Kamala Harris ignored this order from Joe Biden that is now causing a giant headache

Kamala Harris continues to cause problems for Joe Biden.

The problems are growing beyond the scandal of Harris failing in her role to get a handle on the border crisis.

Now Kamala Harris ignored this order from Joe Biden that is now causing a giant headache.

Donald Trump skipped releasing his tax returns.

Trump figured if voters actually cared they could vote against him.

Donald Trump’s calculation proved correct as few did and Trump won the 2016 election.

Joe Biden sought to make this an issue in 2020 by claiming to stick to the highest standards of financial transparency.

Biden pledged to “eliminate the trust loophole in existing financial disclosure law.”

In addition, Biden promised that as President he would “require that any member of his Administration who is a beneficiary of a discretionary trust disclose all of its holdings.”

But Kamala Harris is not following those orders as a financial disclosure shows Harris using a family trust to pay a lower tax rate and that the assets in the trust are not being reported.

Fox News reports:

Vice President Kamala Harris keeps assets in a tax-advantaged family trust, a move that appears to violate an ethics pledge she and President Biden made on the campaign trail.

According to Harris’ financial disclosure form released Monday, she has been a trustee of the KDH/DCE family trust since 2017. The trust’s assets “are not reportable,” according to the filing, effectively obscuring some of the vice president’s holdings from public view.

Joe Biden is currently pushing a scheme to raise taxes by as much as three trillion dollars.

This would be the largest tax increase in American history.

Biden says this is necessary because the wealthy aren’t paying their fair share.

But his second in command is taking advantage of every line in the tax code to pay a lower tax rate while at the same time claiming other people are shirking their duty.

This type of hypocrisy tends to trip up liberals when they declare their intentions on raising taxes on “wealthy” Americans.

And now Kamala Harris just created a new talking point for Republicans to use when attacking Joe Biden’s tax plan.

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