Kamala Harris is facing a sexual misconduct scandal that will leave her in tears

Kamala Harris is the trendy pick to win the Democrat Party nomination.

The California Senator is drawing big crowds and raising big money.

But now she is facing a sexual misconduct scandal that will leave her in tears.

Kamala Harris made her name as the Attorney General of California.

However, there is a dark side to this line on her resume.

During her time as California’s top law enforcement official, Harris oversaw over one million dollars in settlements paid to employees claiming sexual harassment.

The Los Angeles Times reports:

The California Department of Justice paid more than $1.1 million to settle claims with employees who alleged they were sexually harassed or retaliated against by co-workers during the tenure of then-state Atty. Gen. Kamala Harris from 2011 to 2017, according to documents obtained by The Times.

The cases, which were disclosed this week in response to a California Public Records Act request, come weeks after Harris launched her presidential bid, bringing new scrutiny to her record. The incidents included allegations that DOJ employees sexually harassed and retaliated against co-workers, including claims involving inappropriate touching and cases in which workers felt uncomfortable with the comments and actions of others.

Harris, a Democrat who was elected to the Senate in 2016, did not know about the cases settled by the DOJ until they were brought to her attention by The Times, said her spokesman, Chris Harris.

In the #MeToo era, any Democrat caught going soft on sexual harassment, or allegations of abuse against women, is finished.

Their party base – which believes America is an inherently racist and sexist nation – wants to use the #MeToo movement to exact political revenge on their enemies.

And if they don’t think Harris will fight for that cause, then she will not be the nominee.


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85 Responses

  1. Richard Hullfish Sr. says:

    She couldn’t make her way out of a wet paper bag. Go back to Willie boy.

  2. Dan Gibson says:

    Tough Luck, Kammie … I’m sure it seemed like a good idea at the time … awwwww, too Baaaad … !

  3. Joe Feeney says:

    Kamala Harris hates Christians, especially Catholics! She is unfit to serve!

  4. Roy Parcell says:

    Kamala Harris & All Democratic’s & Some Republicans Are Crooked & Corrupt & I Hope The American People Want To Take Down America

    • joney says:

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    • Thomas says:

      The Patriotic Americans don’t want to take down America. What we want is to “take down” every corrupt and treasonous politician in our government!

  5. John J says:

    A demo vomit hypocrite, go figure

  6. Smarter than u obviously says:

    Bender Bender..is your head up in ur azz?? Parties never switched.. educate yourself.. the founders of the Klan were registered Democrats.. Democrats and Republicans only switched colors a long time ago.. that is it.. it was all Republican presidents that ended slavery and everything else.. your democratic presidents like Lyndon B Johnson started the tapping of social security and everyone since so far except Trump has tapped it..lib-tard.. seriously educate yourself

  7. James G. Mothes says:

    Ric B Let me guess. I’ll bet you really think Slick Wille and the Pant Suit Prostitute are the greatest. and what about Obummer? They lied to everyone in America to get Obummer Care passed. The hypocrisy of you and your liberal friends is disgusting!!! Pull your head out of your ass and wake up!!!!

  8. Pat says:

    If there were two people left on earth Harris might have a chance this nut case does not belong in government she’s not fooling anyone
    She’s a phony POS
    45 2 and 4 to go trump landslide

  9. Kamala,is a radical demo rat!

  10. Warren Massey says:

    My God. How ashamed I am to be a registered Democrat of 90 yrs of age.
    W Massey

    • CLIFF says:


      • Gary says:

        No it won’t. They do not have to follow the same laws as we the underlings have to. If you haven’t learned by now they do not prosecute their own. They just give them a small hand slap and scold them then it is business as usual!

        • Ric B says:

          What a bunch of whiney, playing victim C-R-A-P. When you can’t prove your case against someone, you turn it into some conspiracy EXCUSE. I have never seen such nasty WHINERS as Trump supporters . . .ALWAYS COMPLAINING.

          • milvetjim Humphrey says:


          • James says:

            OMG Ric B, are you kidding me with this statement. The biggest bunch of whiners is everyone in or around our in support of the Democratic party. You all still are not willing to face the fact that you lost the election by backing that pathetic excuse for a candidate in Hillary. Your so effing blind with tears and hatred that you won’t even look for a second and see that Trump is doing great things for this country.

          • Ric B says:

            James, you are really living in the past. Virtually no Democrat is focused on the 2016 election, we are focused on how we turned it around completely in the 2018 midterms, and how to expand on that in 2020. We want to unite with the republicans you do not like, the independents who voted heavily against Trump in 2018, and drive Trump and his cult followers from elected offices. The RINOs you vilify will likely unite behind us in 2020, because they want to take back their party from the radical faction of those who call themselves republicans but do not respect most of the leaders of the GOP that have thoughts other than cult propaganda.

            Some GOP people are educated, thoughtful, and reasonable. They want to take their party back from those nasty spuds that only whine and produce venom even about them!

          • Smarter than u says:

            “when you can’t prove your case against someone you turn it into some conspiracy excuse”???? So what exactly do you call this collusion delusion of you Democrats and libtards against Trump?? 2 + years and no collusion it’s all a delusion it all got started with false and fraud from your side.. now they want to go after his financials and everybody in his family as if people don’t make that kind of money and not red flagged immediately by the IRS every year anyways? More delusions from Democrats.. we are not the whiners and the sore losers.. your all’s ridiculousness is what makes us complain.. we know who the REAL corrupt people are and they all aligned with your party

          • Fawn Sheets says:

            Democrat’s have been using the nazi play book for years. Nasty Nancy said it herself, if you tell a lie long & loud enough they will believe it. The real whiners are those who don’t like the tactics that they use, used against them. Turn about is fair play!

          • Dan'l says:

            Wrong!! Ricky B… You democraps are the ones who have been bitching and moaning for three years because you lost the election….

    • Bender says:

      Signed up back when the dems were the racist klansmen. But now that rethuglicans took over that part you switched.

      • Smarter than u obviously says:

        Bender Bender..is your head up in ur azz?? Parties never switched.. educate yourself.. the founders of the Klan were registered Democrats.. Democrats and Republicans only switched colors a long time ago.. that is it.. it was all Republican presidents that ended slavery and everything else.. your democratic presidents like Lyndon B Johnson started the tapping of social security and everyone since so far except Trump has tapped it..lib-tard.. seriously educate yourself

    • Monica Killingsworth says:

      Even at your age you can change your party affiliation. Hope you do

    • I use to be a DEMOCRAT but in 2016 I changed to REPUB LICAN. Just got sick to my stomach at all the lies Hillary was telling and all the other bad things she had been doing for years. I voted for Trump and I think he has been trying hard to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!! WE NEED THE WALLS BUILT!!!!

    • Paul Jarrett says:

      Well I guess it’s never too late

  11. She didn’t know about this just like Kim didn’t know about all the people they tortured in North Korea!!

    • ROBERT says:

      a WHORE

      • Rich says:

        There’s a rumor that she wore the knees out of 15 pantsuits working her way to the top of the Demented-Dem-Sewer 😊

      • Ric B says:

        So you must really disrespect Trump for he cheated on ALL his wives, and assaulted women without their permission, plus had two mistresses while Baron was a baby, and illegally violated campaign laws to pay them off!

        • Jay says:

          Ric. What planet are you living on? There is no cure for TDS!
          You really need to educate yourself on current events !

        • Fawn Sheets says:

          Didn’t hire trump for his past, at this point I don’t care what he did until Obama, his administration, Hillary & most of the DOJ/FBI are in prison for treason. Then I’ll take a look at trump’s past.

  12. Mikey says:

    Why should she care? It’s only taxpayer money.

  13. In addition to Senator Harris reaching the highest level of the California government by spreading her legs with San Francisco Mayor, Willie Brown, a man 32 years her senior, she destroyed his marriage. But in addition to being the biggest Slut in the Senate with a past sex life that equals Stormy Daniels her claiming to want to legalize prostitution begins to have a familiar ring… The New York Times did a number on her reputation for prosecutorial misconduct. The New York Times referred to Harris as a “top cop” AG who, according to her critics, “failed to take on prosecutorial misconduct.” The profile noted in 2015 her office was called out for “defending convictions obtained by local prosecutors who inserted false confessions into the transcripts of police interrogations, lied under oath, and withheld crucial evidence from the defense.” So this million dollar sex scandal is just the tip of this Trollop’s iceberg.

  14. guy says:

    She also was in bed with al sharpton, you must be really hard up to sleep with a weizel like sharpton.

  15. sterling says:

    These Democrats are fake fools….especially where the are confronted with these issues…..It’s only Trump they want to pick on…..but not THEM !!!

  16. Artsr says:

    Did Willie Brown turn her in for Bad Sex ,he did give her a promotion out of kindness..

  17. cp hargiss says:

    So, maybe she has a sociable disease and , everyone Kamala, slept with are all demo-wits. Then perhaps they will drop like the filthyroaches that they are.

  18. So, maybe she has a sociable disease and , everyone Kamala, slept with are all demo-wits. Then perhaps they will drop like the filthyroaches that they are.

  19. Mona Weisenberg says:

    Oh Ms. perfect Kamala is not soooo perfect afterall….HMMM very interesting. I wonder what the DEMs will do…probably brush it under the rug…

  20. Alexander Marinesko says:

    Go easy on her. She did get out of bed with Willy Brown to comment!!!

  21. OrlandoRican says:

    She’s a Democrat. Her behavior over the years is acceptable behavior for Democrats. Nothing will happen to her. Nothing.

  22. O Olon says:

    Well, well,well, this news couldn’t have happened to a nicer person……………yea right. Bad Karma will come back around and bite you in the butt KH AND IT LOOKS LIKE IT DID!!

    • Tom says:

      Certainly bad karma is happening to corrupt Trump at this time. His former lawyer alone brought up fourteen instances of criminal violations! Many have been confirmed by other sources.

      • retired investigator says:

        Yep, yu can always believe a lier, ya just believe the ones you like. Sounds like a pretty safe stand.

  23. paul tomasetti says:

    harris, another democrat fool, useless dope smoking loser.

  24. paul tomasetti says:

    harris, just another democrat fool, useless dope smoking loser.

  25. Wayne Erdman says:

    She is just a Whore who slept her way into the political positions she had. No way she did not know the state paid out 1.1 million in claims against her. The would have had to depose her for her side of the story

  26. paul tomasetti says:

    just another democrat fool, useless dope smoking loser.

  27. paul tomasetti says:

    just another democrat fool, useless dope smoking loser, she should run for sewage control supervisor.

  28. Howard T. Lewis III says:

    Does she want to do the whole country? Watch her ‘flop’ just before she starts talking.

  29. harry says:

    I dont really see one demoncrat that is clean enought to even run animal control

  30. Liz says:

    What is the reason for the very PALE print on this article?

  31. Lynn Newell says:

    She is nothing but a crook, but the way the Democrats take care of their own she’ll get away with it. The MATTRESS BACK!

  32. Roland E. "Dusty" says:


  33. Shirley says:

    Typical unethical, ladder climbing Democrat, doesn’t matter what they do or who as long as it gets them where and what they want. And she wants to be our President? I don’t think so, she’s no better than Hillary! No ethics, no conscience, and no principles.

    • John Flynn says:

      Nor is Kamala even eligible for the office of prez!!!

      • reality check says:

        NO ONE had less experience or sense than Trump. He never held ANY elected office previously, and was known for being one of the dumbest students at Wharton. Why do you think that Cohen was given the job of threatening all Trump’s schools to not give out Trump’s grades and SAT numbers?

        • Dr, JD says:

          Trump pushed in 2011 to demand the release of Obama’s grades, claiming he “heard” Obama was not a good student. The evidence we have is that President Obama graduated from Harvard Law School (best in country) Magna Cum Laude. Trump, although he LIED by saying he graduated #1 in his class, did not graduate from Univ. of Penn with ANY honors, in other words, in the bottom half of his class. Then Trump turns around after demanding Obama produce his grades, and uses Cohen to threaten his high school, college and college boards to not release his results.

          Trump’s professor at the Wharton Business school of Univ. of Penn, often told colleagues and numerous others, that “Donald Trump was the dumbest g**d*mn student he had in 30 years” (of teaching).

    • Joe says:

      I thought you were talking about the TRUMPSTER (no ethics, conscience or principles except cheat if you can in order to win). This combination seemed to work for him, so it should work out fine for her.

      • Lynn Newell says:

        Typical Liberal BS response. Engage Brain before putting mouth in gear.

        • Ric B says:

          Typical Trumper middle school response. Most of your EXCUSES for Trump and just middle school playground banter.

      • Larry says:

        Well, that makes Kamala Harris and the rest of the democrats a sorry bunch of hypocrites seeing how they all were condemning Trump. But everyone already knows what the democrats are and they are just getting bolder and bolder about not trying to hide all of their hypocrisy. They are the biggest bunch of America hating individuals in the United States of America. She slept her way to the top, then turned on her bed mate once she was at the top. She admitted she constantly smoked dope in college and proudly proclaimed she inhaled while listening to rap music and singers that weren’t even performing yet. She’s got all of the qualifications of a number one democrat candidate: Liar, drug user, whore, and hypocrite.

      • Not a lib-tard says:

        Joe, how did he cheat?? Where’s your proof ? you are all talk.. hell Mueller can’t even get proof of that after 2 years.. Russians intervened but it was supposed to be for Hillary..oooooops, we have electoral college so doesn’t matter who intervenes. More talking out the neck from you libtards because you have nothing except ignorance

        • Sitala says:

          “Not a lib-tard” My question is when to we get to start the “Russian investigation” on Hillary? What about our uranium? Someone should pay! What about Benghazi? What about the IRS and what they did to conservatives? What about Menendez and his activities with under aged women in Dominican Republic? The list goes on and on. Two years on Trump alone with nothing but lies. Let’s give each of these at least 2 months. Think of the illegal activities we would find with the Clinton’s alone

    • Joyce says:

      Totally agree!

    • Marie says:

      Shirley, I’m afraid you’re exactly right!

  34. Robyn M Grannis says:

    I just call her MATTRESS BACK. She got to were she is old fashioned way!!!
    Just ask Willie Brown

  35. Guenther says:

    I don’t want a Hoe to have a chance to even run for the presidency

  36. STEVE FLOWERS says:


    • Jersey Prophet says:

      The Clinton witch used that device liberally, too. Didn’t get too far with it, did she? Cackles are a turn-off. Kamala onherback Harris will soon find out laughing – her one pony trick to evade questions – will backfire, on her, too.

  37. Jim says:

    She’s like all Democrats now. They can do no wrong. Doesn’t really matter what they do. This is where the country is headed.Good luck with that.

  38. Patrick Henry says:

    Harris has ALREADY slept with so many people just to get where she is now!!!

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