Kamala Harris got some bad news that could end her 2020 hopes

Kamala Harris made a fool of herself during the Brett Kavanaugh hearings.

She hoped her grandstanding would catapult her to the Democrat 2020 presidential nomination.

But all her hopes and dreams were crushed with this news.

Senator Kamala Harris is in danger of losing her seat on the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Republicans gained seats in the U.S. Senate.

Since Harris is the least-senior Democrat on the committee she may be done for.

The Hill reports:

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) is at risk of potentially losing her seat on the Judiciary Committee as Senate leadership prepares to negotiate the makeup of the committees heading into next year.

Because Harris is the least senior Democratic member on the high-profile panel and Republicans gained seats in the November midterms, the potential 2020 White House contender could, but is not guaranteed to, lose her seat.

Lily Adams, a spokeswoman for Harris, told The Washington Post that Harris told Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) that she wants to stay on the committee next year. Schumer, in a statement to the publication, said they were working to keep her on the panel.

President Trump may have a chance to nominate one or more Supreme Court Justices.

The hearings could be even uglier than the fight over Kavanaugh.

And Harris knows she needs to be on the Judiciary Committee to stay in the limelight.

According to her spokeswoman, Harris raised more than $5 million in 2018, which she used to curry favor for 2020 by passing it along to other Democrats.

She raised much of that by fundraising off of her anti-Kavanaugh attacks.

The Wall Street Journal reported that Harris ran dozens of anti-Kavanaugh ads on Facebook the day prior to Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony.

Do you think Kamala Harris would beat Donald Trump if they faced off in 2020?

Vote in our poll below and let us know your thoughts in the comments section!


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123 Responses

  1. God Bless says:

    I am a veteran of color and by coming across this site it really shows me racism is truly alive and well.

    • The Real M says:

      God Bless, Racism of today is coming from the left! Not only racism but, liberals want to take conservatives right to free speech and right to bear arms to defend our families and property!
      If you are an “insane and bullying” liberal, of any race, I hope you have the intestinal fortitude to read the comments!
      And, God Bless you also!

  2. Melvin says:

    Harris is not the person she pretends to be. In her ancestry were slave owners, which will be found through a diligent search.

  3. Debra Lambert says:

    Gabbard sits on Foreign affairs she is a GLOBALIST ALSO.ALL DEMS ARE Globalist,Open Boarders,Anti God,Anti Life,Anti Guns,Anti speech,Lawlessness.Anti Constitution,Anti America, Guillbrand of NY her daddy involved in Nexium in NY where they branded underaged girls for sex slaves,toretured,cult .All devil’s. #MeToo my butt.

  4. Debra Lambert says:

    Harris great grandfather Hamilton Brown of Jamaica owned 4 slave plantations. He was very cruel to the Irish slave also. She wants reparation she is a joke.Anchor Baby.Thats why she wants open boarders slavery.God help us.Envolved in JSmoillet fake Hoax.M.Obama also and Oprah.HRC.Sick women

  5. ray says:

    only MAN HATING, AMERICA HATING, BABY KILLING HOGs will vote for the ILLEGAL PUERTO RICAN WHORE……………………………………………….

  6. Gregory Sullivan says:

    She is just another one of those Democrook party a**holes who want open borders to get the illegal alien vote.

  7. Kamala Harris does not qualify for the presidency under the requirement of “Natural Born Citizen.” We can count on her doing what Obama did in California and sealing his records…When Harris was born in the U.S. her parents were immigrants who had not qualify for citizenship and did not become American citizens for several years after her birth…Harris is a slut who screwed her way to the top of California government as Attorney General, her affair with San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown destroyed his marriage, a man 32 years her senior, so please stop pissing on my leg and convincing me its raining…this was not about love or a romance, this was Harris doing what she does best, fu*k her way to her goals. Here is what the New York Times wrote about this trollop…The New York Times referred to Harris as a “top cop” AG who, according to her critics, “failed to take on prosecutorial misconduct.” The profile noted in 2015 her office was called out for “defending convictions obtained by local prosecutors who inserted a false confession into the transcript of a police interrogation, lied under oath, and withheld crucial evidence from the defense.” IS THIS THE KIND OF PRESIDENT you want deciding what laws she will abide by?—we already know she does not believe in “Due Process” that she easily denied to Judge Kavanaugh.

    • Howard T. Lewis III says:

      Kavanaugh was thrown more slack than tossing an anchor overboard without tying off the rope. The molestation charge, of course, was bogus. Bogus for sympathy for Kavanaugh. That creepy accuser was the CIA recruiter for Stanford University, and allegedly, an old family friend of the Kavanaughs.

  8. larry says:

    Kamala Harris is a CROOKED BED HOPPING BITCH. She whored her way into politics with crooked ex San Francisco Mayor. She is a Liar and in my book she cannot be trusted

  9. Gerry says:

    Don’t stop at losing her committee seat — throw her out of her seat in Congress. She is nothing but a racist big mouth BS-ing hypocrite and should be thrown to the curb like the rest of the trash.

  10. Ed says:

    She shouldn’t have even been shown in Public. Send her back to the Frisco brothels with Willie Brown.

  11. Steve says:

    Another senator that has consistently supported and voted for more gun regulation rather than addressing the real problem and issue which is CRIME CONTROL!! Another demonrat that should be facing impeachment for refusing to defend the constitution which she took a solemn oath to defend “against all enemies both foreign and domestic.” She has repeatedly voted to subvert the constitution of the United States and does not deserve a seat in the Senate as she has openly committed treason!! We the people need to take back control of OUR country! These clowns think this is their country and they can do as THEY please. Everyone that authors or support any bill that undermines this country’s constitution is guilty of treason and we should push for their removal from office!!

  12. She says absurd things like comparing border patrol to the KKK. What planet was she born on? The thought of her running for President is beyond comprehension. She would be worse than crooked Hillary.

  13. Jim Wildrick Jr says:

    This anti gun bufoon from California has no chance.President Trump would tare her up.He has the backing of responsible gun owners everywhere in our country.She is a joke.

  14. cathylvoesyou says:

    Kamal Harris, Maxine Waters daughter in-law , Is what we have come to expect from Democratic Black Politicians. Racism, give away’s that are never free to anyone including the receiver’s. and a Communist agenda. She smells

  15. Floyd Hardee says:

    Many Democrats clearly showed the world that they were not only liars, but racist as well.

  16. Philip Simon says:

    Senator Kamala Harris, just keep yapping, yapping and yoldaling, jiggaling, saingaling digaling, can’t shut her mouth, if you are running, run your mouth always. Tired of a sexy young taperecorder, remember, you were Mayor Brown’s Mistress.

  17. Monkey says:

    Obama. sadly, totally ruined it for any Black American, male or female, to become a President of the United States by his total ruining racial relations in America and set it back for decades to come……….he did this to you people………..no black American for decades ……… Racial relations must be fixed………..no more Black Lives Matter tactics, no more Antifa, No more riots everywhere…….America was done with that crap and this is Why President Trump WON~

  18. Ernst says:

    In many ways it is to the disadvantage of Harris to be on the Judiciary Committee. She will constantly be losing in her opposition to nominated conservative judges. She can make a fuss, but her win rate will be minimal. Potential judges are thoroughly vetted before being presented to the Senate.

  19. Howard T. Lewis III says:

    If self-promotion was the main purpose of congress, Kamala Harris would fit right in. Kavanaugh’s treasonous associations and willful negligence regarding the Vince Foster investigation were passed over in exchange for congressional vanity. Puppies are cute.

    • Irene says:

      What a sick statement.

    • Mark says:

      Howard I think you are on tge wrong story. Clinton had Vince Foster killed. And didn’t pass over anything. The Clinton’s were untouchable back then. K. Harris is a loudmouth nobody that thinks she is important . You sir need to brush up on your facts

      • Howard T. Lewis III says:

        Way aheasd of you. Kavanaugh prosecuted and Barr was judge for the inquest. Killary Stab Kitty bought the .38 they found wiped clean of fingerprints while she was in Seattle 1982. A proxy got it for her at Seattle Hardware and I am the guy who put down the order for her to take it out of her purse so I could write down the serial numbers. She committed two felonies in Seattle that day. Killary Clinton was observed walking alongside 6 Israel Mossad agents carrying Vince Foster’s dead body out of the WH rolled up in a carpet, through the old deserted subway tunnel. It is YOU who has been negligent taking care of the business of self-governance.

  20. jim says:

    If you knew what you were talking about, you might be dangerous! Justice KAVANAUGH is one of the finest JURISTs that could been picked by President TRUMP, and the way that the DEMOCRAPS tore that man apart was CRIMINAL! Puting his family thru that garbage was unforgivable. and MS. FORD,,,,WHO IS NOT A DOCTOR, ONLY AN ASSOCIATE, SHE IS UNDER THE LIGHTS RIGHT NOW FOR LYING UNDER OATH!!! And MS FEINSTEIN is also being investigated. She should be so ashamed that she gives up her spot!!!

    • Constantin Draganoiu says:

      I certainly hope that they both get what they deserve! Both had such guilty demeanor during the shameful and baseless attacks on Justice Kavanaugh. Especially “Doctor” Ford, a complete liar, badly trained by her friend from Maryland!

  21. steven jacobs says:

    All these Democrats are getting terrible news all the time-and yet they are taking the country over. The President could learn a thing or two from them-FORGET the news and stick to your AGENDA-do not get DISTRACTED!

  22. Howard T. Lewis III says:

    Kavanaugh is dirty. Kamala Harris knew it and ignored her task at hand to pose and strut for the cameras and ‘her little fans’. Like her idiot confederates, ALL of whom were negligent in vetting the American jesuit freemason Kavanaugh whose sins regarding the Vince Foster case have NOT yet been forgiven. His SES ties are treasonous. His wife was a Bush secretary. You should feel sick by now.

    • RON HATT says:



    • RON HATT says:

      HOWARD! Wut you been drinkin?…..smokin?……Kavanaugh os pure as the driven snow! Kamala, is just a klibrocrat “Grandstander”…..with no smarts!…..
      She has a negroe electorate, just like maxine Waters, & Sheila jackson Lee……all of which are “low IQ”….people, that vote skin color…..”NOT COMMON SENSE”!

      • Howard T. Lewis III says:

        Do your God Damned homework. SES, Vince Foster murder prosecution and investigation, Bush cabal, etc.. Do not descend to the level of dumb beasts like Kamala Harris. Kavanaugh has ZERO business in as SCOTUS. He is just another crooked jesuit freemason set to suck the energy out of the American constitutional experience.

    • jim says:

      If you knew what you were talking about, you might be dangerous! Justice KAVANAUGH is one of the finest JURISTs that could been picked by President TRUMP, and the way that the DEMOCRAPS tore that man apart was CRIMINAL! Puting his family thru that garbage was unforgivable. and MS. FORD,,,,WHO IS NOT A DOCTOR, ONLY AN ASSOCIATE, SHE IS UNDER THE LIGHTS RIGHT NOW FOR LYING UNDER OATH!!! And MS FEINSTEIN is also being investigated. She should be so ashamed that she gives up her spot!!!

      • Howard T. Lewis III says:

        Jim, FAIL. Do your homework or please do not vote. Ford is a CIA recruiter and in on the scam. Of course Kavanaugh did nothing untoward towards Ford, whose family is friends with Kavanaugh’s. This is not a football game. Do your homework so you do not disgrace your family in print. Ford was a complete diversion, a liar, with zero witnesses who would back her claim. This made a mockery of the process as YOU do for ignoring Kavanaugh’s history and record. You FLUNK!

        • Howard T. Lewis III says:

          Theobjective of the faked vetting hearings was to create sympathy for candidate Kavanaugh without providing ANY reasons to reject him as a SCOTUS member. This they certainly did. Kavanaugh’s ‘opponents’ behaved as stupid self-indulgent animals to a disgraceful degree. But was justice and the vetting process served? Hell no. Study Kavanaugh’s past conduct, regardless of the vulgar slander puked up by Ford’s sympathizers, who had ZERO cause to lie in any manner. The vetting process was a TOTAL failure in this case.

          • Jason Casteel says:

            Howard T Lewis III
            I tried to find something in Kavanaugh’s past to find fault, (as I am aDemocrat), and could find nothing. He was vetted by these same (almost) people for his previous appointment, they found nothing. I am curious, what did you find that was so disqualifying?

          • Howard T. Lewis III says:

            Jason Casteel, you are one lazy MoFo. I specify in several comments here where you can go to find original sources to confirm what I say about SCOTUS appointee Kavanaugh. Does your mother still wipe your ass? If you were disabled, you of course would be an excusable case. Such laziness as yours the country can ill afford. Get on it or stay home and help your mom bake cookies. You are disgusting. Such self-indulgence is wrecking our country. And to think we still let you bastards vote.

    • jim wildrick jr says:

      You are another Liberal fool who has little or no knowledge of the accomplishments of Justice Kavanaugh.Your ignorance shows through with your comments.

      • Howard T. Lewis III says:

        You, Jim Wildrick Jr. are lazy and ignorant to a fault. WAY too lazy to objectively vet a SCOTUS candidate. I am sure your parents would be disappointed at your comment here. Get busy or stay home and help your mom make cookies.

  23. Carole ANNE Quinn says:






    • mary says:


    • Shelly says:

      YOU GO GIRL! I wholehartedly agree. The woman is so arrogant I can smell it through my television set.

    • Jerry Todd says:

      She learned well from Barbara Boxer who pulled the same stunt to get herself elected over a much smarter, more honest candidate for Senate, Bruce Herschensohn.

  24. Craig Michael Vandertie says:

    I so hope that selfish Communist bitch gets kicked off the judicial evaluation committee.

  25. Dan Gibson says:

    We live in the era of the DELUSIONAL DEMOCRATIC WOMAN. Waters … Feinstein … Warren … Pelosi … Cortez-Ocasio, the nimnul in Hawaii (whose name I don’t even want to recall), and at the summit — the estimable Kamala Harris. I have summarily dismissed Alex & Kammie … only a command performance by these two, appearing in two-piece bathing suits, will give them any boost in their (not) political futures ….. HAAAA

  26. Gsil says:

    I hope she gets even worse news than that . A qualification of being a democrat means you have to speak stupid things think stupid things and be stupid. All of which she is . I wouldn’t vote for her if she was the last thing on earth . The republicans are following the rules the democrats made themselves . Like I said do stupid things .

  27. Rick says:

    What ever mix she is!! Mutt maybe? Lol. Shes definitely dont belong in Congress! Shows you how desperate dems are to put puppets in the seats to control outcomes! She probably has one of those ear pieces where they tell her what to say! Congress definitely needs overhauled! No more long terms!

    • truthistruth says:

      Hard to explain intelligence to those of you who don’t have it. But Kamala’s little finger is smarter than most people – -and she is very well educated. And back to your ignorant comment, Rick, most Americans are “mutts.” We are a mixture of people from all over the world, and it was predicted America would never be much because we were a nation of mutts. But, if you know anything about dogs, you know the mutts often do not have the problems of the overly bread “pure” breeds, and mutts are some of the toughest dogs out there.

      • Zackary Odom says:

        HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa , that’s some funny stuff.

      • MARY says:


      • Jerry Todd says:

        There’s a line between judgment and discernment. There’s a line between smarts and wisdom.

        Our little CA communist lack both discernment and wisdom.

        • G says:

          Jerry Todd, You forgot to mention, she is a bad bad racist. Brown or black people can be worse at racism than white people.
          She has a malady that HRC suffers from also, she is not likeable. She has an arrogant air about her and it is obvious she is a narcissist personality. She was elected in CA but don’t think she would fair well in a national election. Hope not since I am a Republican.

  28. Bipin Patel says:

    kamla harris is a shameless “political gold digger”as evidenced by her dating Willie Brown 30 years older to her.such people should be never elected to public office

  29. Rick says:

    Use to be a day you hired people for what they were good at, trained for the job and or best person for the job! Now days all this political correct crap, got to have a few whites, makes a bunch of blacks are there! Got to have Latinos like her! Some India ones, now sock head camel jockeys that have no business in goverment! Now changing a law so they can wear that crap in Congress, 181 years no head wear ! What happened to going by the laws that country has! People in America have done lost all brains on what’s should be!!

  30. Rick says:

    Oh kamalala! Mattress queen sleep her way to the panel, wants to act like she knows something important! Like to see Trey Goudy question her on real facts! She couldn’t handle his big words! Dems would be interrupting when she couldn’t handle the truth! And you tell me why isnt it illegal for these Congress smucks to get money advertising on a website to stop Bret K. Like she did! 5 million? Before useless Ford syco come forward with her fake story! And all the other fake women! Why is it even listened to! To long after the fact if there was one! You didnt have a case to begin with! All this drama to take focus off of the real crooks! Soros,Clintons, and Obumer! Trump is president and shouldnt be questioned who he wants on the bench!

  31. tom matthews says:

    good work ,I like it ! Is it copyrighted ???

  32. Dude says:

    Why do people vote this kind of crap into power. Everyone who voted for her or any other dumb witch is brain dead

    • Randall M says:

      Nobody knew what she was until she got voted in. Then they cheat and stel votes to stay in power.

      • RicB says:

        What a pathetic message from people who cannot take responsibility for the fact of their LOSING!! This is like the blind parents who always blames others when their children lose a sports game, rather than giving credit that the other team might have been better or had a good day. Seems the Trumpers are not the party of personal responsibility. Whiners!

    • Jason Casteel says:

      The problem is, was she really voted in? I find it really disturbing how a republican can be leading by 100,000 votes on election night and 2-3 weeks later, lose? How many boxes of ballots can be found? This crap is getting really really old. This crap in California today just puts the icing on the cake. Voter ID card. What’s the problem with that? They cry, the black’s can’t afford IDs. I call BS. You need ID for welfare, food stamps, just about anything. A pack of cigarettes. A cold, tall 40. Government issued ID cards to vote. Period. If we don’t have them by 2020, kiss the White House good-bye. This is rampant fraud. Has there ever been a box of ballots found that had a republican majority of votes in it? Ahhhh, NO. I am a Democrat and I can even see that this has gotten ridiculous. I work. I pay taxes. I want a fair government. I don’t believe I am getting one, ever since Obama’s reign. How is a state worker required to ask everyone they come in contact with, if they want to register to vote, and not allowed to ask if they are a citizen? If your coming in for a Driver Authorization Card, I would bet you’re here illegally. Otherwise you would get Driver’s License. How in God’s name is that racist? I’m done ranting. My own party has got me this pissed off. They are nothing but frauds.

  33. Kampala Harris would be the most likely person to be indicted if anything goes amiss.She’s TROUBLE with a capital T…..She goes to extremes with her bulls$$t.Please throw this woman out of politics and send SPARTICUS with her.

  34. Howard T. Lewis III says:

    Kamala has been sucking up to Killary Clinton and the SES since 1975. This tells me the sedition surrounding the SES/British Empire was an irresistable draw for her. Maybe it was just the allure of a card carrying baby eater. I do not know and would not advise putting this one in charge of anything. The actual Kavanaugh vetting was completely ignored so she could showcase herself as a clown or comfort station for God knows who. Kavanaugh should have had his ass kicked to the curb, even though he had not ever been within miles of false accuser CIA recruiter Ford. His conduct during the Vince Foster murder trial and his SES, jesuit, and freemason affiliations should preclude any idea of installing Kavanaugh as a SCOTUS member.

  35. Patricia Richey says:

    The sooner they get rid of that GRANDSTANDING Harris, the better off we will be! She’s rude, condescending, contrite, and just plain mean! I have respect for anyone climbing the ladder to success, but berating anyone in order to do it, that is unacceptable!

  36. Jerry Honn says:

    Kamala, does not make patch on any senators butt, she is a thorn in all senses of the word, do not blame So Cal for electing her only those crooked Demorats in Nor Cal are responsible, but that is the mentality we have to contend with in So Cal

  37. Seenitbeenthere says:

    Ms. Harris likes to hear herself talk. She makes no sense in some of her comments. She refuses the answers to her questions & then asks the questions in numerous ways, hoping for a different answer. She’s an idiot & one wonders how she, Maxine, & now Cortez ever got to their positions. And to those of you , . . .Save the come back on the same way Trump got there. He’s not an idiot, he’s just mouthy!

  38. Bill says:

    Not only her Kavanaugh rantings and adds hurt her, her comparing ICE to the KKK made her toast.

  39. David says:

    Good riddance to bad rubbish. Now getting rid of that bitch will be A good start but who’s next?

  40. O Olon says:

    KH made a real fool of her self with the grand standing and cruel and vicious remarks she made about Kavanaugh. So glad she is losing her position she should after what she did she deserves it.

  41. Garnet Krunic says:

    Yes Kamala is a smart aleck b____ who definitely does not have the best interest of all US citizens at heart or anywhere in her life. I hope I am right about thinking
    she could not win any election let alone the President of this country…..it scares me to thinking of her having any say about any thing in the country. Good Bye Miss Hateful Person.

  42. barry harper says:

    This woman is a joke – she has no understanding of the world around her. Her grandstanding and some of the stupid questions and followup were out of this world. I look at her and Maxine Waters and put them in the same boat,

  43. Jaime Plaire says:

    It’s funny when you Google Kamala Harris and you learn that her political connections derived from a period of time when she “dated” Speaker Willie Brown, the very influential politico in California, when he was 30 years older than she. Clearly a love match and exemplary of her sincerity.

  44. dlmstl says:

    Just like in 2008, after the MSM beat down Shrub II and the Reps, ANY Dem would have won! Barry saw a opening and with a fawning press, hiding the John Edwards scandal, enough votes were siphoned away from Hillary and Obama cruised in. The Dem hopefuls today are angling for something similar along with the invasion of new Democrat voters from C. America to propel who every they choose. Unless Clinton, Inc can destroy the wannabes, look for a three ring circus to ensue. If Plugs Biden gets in, why not Mr Tree and Lurch along with the Hunchback of Chappaqua. Has a major party ever had 4 losers via for that brass ring before?

  45. Tom Murphy says:

    Kamala Harris is delusional. The Democrat Party is the party of slavery and the KKK. The Democrat party is the party of collusion with Russian mass murderer Josef Stalin in World War II.

    • Dr. JD says:

      Tom, your knowledge of history is either defective or severely biased. Yes, technically the OLD Democratic party of the south was the party of slavery, but those of the South were the Dixiecrat faction that abandoned the Democratic party in the 1960s because Democrats supported civil rights actions and 1965 Civil Rights Bill. The Dixiecrats then joined the REPUBLICANS and the South went red.

      The Democratic party never supported Stalin because Democrat FDR lead the opposition to Russia, and they after Germany turned on its ally, Russia, Russia switched sides and fought the Germans. So, USA, Britain, France, and allies added Russia in the fight against Germany. Today it is Trump’s campaign, if not Trump himself, that conspired/colluded with our enemy, Russia to defraud the 2016 election.

      • marleen davis says:

        You sound so educated but you have your facts turned around. Your second paragraph is a defamation of our president and you are so wrong it is sickening! I don’t know where you think you got this info or how you can even fathom such nonsense about our president but that is what Clinton did, not our President! You are so wrong and so wicked to even think yet state such a thing.

      • Jason Casteel says:

        Dr. Have you been drinking again,? How in the world, with all the evidence that has been shown, figure that ANYBODY conspired with the Russians? Excepg, of course, Hillary. That’s the only evidence I’ve seen. Also, what about Hillary stealing the nomination away from Bernie? That was pretty blatant and obvious. Why wasn’t that investigated? That’s right, we don’t investigate Democrats. You Sir, are a pathetic joke of a human being.

  46. FRANK says:

    yep. she has c.u.n.t. stamped on her for head. (C IS FOR, CANT.) (U IS FOR UNDERSTAND) (N IS FOR NORMAL) ( T IS FOR THINGS). THAT SAYS IT ALL.

    • tom matthews says:

      good work ,I like it ! Is it copyrighted ???

      • reality check says:

        sure, it is page one in the book of Sexism, and is one of the reasons that women do not support republicans by a margin of 2 to one. please, Frank, keep it up until after the Blue Tsunami in 2020!

  47. John Flynn says:

    Why don’t people read? She is INELIGIBLE to be POTUS in that one, if not both, of her parents were NOT naturalized citizens. Are we gonna go through this Obama thing again?? Her mother was from India and her father from Jamaica. Nobody investigated or complained in 2008, but let’s not make the same mistake AGAIN

    • M says:

      John Flynn, Sorry John, I researched who is eligible to be POTUS. Anyone who is 35 or older and born on US soil or territory whether their parents are citizens or not, illegal or legal.
      Anyone born anywhere whose parents, one or both, is or are US citizen(s).
      I hate that a illegal can come here, drop a baby, it is US citizen and it can be POTUS, these are the infamous “anchor babies”.
      Please search online and verify what I wrote and I don’t like it or approve.
      We need the law passed that DJT wants that would end “birthright citizenship “. That would stop illegals slipping in to have a baby in US so it will be a citizen and family can stay in US.

  48. BigJoe says:

    As great as taking her down sounds, don’t expect the republicans to have the backbone to do it. Schumer says he will do everything he can to keep her on which means he’ll cut a deal with McConnell regardless of how we feel. They don’t seem to understand that we want them to do the hard things or we will no longer continue to support them. The biggest mistake the republicans can make is to cut a deal with the democrats who only want to compromise when they cannot win. I don’t forget the things they pulled when they were in power like actually locking doors and not letting republicans in during the health care vote.

  49. ch says:

    good, get rid of this dumb bimbo

  50. PHIL TRIMMER says:

    GOOD. She asked questions that were answered and still hounded with the same damn question. If I would have been in that position I would have told her to respectfully kiss my a$$. I am a retired law enforcement officer and believe me, I have told council for the defendant, (CRIMINAL), just about the same when they tried to twist whatever I said. Especially when they would use double negatived like “is it not true”. I would just look at them and say, what the hell do you mean, is it true or is it not true. I can not tel you how many times I was listed as a hostile witness. Until the judge scolded me only once for saying, you want to see hostile. SHE JUST WAS JUST TRYING THE SAME GRAND STAND PLAY AND USUALLY IT BACKFIRES. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HAPPY IT DID.

  51. ROBERT says:


  52. Carl Mc says:

    All you have to do is look this woman in the eye and you can tell there is no one home!

  53. earl says:

    what a ass hole just like all democrats

  54. catherine says:

    GOOD! she’s over done.

    • Jeffrey Cahoon says:

      Schumer wants to keep Harris on the Judiciary committee just so they can keep the majority of STUPID PEOPLE! Kamala Harris is an embarrassment to stupid people every where!

  55. James P Hutchins says:

    harris is a liberal pinhead who is a racist crook and a traitor to the American people.

  56. Randall M says:

    The less we see of this vile bitch the better.

  57. Fr Tom Martin says:

    Destroy her political future once andfor alk

    • MG says:

      K. Harris is not to be trusted because there is evidence she destroyed her own career as a so-called Democrat.

      Her laugh appears phoney, which is another reason in which she is not to be trusted. It is the laugh style showing lack of true confidence.

      Moreover, examine her history while in CA and you see how she talks from both sides of her mouth. That history shows K. Harris thought she had something to prove. This trait of hers has spilled over into what we clearly observe as she is now in the District of Columbia.

  58. Steve Flowers says:


    • Valli Neal-davis says:

      Harris and Acosta are an evil force they belong in the same circus together.

    • reality check says:

      WHINE, bitch, complain. You Trumpers have already started your downhill descent and all you have, along with Trump, is to continually assassinate characters while denying all the mountain of problems of your cult leaders. Two years ago the American people did not really know Trump, but now they have awakened and over 60% have an UNFAVORABLE view of Trump. His days are numbered. Now, all of you can start calling me names because that is all you have – – is personal attacks so you don’t have to face your own lack of abilities.

      • Howard T. Lewis III says:

        Top ‘A’ grade in my college logic class by 30%, full of Microsoft wannabes. The next ‘A’ grade was 20% behind him. The difference between rep. Tulsi Gabbard, who does pretty well, and Kamala Harris, who does not, is because although both Gabbard and Harris were at first drawn to Killary, Gabbard knew she was in freakville and ran home to her constituents and Harris sided with jesuit/Killary sedition. Gabbard would have rejected criminal Kavanaugh for the real reasons instead of posturing like an over the hill _____.

  1. December 18, 2018

    […] Harris, as we recently reported, could be in danger of losing her valuable seat on the Senate Judiciary […]

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