Kamala Harris got some bad news when Democrats refused to answer this question

Kamala Harris believes she is the future of the Democrat Party.

But Harris received a rude awakening on that front.

Kamala Harris got some bad news when Democrats refused to answer this question.

A piece by leftwing activist Edward Isaac-Dovere, a “journalist” for The Atlantic, did not paint a flattering picture of Kamala Harris and her time in office.

Despite the fact that Harris wants to be the last person in the room when Joe Biden makes a decision and the fact that her staff makes it clear she wants to be involved in all aspects of policy, no one can actually define what Harris does in the administration.

“Republican Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina told me he was ‘dumbfounded’ trying to come up with what Harris’s precise role or impact has been,“ Dovere reported.

It would be easy to waive off Lindsey Graham claiming Harris has been a zero in office as partisan nit-picking except for the fact that Democrats say the exact same thing.

In the absolute nicest way possible, Pennsylvania Democrat Robert Casey also told Dovere he can’t think of one single issue Kamala Harris made an impact on.

“It’s probably the case that there are a number of things where her imprint or her presence on that team is the reason why there’s a particular emphasis. I can’t say that I can identify one,” Casey commented to Dovere.

Even members of Congress that met with Biden and Harris to hash out policy can’t answer the question of what exactly it is Kamala Harris does all day.

“Other members of Congress who have sat in Oval Office conversations with the president and vice president struggled to answer this question too,” Dovere also wrote.

Many in Washington believe Kamala Harris will be the Democrat nominee in 2024.

But Harris will not campaign as the leader of movement.

Harris has no base of support as evidenced by the fact her 2020 Presidential campaign didn’t even make it past Thanksgiving 2019 when she dropped out of the race with her support in the polls cratering near zero.

And it doesn’t look like Harris will be able to run on a record of achievement as even her allies can’t name a single accomplishment.

So if Kamala Harris is the Democrat nominee, it looks like identity politics will be her only selling point.

That did not work out well for Hillary Clinton in 2016. So, Democrats may be setting themselves up for another Presidential Election debacle.

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