Kamala Harris made this announcement that had Republicans jumping for joy

Kamala Harris is taking on a new role in the White House.

That’s bad news for Democrats.

And Kamala Harris made this announcement that had Republicans jumping for joy.

The Midterm elections are less than eight months away.

Polls show Republicans are set up for a Red wave that will wipe out the Democrat majorities in the House of Representatives and the Senate.

Democrats know they are up against it.

And Joe Biden is calling in the cavalry by sending Vice President Kamala Harris around the country to tout the administration’s supposed “achievements.”

The Hill reports:

On the trips, the vice president will be discussing issues including infrastructure, expanded broadband access and key executive orders signed by President Biden. Harris will travel to Louisiana on Friday, and there will likely be another domestic trip next week, according to sources familiar with the vice president’s schedule.

The sources say it’s the return to a more typical schedule for a vice president during nonpandemic times and that Harris will continue a rigorous traveling pace, particularly in the lead up to the midterm elections in November.

Polls show Kamala Harris is the most unpopular Vice President in the last 50 years.

A USA Today/Suffolk survey found just 28 percent of Americans approved of Harris’ performance as Vice President.

One poll out of Deep-blue California showed just 37 percent of Harris’ home state voters held a favorable view of her as Vice President.

Republicans only need to flip five seats in the House of Representatives and one seat in the Senate to reclaim the majority and oust Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer from power.

There is nothing Republicans would rather see than a Vice President with a 28 percent approval rating appearing in public with Democrat members of the House and the Senate that can be used in campaign attack ads this fall.

Kamala Harris is a notorious political incompetent.

Harris ended her Presidential campaign before a single primary or caucus vote was cast.

Joe Biden named Harris as his border czar in her first major assignment in office.

The crisis at the southern border spiraled out of control on Harris’ watch, with the largest number of illegal aliens in decades invading the country.

And with that track of failure in her wake, the administration is now dispatching Harris to play political savior for the Democrats this fall.

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