accountability and consequence that almost always comes up when people are talking about the person arrested, but never about the system itself and the people who work in the system. Biden and I are committed to saying everybody needs to be held accountable, even when they wear a uniform and wear a badge and carry a gun,” Harris added.

And to make sure the left-wing audience got the message Harris praised the riots in the streets and claimed she was “marching” alongside Black Lives Matter agitators this summer.

“And you know, I’ve been out there marching with folks, and speaking the name of not only Mr. Floyd, but Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud, Jacob Blake, I met with his family, as did Joe Biden,” Harris added. “It’s got to stop. It has to stop.”

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