Kamala Harris got hit with an uncomfortable truth Democrats never want to speak

Kamala Harris stepped in it big time.

Harris just cannot help herself in creating political catastrophes for Democrats.

And Kamala Harris got hit with an uncomfortable truth Democrats never want to speak.

Kamala Harris ranted and raved that the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade and ending abortion-on-demand in all 50 states was similar to slavery.

Republican Wesley Hunt, who is running for Congress in Texas, went on Fox News to blast Harris for that offensive comment.

Hunt ripped Harris for playing the race card.

But since Harris wanted to discuss race, Hunt had a reality check for her and the Democrats.

Hunt pointed out that more black babies were aborted than born in New York City in 2021, and that abortion disproportionately affects black women.

“It’s just flat-out intellectually lazy. But since she wants to bring in race and slavery, like they always do, let’s keep in mind that one-third of all abortions were actually at the hands of black women, and yet we only represent about 30% of the population. In New York City, there were more aborted black babies than were born last year. So if we want to talk about race, let’s talk about society that may be comfortable knowing that there is a particular group of people that’s not going to be allowed on this Earth at the same rate as everyone else. And I understand this is a tough topic, but that’s why it was overturned because these topics have got to be discussed at the local and state level,” Hunt began.

Hunt then pointed out that even though his great-great-grandfather was a slave, he is going to win an election in a majority white district, which demonstrates the progress America has made.

“Since we want to talk about slavery, my great-great-grandfather was a slave. Let’s put that in mind. His great-great-grandson is going to be a United States Congressman in a predominantly white district. And why? Because we’ve made progress. And every time we make strawman arguments about slavery, we cheapen the people that actually went through slavery. It has absolutely got to stop. Again, it’s intellectual laziness. It’s dog-whistling, and it must stop,” Hunt concluded.

Democrats mistakenly think abortion will play to their advantage in the Midterm elections.

The first argument Kamala Harris offered up was swatted down with ease.

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