Kamala Harris broke down when she saw the report of this seriously bad news

Kamala Harris cannot escape the negative news cycle.

The worst is yet to come.

And now Kamala Harris broke down when she saw the report of this seriously bad news.

Ever since Joe Biden named Kamala Harris as his border czar it’s been one catastrophe after another.

Harris failed to come up with any solutions to the “root causes” of illegal immigration and the mobs of illegal aliens that march across the border each month.

Now officials in Panama warn that caravans of 60,000 migrants are stampeding towards America’s southern border.

From day one the border has been the biggest self-inflicted crisis of Joe Biden’s presidency.

Biden sent the signal through words and deeds that the border was open and now was the time for illegal aliens to make a break for America.

Joe Biden named Kamala Harris border czar to take the heat off himself and give the public someone else to blame for the crisis as record numbers of illegal aliens pour into the country.

These 60,000 illegal aliens marching towards the border are now Kamala Harris’ problem.

As the last mass caravan of 15,000 Haitian illegal aliens arrived, the Biden administration had no plan other than catch and release 12,000 of those illegal aliens.

Joe Biden has consistently received low poll numbers on the border from the beginning of his administration.

But a new caravan flooding the border will keep illegal immigration in the news.

And at a time when Biden’s domestic agenda is floundering and the administration is trying to change the subject from failed messaging on COVID and the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, news of a caravan of 60,000 new illegal aliens will prevent any chance of Biden’s poll numbers recovering.

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