Kamala Harris has a lot of explaining to do now that this smoking gun just went public

Kamala Harris’ political downward spiral continues.

It’s no accident that polls show Kamala Harris is the most unpopular Vice President in the last 50 years.

And Kamala Harris has a lot of explaining to do now that this smoking gun just went public.

In March, Joe Biden named Kamala Harris as his administration’s border czar.

At the time, the illegal immigration crisis was in its earliest stages.

Biden tried to get ahead of a problem that posed one of the biggest threats to maintaining control over the House of Representatives and the Senate after the November Midterm elections.

But just like everything else Kamala Harris touches, the situation at the border only spiraled out of control into an even bigger crisis.

Harris did her best to avoid even talking about the border or visiting the border.

Of course, since Harris and Biden are committed to open borders, she did not want to draw attention to that fact by elevating the immigration issue with an official trip and a series of speeches.

Now Americans are learning just how dangerous Harris’ inaction at the border really is.

The administration reports that nearly half of the illegal aliens that ICE released into the country from March 31, 2021 to August 21, 2021 did not show up at the agreed upon U.S. destination to begin their deportation proceedings.

Breitbart reported that “Data released by the Department of Homeland Security show more than 50,000 migrants released by the agency with instructions to report to ICE once at their desired U.S. location have failed to do so. The Notice to Report (NTR) process was instituted to help the Border Patrol ease detention facility overcrowding in 2021.”

“The federal disclosure covers the period between March and August 2021,” Breitbart continued. “Of more than 270,000 migrants released by DHS, roughly 104,000 were placed in the NTR system which trusts the migrant to voluntarily report to ICE at their intended U.S. destination to begin the deportation process.”

These statistics do not include the total numbers of illegal aliens who skipped out on their deportation proceedings From October 1 – which is the start of Fiscal Year 2022 – until now.

That total is likely to show that tens of thousands more illegal aliens are freely roaming about the country.

An honest media would demand answers from border czar Kamala Harris and the administration about this massive failure to enforce federal immigration law.

But unfortunately, honesty and the American corporate-controlled media are not synonymous.

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