Kamala Harris just made the one mistake that ended her Presidential campaign

Kamala Harris was the toast of Washington.

The California Democrat announced her Presidential campaign to great fanfare and fawning media coverage.

But in just one day Harris committed the mistake that brought her Presidential hopes crashing down.

Harris capped off her announcement tour with a town hall event hosted by fake news CNN.

Host Jake Tapper did not interview Harris so much as fawn over her.

However, even in a friendly setting with CNN filling the role of her campaign staff, Harris managed to make a fatal error.

Not only did Harris endorse “Medicare for All,” she came out in support of having the government take away the private health insurance of the 177 million Americans who currently purchase it or receive it through their employer.

This position plays well in Democrat primaries but it is death in a general election.

A recent Kaiser Family Foundation poll found just 37 percent of Americans support Medicare for All when told that it will eliminate private insurance.

Obamacare cost the Democrats the 2010, 2014 and 2016 elections.

Promising to rip away nearly 200 million Americans’ health care puts the Democrats on a losing trajectory for 2020.

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127 Responses

  1. Gregory Sullivan says:

    Kamala Harris is nothing but a gun grabbing communist who will stop at nothing to overturn the 2nd Amendment. She is a hypocrite who herself owns a gun for self protection but wants law abiding citizens not to have the same right to do so.

  2. The Redhawk says:

    KAMALA FUTURE might be a RETURN to “SOLICITING” business at NIGHT on STreet Corners of SUNSET STRIP

  3. Kara Wright says:

    She is trying to appear in control but when you try to cancel private insurance you may find that will not be happening. Here we go again with the insurance being pushed down peoples throats . Also Medicare won’t work for all. The money will run out and then the voters will turn, I hope on the DEMS. She is such a loser.

    • carmen says:

      we do not want a whore for President. Besides that she does not know one thing on mathematics and how much is 2 + 2. can you imagine her in making deals with Putin and all of the others. It will be a joke. that woman does not know her limitations.

  4. FEDUP365 says:

    She also said she want’s everybody’s guns so that’ll take about 75% of the population who may have voted for her and eliminate those votes plus she’s from good ole califrickenfornacation so their goes all her votes, she may as well drop out now.

    • G Bar says:

      Well, let’s hear it for Calif. When you don’t know the constitution, or understand the importance of the Bill of Rights, this is what you get. And of course understanding the heritage of our great people.


    • Josep says:

      Couldn’t agree with you more. She is not only a communist but a moron and a jerk. And I live in this Communist state of California. What the hell is going on? JK

      • Nick Byrne says:

        Stupid folks voting these morons in office. That is what’s going on. I lived in that Sodom for 9 years and returned to Texas where sanity lives.

        God bless Texas and Donald Trump.

  5. Kat says:

    Harris should check information before stating we will do what the uk does and have only medicare for all . I have a relative who lives in the uk he works for sky tv which does have their own private insurance, so i am sure other companies have it also. Why speak lies or are you that misinformed

  6. jon says:

    wow osoma care 2 kill the golden goose and destroy modern medicine we will end up with Russian drunk doctors doing surgery because they did not have the money to live at home .
    while the elites will have the best doctors on call 24/7/365 to keep them well.

  7. henry says:

    I have been saving each and every one of these Patriot pulse articles that I received in my email. Now that amounts to over two hundred so far. In every single one of them, it tells us how some democrat somewhere loused up their chance to either run for something else or they going to be kicked out of oranges at cetera Etc. And yet, not once has one of your remarks turned out to be true. It never happens. Did you ever hear of crying wolf. One of these times you going to actually come out and say something that was the truth, and who who the hell is going to know if it is or isn’t after all the phony stories that are put out by this idiotic website. First of all the most important thing is that you fail to mention the fact that her idea is to replace the people on private insurance with high premiums with Medicare for all ages not just 65 and over. So don’t think that we’re taking 177 million citizens off of insurance, we’re transferring them to a better run less expensive coverage. And to use a number like 37% will support it only, and yet you don’t mention that if it’s going to destroy her, then how come Trump’s 37% approval rating is going to get him elected? Oh it only works in what you’re trying to say, I see! I wonder what your little articles are going to say the week after Trump leaves office and is arrested for the criminal charges of tampering prior to an election by paying off two women that we’re going to tell their story regarding him and his sexual antics. Cohen who did it for him, you know like a Hitman, has already plead guilty to the charges, thus making them real. Just like a Hitman, the person who hires at Hitman, ends up being charged with the same crime.

    • Carole Currier says:

      You obviously did not realize that Medicare for all does not mean doctors for all. I know someone in the profession that toured a hospital in a country that has socialized medicine (Medicare for all). The hospital was woefully inadequate insofar as advanced technology was concerned. No up to date equipment, etc. And where do you think the money would come from to pay for Medicare for all. Take some accounting classes and figure it out for yourself.

      • Don says:

        When in heck are the people going to realize that GOVERNMENT PROGRAMS DO NOT WORK> Wake up. California is screwed up and N.Y. has become the California of the East Coast . AOC AND SCHUMER ARE A GOOD EXAMPLE of WHAT IS wrong. Also Pelosi wants is POWER.

    • Kat says:

      Henry, as i remember correctly bill clinton paid off paula jones, or got sued then there was jennifer flowers and lets not forget monica on the oval office desk. You are delusional if you think trump will be arrested for that.

    • Texas Belle says:

      Better and less expensive coverage? You are totally uninformed about medical care in this country. We had the best medical system in the world until the so–called Affordable Care Act was enacted which raised costs by thousands of dollars. It was just a scheme for transfer of wealth, which impacted the middle class the most. A couple in my family were paying $20,000/yr with $6000 each deductible so they had to pay out of pocket when they visited a Doctor, and they almost never met the deductible so they actually had no insurance unless they had a catastrophic illness. Meanwhile, those who received subsidies could visit a Dr with almost no cost. That is called robbing Peter to pay Paul. UnAmerican; it punishes people for being successful. The government has the power to confiscate everything anyone owns if it so desires, which is called a dictatorship like Venezuela. That is what Obama wanted to be, a dictator, and he came close to making that happen. Now we want someone who is even more to the Left, who doesn’t have a clue what Medicare for all would cost, now where the money would come from. Ignorance is bliss.

    • Texas Belle says:

      You are totally uninformed about medical care. We had the best system in the world which was replaced by the most expensive system called the Affordable Care Act. Its true nature was just a scheme for transfer of wealth. Members of my family paid $20,000/yr for so called insurance but had to pay out of their pocket when they visited a Dr. Their deductible was $6000 each, which they almost never reached in a year, so all that money was subsidizing someone’s else’s health care. It is as if I went to my neighbor and said, “I know you have more money than I do so I want you to pay for my insurance”. Having that much money confiscated by the government with no benefit is like living in a dictatorship, which is what Obama desired to be, a Dictator.

      • Carole Currier says:

        My son had the very same problem. His insurance is partially paid by the company he works for, but thanks to the AFA it had to comply fully with the requirements of the AFA. He ended up with a higher portion of his pay that he had to contribute toward health insurance but also a deductible that he was never able to meet, so he too was paying for someone the health care of someone else. That is robbery, pure and simple. On top of that, there were so many special waivers (not required to have AFA insurance) given to groups that support Democrats along with those in Government, it just made things even worse than they had to be.

      • Don says:

        OK WE need to read things twice sometimes for it to sink in. GOOD JOB TEXAS BELLE.

      • Barbara says:

        You were quite right, BOTH times!

    • Chris says:

      Well well well, I guess it didn’t turn out so good for Stormy now did it? She wound up owing over 300k for the president’s attorney fees. She should also be charged for extortion. Just so you know, the president paid the skanks off with his own money. No campaign funds were used. Cohen is a scumbag of an attorney.

      • Carole Currier says:

        One thing to keep in mind, is that there are people who make a living by suing other especially those who have businesses and are wealthy. It is usually cheaper to pay of these leeches than to go to court because of the attorney fees.

      • Nick Byrne says:

        I agree with you Chris 200%, but what the hell does this have to do with the current discussion about Communist Harris?

    • nanny says:

      hold on to the articles you will need them to comfort you one day………..

  8. Steve says:

    Until Hilary and Bill Clinton are under federal indictment……I don’t believe ANYTHING I hear and, only half what I see!
    As for SKamala Harris; look at her home state first. What a haven for illegals, scumbag crooks and cheats and then there’s the just plain ignorant!
    It appears God and Mother Nature are fed up with the “liberal strongholds” too! California burns and shakes and colapses under the weight of illegals and criminals. While the north east coast gets “cleansed” by torrents of rain, snow and cold!
    But……where the democrat demigogue’s are concerned it’s all global warming! I think it’s God doing for us what we can’t get done thru legal political channels.

    • Carole Currier says:

      Hope you are correct

    • henry says:

      Oh really moron? The west coast is burning the east coast is freezing, why don’t you describe Middle America. You know, the place where they’re hitting temperatures of minus 65 degrees. Oh that’s not cleansing, what is it, a special he is a gift from God! And you people are so stupid. Those of you that don’t live in and never have lived in California continually think you know what it’s like. Yeah, everyone of us out here are being held captive in California. You know how it is, everyone living in California trying to get out I can’t seem to escape! God are you stupid. California still has the highest number of people moving from one state into California. I know what a terrible Place. Illegals etc etc. You must be so deeply lodged in Trump’s ass nobody can find you.

      • Albert Witte says:

        Well, I lived in Commiefornia for a while and Steve is pretty right on with his description of screw everybody state. I found that there is nothing but fruits and nuts there and it’s hard to tell them apart! Which one are you?

    • Arizona Don says:

      Damn that man made global warming.

      • Carole Currier says:

        According to a meteorologist from M.I.T. the Global Warming theory only looks at CO2 as being the cause. That leaves out all of the more important facts such as the interaction between the air, water and land. Those interactions are much more involved in the turbulence that occurs. An NASA study showed that the unpopular CO2 is responsible for improving greening and will therefore be responsible for an abundance of nutritious food for those in poorer regions.

    • R. Dentan says:

      The whole country has been having bad weather. North Carolina has been almost entirely underwater most of the .time according to friends who live there, Buffalo was pretty balmy until the destruction of the jet stream opened it up to the polar vortex. You could go outdoors in Ohio as long as you didn’t inhale and freeze your lungs. Many folks think that the violent weather accompanying global climate change is less about God and Mother Nature voting Republican than Divine Providence punishing America for arresting the beautiful and talented Russian spiona Mariia Botina despite her affair with the high-ranking GOP official. (snrk alert))

      • Carole says:

        Climate change has been happening since the inception of the planet and it will continue to happen. There is volcanic activity under the oceans that also causes the water to warm. There is also volcanic activity on the surface that puts way more pollutants into the air then cow farts and other human activity. There are those who think that they can stop climate change but until they can learn how to stop volcanic activity, I don’t think so. i

    • Nick Byrne says:

      I think you may be right, but I doubt it has anything to do with politics and everything to do with the time in which we are living. You shake your fist at God, He will pound you with his. Kinda stupid, Hugh? Try listening to Him and follow his instructions, the best you can and watch everything improve drastically.

  9. John J says:

    Birth ended her campaign

  10. Jasper says:

    She is a waste of a woman.

  11. Norine Levy-Hughes says:


  12. Janet says:

    Frankly, I don’t care; but when she started beating up on our new supreme court justice, it was obvious how devious and void of values she is. I’d even say she is proud of her sexual prowess! She is the same type of woman who agreeably”worked” on her back and complains about being raped!

    • Tony Bell says:

      Very well stated Janet. This bimbo is more stupid than a box of rocks.

    • Sissybrat says:

      Yep Kamala is a joke. She doesn’t have a chance in hell to become President. Willie Brown told all how he helped her start in many of her so called offices. That was after she layed on her back. Talk about Trump being a dictator if u have ever watched her rake people she questioning and wont let them tells you how she would run the country in to the ground. She needs to quit her campaign b4 she keeps making a fool of her fake self.

    • Arizona Don says:

      She is an oppressive communist posing as a democrat so what can anyone expect from her!

  13. Deserie says:

    You should read about some of the things she did ad state attorney. It was so frightening. Gave legal status to ILLEGALS with major criminal records.Even sent some to law school for free to be laeyers

  14. Linda says:

    There are way too many just like her in congress right now. Cortes is one and Tlaibis another.

  15. Patrick Henry says:

    Does anyone know the NUMBER of people that Harris slept with to get where she is today???? I have heard of so many so I wonder if anyone has an accurate figure?????

    • Lola says:

      That question is NEVER asked of a man – – why don’t you ask it to the male tramp, Donald Trump Sr?

      • Donald Trump never needed anybody to pull him to the top. Haven’t you heard that he was always there? Women needed him.

      • Martha says:

        I don’t think sex got Trump where he is today. That is a laugh!!

        • Richard Frost says:

          I think the President made himself double down and work hard to get where he is today.
          Even though he was born into wealth it’s up to him to keep!
          Stupid people don’t know how to get successful, let alone keep track of millions and billions of dollars.
          Donald Trump is extremely intelligent and he’s much smarter than Democrats ever hope to be!
          Democrats are dim bulb’s.

          • Carole Currier says:

            Ignorant people are not capable of critical thinking either and a good share of them are not independent and are simply followers of which ever way the wind is blowing at the time.

      • Susan DANI says:

        Lola..if this is your name SAYS!- Everything about u….IGNORANT!!!

    • Bruno says:

      We will certainly find out. She is a dumbass that should never have entered the race in the first place. She is an ugly person, inside and out. What she did, or tried to do to Kavanaugh, turned me off right then. What a POS she is.

      • Sandy Johnston says:

        Agree 110%!

      • Richard Frost says:

        I was immediately put off by Kamala Harris by the rude, abrasive and hateful way she addressed Justice Kavanagh and the head of ICE.
        Her rudeness was completely out of line and plain old uncalled for! I immediately disliked her Gestapo methods of interrogation and abrasivemess to just conduct a “job interview” as it were.
        I’ve never been to a job interview where I was a target of hatred and ridiculed at the same time! I wouldn’t vote for her Nazism for this country.
        I lump her in with AOC , we all know how brilliant she’s not.

    • david says:

      before or after she turned 12?

  16. Steve Bennett says:

    The reason I voted no is because she will have the protection of the media and fellow Democrats. I really hope it brings her down.

  17. guiy says:

    why should the tax payers pay for aids infected people like anderson cooper

  18. Mary says:

    As soon as possible David

  19. David says:

    I dont even know why thesecidioots come out of the woodwork. Stay hidden and go back where you came from.

  20. Eric Smith says:

    Another useless POS demacrat whore. !! Lying,un-amercican ,communist endorsed by Soros. Arrest her NOW. Trunps ag needs to bring the hammer down now. The Dems are out of control. Use OUR military and blow up Soros compound in NY. Then take out the rest and head to CA and hit Sacremento. They want a war take it to them

  21. omegatalon says:

    Kamala Harris is a moron as she says one stupid thing after another.. she even joked of killing Trump on Ellen; one has to remember that Harris is a Black Female candidate which means there will be people supporting her til the bitter end.

  22. DHConner says:

    Mike W; Excellent insight!! They’ve become so enamored of “co-operation and collaboration” they barely even remember what the goal was. Just a bunch of touchy-feely wimps.

  23. Tom Blackwell says:

    Does any understand that George Soros is the one who appears to be backing her, he made a comment a year or so which pointed to her as his selection for the 2020 campaign.

    • Carole Currier says:

      I do. But how do we get rid of Soros power. He knows he is old so he has already empowered many organizations by providing them with millions of dollars. These organizations foment disruption every time an opportunity presents itself. The ultimate goal is Soros warped view of what the world should be.

  24. J says:

    Any dem with a brain and a love for this country should start thinking about past mistakes and get their heads out of the sand.
    A turd is a turd, doesn’t matter how it’s dressed.
    If it doesn’t work and has bombed out, don’t put a bandaid on it and re sell it.
    You think taxes are bad now and we complain, what are your kids n grandkids going to do. They’ll start at 63% tax and not even have a social security benefit. Look at the taxes in Canada, and their healthcare stinks. Ask a canadian. Long waiting list, 4 hour drive for treatment. Every hospital is understaffed, under equipped and under water. Do some serious thinking and research before yo vote dem again

    • Carole Currier says:

      Even in France, they did not get rid of private insurance. They have a cap on state paid health insurance benefits and if you want anything more you can buy a private policy. I have a friend who lives there.

    • Bob says:

      Good post. Now go put it on 8 or 10 Lefty (D) sites where it may do some good. Here, though we appreciate the thought, it’s basically preaching to the choir.

  25. Beartrap says:

    No democrat ever quits or retires. They dig in like the Germans did in 1945 in order to kill more Allied soldiers. I’m 69 and have lived in California all of my life, barring my time as a destroyer sailor in the Navy 1969-71. Should I ever turn on my computer and read about the justified liquidation of any elected democrat, state or federal, I’ll take my wife out for the best hotel breakfast she’s ever had, even if I have to drive to Vegas to do it!

  26. A S K says:

    Nike has knee pads that Kamala Harris should endorse. Mattresses are clamoring for her endorsement. She can sleep her way to the convention, but she, too will be blindsided, wondering what happened, the morning after.

  27. Nancy says:

    She needs to be fired and get someone who has a brain and can use it in the right way. This is a terrible person to have on the payroll.

    • barb patterson says:

      After what she did to Brett Kavanaugh I wouldn’t trust her period. She t ried to destroy this poor man’s life by grandstanding. She would be terrible as Commander in Chief. Not my PRESIDENT. She should have her campaign destroyed like she tried to ruin Kavanuaghs.

  28. mark says:

    Men. Do you see a # moment coming here?

  29. Rick says:

    It has to extremely painful to have your head stuck up your ass……..ANOTHER STUPID DEMOCRAT…

  30. Santiago Tello says:

    She is a dyed-in-the-wool communist. Take from the ones that have it and give to the ones that didnt pay a cent into it. Aside from being Brown’s Ho’, she is useless.

  31. Marilynn Reeves says:

    That who-e will back track on that statement—After all it is ALL about winning.

  32. Willie, reports she gave him the best Oral Sex he had in his lifetime.

  33. Joe says:

    These three women are anti Christian bigots. They are unfit to serve!

  34. Mike W says:

    The Democrats sure have a way of punishing success and awarding failure don’t they?

  35. JHW says:

    The problem I see for her is can she screw enough people to get the nomination. Will she be able to put out enough to win.

    • DHConner says:

      Look how long Nasty Ol’ WiIlie hosed the bitch. 18 years? She’s probably good for at least 10 years, and every liberal limp dick in Congress can’t wait to get a shot at her. They’ll be lined up like refugees from Katrina, and drooling all the time, erections at attention. TEEN_HUT!!

  36. Dan Gibson says:

    KAMMY, imagine yourself in a debate with PRESIDENT TRUMP …. be serious, GIRL, your negativity and arrogance will be your downfall. Not to mention the fact that POTUS will cut you to shreds. Sorry Kid, you are overmatched.

  37. Bill says:

    F—- that bitch let her try to take away what is rightly mine and see what happens. No amount of secret service will be able to cover her stinkin’ ass.

  38. The Real M says:

    Yea Kamala, Keep up the good work! She is a major screw up looking for an opportunity! Not only is she pushing Medicare for all that approx. only 1/3 of the Country wants (hmm…that must be people on welfare who have been polled), she wants to do away with excellent private insurance being provided by employers for close to 200 millio people. She has always been “taken care of” and knows nothing about the real world just like BHO didn’t and look at what a mess he created along with all the lies he told.
    Another “boner” she pulled, a group of angel families showed up at her office to see Kamala and her staff told them to leave or they would call the police to arrest them! What’s up with that? Everybody loves the angel families!
    I hope her radical views and mouth sink her because she has some things that make her a dangerous candidate. She is female, brown, well groomed and presentable, well educated and confident to pushy. Ok, she is crazy as a road lizard and has seriously low morals but Democrats think that is a qualifications asset! Let her go ahead and ruin her Presidential chances, please, because she is a scary beastie!

  39. Karin says:

    They are so Locked In on Medicare. Well lets have a lesson per the advertising on their beloved channels.
    Medicare takes care of 80% of the medical bill, Ha, Ha!, They take care of 80% of the amount they allow the dr. Hospital, Clinic, pharmacy, lab, cancer testing, etc to received from them. So if you have chemo therapy and it cost $16,000 dollars Medicare “allows” 3,000, then send a payment to the provider for $2,400 and then you have to pay the other 20% and the providers will probably make that 20% of the $16,000, $3,200. You will pay. Which is $200 more than MC allowed. No one has said yet how we they are going to pay for the treatments at $32.7 Trillion Dollars over 10 years. How they figure that amount is beyond me because at the present time there are only elderly, or disabled on Medicare. If you add the other 400 million people (who are still alive) ??????
    And remember keeping your doctor? Well there will be no more doctors unless picked by the government, nursing will be down to a minimum, long term will mean the length of time you have to wait for a procedure and how far you have to go for it.
    Remember VA and its problems. Well with what they are talking about it is VA multiplied by 100M.

    • Sandra Kirk says:

      I am a senior. I PAY $164 a month out of my SS. For medicare!!! I also have a supple medical policy that pickz up the rest that I PAY for!!!! IT IS NOT FREE!!!! She is totally ignorant!!!!!

      • Jason Casteel says:

        Sandra, don’t forget about the money they took out of your paychecks your entire working life.

        Don’t worry about the politicians healthcare. When they did Obama care for us, they made sure to include themselves. With their own 100%, no deductible, no limits, any Doctor, golden healthcare package. Did I mention they get that for life. Not a bad Bennie for dicking us around for a few years.

    • Carole Currier says:

      According to a doctor I know, Medicare pays hospitals 10 cents out of every dollar owed. The Harris Medicare for all proposal would ensure that hospitals go broke.

  40. James P Hutchins says:

    Hey Adulteress you Will never be President you are a Evil doer who will reap what you sow harris.

    • Lola says:

      After reading many of these postings, I can sure see why Trumpers have such a high unfavorability rating among women. I think more than double the females disproved of Trump than approved. And low ratings among young people and independents. It is an earned low rating because many are nasty, whiny old males.

      • Carole Currier says:

        There is always a problem with personal attacks regardless of what party you prefer. It is not necessary to attack anyone on a personal level….male or female. What should come under scrutiny are proposals and ideas that are not well thought out .

      • Kimberly Noble says:

        Why due to the fact that 80% are women. Oh forgot DEMS can’t rationalize anything…

  41. JHW says:

    What happened to the democrats saying if you like your doctor and insurance you can keep them?

  42. Rodney says:

    HARRYASS, or any of the other dim wits and libs, don’t know a damn thing about medicare!!!!! I am on it being I am retired!!!! I get a 123 page book that tells me what they don’t cover!!!!!!! One item is glasses, it is stated on page 38 in the 2019 book, EYEGLASSES (AFTER CATARACT SURGERY) MEDICARE COVERS ONE PAIR OF EYEGLASSES WITH STANDARD FRAMES (OR ONE SET OF CONTACT LENSES) AFTER CATARACT SURGERY THAT IMPLANTS AN INTRAOCULAR LENS!!!!!!

    I am a VET and I get a free exam every two years and new lenses!!!!!!

    So why should I be paying for something that doesn’t help me one bit??????

  43. JC Mullins says:

    Americans on welfare love this, nothing to loose. More free stuff…. Who pays ????

  44. That’s the way the Democrats car about the Citizens of America thay don’t care how much thay hurt the Citizens all thay car about is lining there pockets with graft from big Company’s like the Parasitical Compys Who give all kinds of Money to the Democrat Party to indorse ther Products that is why the Democrat Party in Congress And Senete get so Rich. Thay need to be Stoped.

  45. Guenther says:

    What do you expect from Browns former hoe, President come on

    • Charles Diemont says:

      She screwed her way up the pole
      Just ask Wilie Brown. Hahaha

      • JHW says:

        This makes you think how many more did she screw to get elected.

        • DHConner says:

          Whom ever she had to or wanted to. That particular tissue group that women only have is a mighty powerful tool when applied with vigor and skill. And skilled she must be, to get Ol’ Willie off for so many years. A $400,000 whore, so ’tis said. An individual like that will do anything to get what they want, and the Damnocrats had better not put her on any committees that deal with national security, because sure as hell she’ll sell herself and everything she knows to the highest bidder. This is a case where the FBI should be chompin’ at the bit to get her under 24/7 observation of every kind. Any oath she takes will just be empty words in her mind. Her loyalty is to herself and nobody or anything else.

      • mikle says:

        she f… with Brown and now she want f… american people. Try it. And take ACO for your partner. (ACO= Occasio Cotez)

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