Kamala Harris just usurped Joe Biden’s role as President with this meeting

The day many feared finally came.

And it was a lot sooner than anyone thought.

Now Kamala Harris just usurped Joe Biden’s role as President with this meeting.

Joe Biden hosted Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga at the White House for his first meeting with a foreign leader as President.

The odd spectacle began with a major breach of protocol as Vice President Kamala Harris greeted Prime Minister Suga at the White House.

This is a major embarrassment for Prime Minister Suga as it’s a major insult in Japanese culture to greet their head of state with an underling.

And no matter what the Fake News Media tried to claim about Kamala Harris as an equal partner to Joe Biden and her “historic” status as Vice President, she is still an underling compared to a head of state.

This is not the first time Harris has assumed Biden’s duties as President.

Harris took multiple phone calls with heads of state – another violation of protocol as heads of state only speak to other heads of state – while Joe Biden played video games with his grandchildren.

Biden said he was a transitional figure, but most assumed that meant Biden would step aside before the 2024 election and let Kamala Harris run as the Democrat nominee.

But on the world stage Kamala Harris is acting like the American head of state even though she is nominally the Vice President.

This is leading many Americans to question who is actually in charge of this White House and how many hours per week Joe Biden really carries out his duties as President.

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