Kamala Harris is holding secret meetings with one group that you won’t believe

Kamala Harris is trying to save her future political prospects.

Harris’ desperation was even worse than anyone previously knew.

And now Kamala Harris is holding secret meetings with one group that you won’t believe.

Kamala Harris saw four key advisors flee her office and her poll numbers plunge to 28 percent.

This set of political calamities left Democrats reconsidering the idea that Harris will take over for Joe Biden in 2024 in a series of damaging leaks to the press.

Harris may be incompetent, but she isn’t a quitter.

That’s why Harris tried to reboot her Vice Presidency with a media tour.

Part of the tour was Harris sending signals to the Democrats establishment that she is willing to play ball.

Harris and her team leaked to Bloomberg that after Harris failed miserably as border czar, Harris turned to Wall Street titans and Big Tech oligarchs to dictate policy and tell Harris what to do.

Bloomberg reports:

Vice President Kamala Harris has increasingly turned to corporate executives from Wall Street and Silicon Valley to serve as informal advisers, policy allies and political boosters as she grapples with a sprawling and at times intractable policy portfolio.

Microsoft Corp. President Brad Smith, Cisco Systems Inc. Chief Executive Officer Chuck Robbins and Citigroup Inc. CEO Jane Fraser are among the leaders whom Harris has sought out in telephone conversations, video conferences and strategy meetings.

Wall Street big shots helped cause the 2008 economic meltdown and ensuing great recession.

Silicon Valley CEOs gladly censor the internet to suppress conservative views while allowing ISIS, Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and other terrorist groups to flourish.

Harris letting the Democrat Party know that she is willing to take orders from two of the sources of the Party’s big money funders is a signal that Harris wants the Party establishment to know she understands the game and will not rock the boat.

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