Kamala Harris has a lot of explaining to do about one disturbing number

Kamala Harris continues to dig an even deeper political hole for herself.

Harris’ problems are costing Democrats dearly.

And Kamala Harris has a lot of explaining to do about one disturbing number.

In March, Joe Biden named Kamala Harris as his border czar.

Illegal aliens poured over the border in record numbers and Biden needed to show the American people he was taking action.

But as soon as Biden named Harris as his border czar, Harris tried to shirk her duty, knowing the assignment was political suicide as open borders are incredibly unpopular with the American people.

Harris took to great lengths to even be disassociated with the border, but her and Biden’s poll numbers fell as a record number of illegal aliens crossed the southern border.

One reason so many illegal aliens flocked to the border is because they knew Biden and Kamala Harris no longer meaningfully enforce federal immigration law.

A Freedom of Information Act request from the Center on Immigration Studies found that deportations plunged 90 percent in the first year of Joe Biden’s administration.

The Washington Free Beacon reports:

In total, deportations of illegal immigrants from Jan. 21, 2021, through July 9, 2021, dropped by 90 percent compared with the same time period in 2019, the last year before the COVID-19 pandemic, which ground attempted migration into the United States to a near halt.

The curb in deportations extended to all types of illegal immigrants living in the United States, including those with criminal convictions. Deportations of illegal immigrants with convictions for crimes such as aggravated assault, kidnapping, sexual assault, and homicide fell by double-digit percentages in the first six months of 2021 when compared with the previous two years. The number of illegal immigrants with serious criminal convictions deported declined by more than 50 percent from 2020 and 65 percent from 2019.

As border czar, Kamala Harris would be expected to answer for these numbers.

But Harris going into hiding over the border is not helping her political standing.

A recent USA Today/Suffolk poll found just 28 percent of Americans approved of the job Harris is doing as Vice President.

Harris failing in her most high-profile assignment helped sink her poll numbers.

But should Harris run for President in 2024 and secure the Democrat Party nomination, her failure at the border will sit front and center in any campaign – especially if the GOP nominee is Donald Trump.

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