Kamala Harris just learned this humiliating truth about her speech at the convention

Barack Obama symbolically passed the torch to Kamala Harris on the third night of the Democrat National Convention.

But a closer inspection of Harris’ remarks found a giant problem.

And Kamala Harris just learned this humiliating truth about her speech at the convention.

During Harris’ speech, the California Senator claimed that electing Joe Biden will end the coronavirus.

“Joe will bring us together to end this pandemic and make sure that we are prepared for the next one,” Harris claimed.

The next day reality intruded upon Harris’ outrageous claims.

Countries that the Fake News Media claimed “defeated” the coronavirus and were supposedly doing much better than the United States are now experiencing a resurgence in cases, with some countries hitting new daily records.

Fake news CNN reported, “France and Spain have reported new daily record increases in cases since coming out of lockdown. Germany recorded more than 1,700 new cases in 24 hours, marking the country’s highest number of daily infections since April. In New Zealand, where the disease was thought to be all but eradicated, officials are still searching for the cause of a new cluster of outbreaks. South Korea has seen a week of triple-digit daily case counts, and Japan learned that one-third of its total cases overall were reported just in August.”

The simple fact is government policy cannot “defeat” a virus.

Countries that are seeing the virus comeback instituted far stricter lockdowns than the United States and mandated masks.

Only herd immunity or a vaccine can do that.

President Trump’s administration put in place Operation “Warp Speed” to develop a safe and effective vaccine by the end of the year.

If Joe Biden is President next year there is no policy he can put into place that will break the back of the virus.

At best, Biden will take credit for President Trump’s Operation “Warp Speed” and falsely claim that his administration ended the pandemic.

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