Kamala Harris made Democrats cringe with this stunning admission

Democrats are terrified by the thought of Kamala Harris running for President.

Harris is a walking political dumpster fire.

Kamala Harris made Democrats cringe with this stunning admission.

Despite the fact that Joe Biden named Kamala Harris his border czar, she has never actually visited the border.

The border is still in crisis.

Nearly as many illegal aliens invaded the country during Biden and Harris’ first two years office as there are Americans living in the state of Massachusetts.

Despite this ongoing catastrophe, the administration is content to proceed with open borders and creating new magnets to attract mass illegal immigration through the promise of amnesty.

During a visit to Arizona, a reporter for KPHO asked Harris if she would visit the border during her trip to the state.

Harris claimed she had other priorities that were more important than protecting America from an illegal alien invasion.

“I am here to talk about what we are doing around bringing down the cost to American families and creating jobs,” Harris stated. “Let me say on the border that it is one of our highest priorities to continue to work on making sure that the border is secure and that we also do what is necessary to have a fair and humane system.”

Harris then demanded Congress pass an amnesty bill by falsely claiming that granting citizenship and voting rights to illegal aliens were somehow necessary for border security.

“Frankly, Congress needs to act,” Harris added. “We’ve put an historic number of agents on the border. We have upgraded and are in the process of upgrading technology. But Congress needs to act.”

Harris then lied by telling the reporter that she had already visited the border and planned to do so again.

“I visited the border. I will not on this trip, but I have, and I will again,” Harris concluded.

Harris has not visited the border.

The closest Harris came was the El Paso airport and a facility located several miles from the border.

Despite being border czar, Harris has done nothing to actually secure the border.

That’s because open borders are a feature and not a bug of the administration’s plans.

Biden and Harris know amnesty will never pass Congress on its own.

Instead, Biden and Harris plan to jam the Republicans into accepting amnesty in exchange for fake border security measures by creating such a massive crisis that the GOP will have to agree to amnesty in the name of “doing something.”

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