Kamala Harris lost her mind after being asked one question she is afraid to answer

Joe Biden’s White House has been perhaps the least transparent in history.

They refuse to answer any question they don’t like, and the so-called “mainstream” media attacks anybody who tries.

That’s why Kamala Harris lost her mind after being asked one question she is afraid to answer.

Joe Biden’s time in the White House has been a complete failure.

Even the Democrats who supposedly voted for him are far from satisfied with performance, with his approval rating being among the lowest of any President in history at his point in his Presidency.

The one issue that Biden is failing on the most is the border.

His border crisis has gotten so bad that he passed all the responsibilities for it off to his Vice President, Kamala Harris, who is his “border czar.”

But Harris hasn’t done a single thing on the issue.

She has yet to even visit the U.S. border, and seems to prefer to keep her head in the sand on the issue.

While much of the Fake News Media is refusing to call her out on this failure, one reporter had the bravery to broach the issue.

A reporter with WMUR, a local ABC affiliate asked her about it during an event in New Hampshire.

“Republicans are attacking you, saying you shouldn’t be in New Hampshire talking about infrastructure, you should be at the southern border talking about immigration,” the reporter said, before asking, “How do you respond to that?”

A visibly annoyed Harris simply responded, “I’m not going to play political games.”

What Harris considers “political games” is perhaps the most dire issue of the day.

Every month hundreds of illegal aliens are flooding the border.

She likely doesn’t want to respond because the simple reason for the crisis is that Joe Biden sent a message to those in Central and South America they are welcome to come into the U.S., and that he will work to grant them all amnesty once they arrive.

That was one of his top talking points on the campaign.

Yet, now that he’s in office, he is so afraid of the issue that he offloaded it to his Vice President, who also refuses to do anything on the issue.

The latest polls show that the vast majority of voters, well over 50 percent, disapprove of Biden’s handling of the border crisis.

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