Justin Trudeau issued one threat to the Freedom Convoy that will have you seeing red

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau found himself in a pickle.

There is no easy way out.

And now Justin Trudeau issued one threat to the Freedom Convoy that will have you seeing red.

As the Freedom Convoy made its way to the Canadian capital, Prime Minister Trudeau fled Ottawa and scrambled into hiding at an undisclosed location.

The convoy began on January 9 in protest of Trudeau’s edict mandating truckers show proof of vaccination to enter Ottawa.

Truckers set up an encampment outside Parliament and demanded Trudeau meet with them and end all COVID mandates and restrictions in Canada.

Prime Minister Trudeau finally emerged from hiding after several days to slink back to Ottawa to deliver a defiant speech.

“It has to stop,” Trudeau said – not of the COVID mandates and police state, but of the protest on behalf of freedom.

As usual, Trudeau falsely smeared the pro-freedom truckers as Nazis and hate mongers.

“A few people shouting and waving swastikas does not define who Canadians are,” Trudeau added.

Trudeau then falsely claimed ending the pandemic involved listening to the “science” – which always seems to change depending on what the polls show as the Left’s political fortunes at any given moment.

“But Canadians know the way to get through it is continuing to listen to science, continuing to lean on each other,” Trudeau stated.

Trudeau is not just issuing speeches.

The Canadian Prime Minister is making specific threats about using the government’s legal monopoly on force to end the protest violently.

Trudeau ruled out calling the military to forcibly disperse the truckers “for now,” adding that he must be “very, very cautious before deploying the military in situations against Canadians.”

The Ottawa Police Department is deploying even more cruel and inhumane efforts, like threatening the protestors with freezing to death if they keep up the convoy.

Police confiscated diesel fuel used by truckers to keep their heat running so they don’t die in the near-arctic temperatures.

The police also announced they would arrest anyone who tried to resupply the Freedom Convoy.

“Anyone attempting to bring material support (gas, etc) to the demonstrators could be subject to arrest,” the Ottawa Police Department wrote on social media.

The Freedom Convoy – because of how vital truckers are in keeping society fed and functioning – is the most potent threat to the COVID regime and the globalist leaders who imposed these tyrannical mandates on their citizens.

Leaders like Justin Trudeau are panicked over the possibility of these protests spreading.

And they are lashing out of fear that if the establishment does not crush the Freedom Convoy in Canada, the pro-liberty message of the truckers will metastasize across the globe.

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