Kamala Harris is in deep trouble after her latest catastrophic mistake

For the Biden administration, Kamala Harris was expected to be a valuable asset.

Her time as Vice President has been a complete disaster.

She’s now in deep trouble after her latest catastrophic mistake.

After being named Vice President, Kamala Harris was positioned to be the Democrats’ next Presidential contender.

Her tenure as Vice President, on the other hand, has been a total disaster.

She was tasked with resolving the border issue, but she didn’t show up there for another 100 days.

Her approval ratings have plummeted to levels not seen in a Vice President since the early 1970s.

She has recently withdrawn from public view in order to reinvent her image with the assistance of Hillary Clinton loyalists.

Kamala’s ostensibly better performance was marred by huge bloopers.

She made an unexpected appearance with students at George Mason University in Virginia to promote voter registration.

When pupils asked questions, one of them claimed that Israel was committing ethnic genocide against Palestinians.

In response, Harris nodded in accord and made a ludicrous remark.

“Your voice, your viewpoint, your experience, and your truth cannot be silenced, and it must be heard,” she added.

As the reaction grew, her staff moved into damage control mode, apologizing to numerous Democrat-aligned pro-Israel organizations.

This latest episode exemplifies why Harris is a lousy politician.

When she was confronted with opposition, she outright flipped-flopped.

Her ill-fated presidential candidacy began with strong socialist views like support for Medicare-for-All before changing direction as her campaign faltered.

Her reputation as a political weathervane has been tarnished by her inept management of the border and drive for the Biden agenda.

With Joe Biden obviously on the slide, she is a strong candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2024.

But Democrats are going to have a lot more headaches in the future because of their continuous series of mistakes.

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