Justice Kavanaugh made a move that will have Dianne Feinstein fuming

Democrats tried everything in their power to smear Brett Kavanaugh as “anti-woman.”

Their attacks fell short as he was confirmed to the Supreme Court by a 50-48 vote.

And his first move as a Supreme Court Justice will have Dianne Feinstein fuming.

Justice Kavanaugh hired a highly qualified, all-female team of law clerks.

During his confirmation hearings, Kavanaugh pointed out that “no federal judge has sent more women law clerks to clerk on the Supreme Court than I have.”

Kavanaugh also hired a black law clerk.

That means he’s already matched the number of black law clerks hired by leftist icon Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg.

The Week reports:

Even before sexual assault allegations rocked his confirmation process, concerns swirled around Kavanaugh’s stance on women’s right. Specifically, Democratic senators feared he would provide the court with a conservative majority that could facilitate the rolling back of Roe v. Wade. Kavanaugh tried to counter those concerns at his first round of confirmation hearings, touting how “no federal judge … has sent more women law clerks to clerk on the Supreme Court than I have.” He also said he had four female law clerks ready to work for him “on a moment’s notice,” which would make him “the first justice in the history of the Supreme Court to have a group of all-women law clerks.”

Those four women — Kim Jackson, Shannon Grammel, Megan Lacy, and Sara Nommensen — were at the Supreme Court on Sunday, aiding Kavanaugh ahead of his first case hearings this week, the Times details. Jackson will become one of three black law clerks working at the Supreme Court this term. She has previously worked for Kavanaugh, along with one of the other black clerks, per The Washington Post.

Since Barack Obama’s first campaign, the left has gone “all in” on playing identity politics.

They think that so-called “diversity” matters more than qualifications and competence.

No one tried harder to torpedo Kavanaugh’s confirmation than Dianne Feinstein.

She sat on Christine Blasey Ford’s allegations until it would inflict the most political damage.

Feinstein thought that dropping this eleventh hour bombshell would turn public opinion against Kavanaugh for being “anti-woman.”

She even recommended Professor Ford hire #MeToo attorney Debra Katz.

But it was a total sham.

And in the end she failed at flipping Senator Susan Collins (R-ME).


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152 Responses

  1. Nellie says:

    Kavanaugh was attacked by Democrats and the Ford testimony was nothing but fraud. Feinstein holding the documents about Ford’s letter for 2 months?! Why?
    Trump 2020

  2. Bill says:

    Maybe the Supreme Court should rule that it is unconstitutional for lying old hags from California to be Senators. Goodbye Dianne and Kamala!

    • Carl says:

      Right on Bill! Just goes to show you over and over and over again that the Dems will say, do or insinuate anything to achieve their goals. Trump is giving them enough rope and they are tightening it around their own necks without any help from Republicans or hard working, taxpaying voters.

    • dianne has accomplished for the state of, California in her time as one of those sorry democrats in California. It is time to change direction in that state. I. would see voting each and every democrat OUT and put in all Republicans in to expand Californie in a better direction for the good of every citizen. It isn’t working now and will not UNTIL every one in an office is GONE!!!!!!!!!! Otherwise everyone will stay on skid-row. Vote straight Republican. Your pockets will love it.

      • The missing word is NOTHING ON dianne has accomplished ——-!

      • Nellie says:

        The whole bunch of Democrats in CA are worthless. CA government does nothing for the citizens of state. Anti-Law Enforcement, ICE, Border patrol.
        Liberals love open borders and gangs. criminals, sex offenders. Harris, Pekosi, Brown, Newsom gave felons pardons and they are probably on Welfare.
        I am pro-Law Enforcement, Border patrol and ICE. The Liberal want illegals to continue to vote. To much voting fraud in CA and other states.
        Under Clinton’s agenda they tried to get a whole lot refugees to get citizenship when Obama was running for president.
        Not sure if it went through. Iowa or Illinois.

    • William says:

      I agree !!!
      Get DEM man hating sad0masichists out of governance !
      Evil !
      Feïnkensteïn , Pelousey , Mad Maxine & Kamala Ho’rris – get Dem out !

  3. William says:

    This story is unending.. the Left will never let this die.. Its there sick mind that will keep Kavanagh issue fomenting.. Sorry to lay down lay man terms…but you could crap the left a gold brick an hour and they would never be satisfied and the story will never end…they are just sick., Sick of morons for judges…sick that, the defendents could come out smilig and hoping that the best hill is the last of some ….President Trump,

  4. Keith D says:

    Read this story on another blog a couple of days ago/ I was hoping he would call on congress to investigate Frankeinfinstien’s CHINESE COLLUSION!!!

  5. Jim says:

    Those who render evil will reap evil. It is disturbingly sad that we have Congressmen and Congresswomen who love wealth and power more than they love God and righteousness and will violate their oath of office to defend and abide by the United States Constitution and abuse their position, wealth, and power to harm to our People and nation for political gain. They are worse than what any rapist or murderer because they know the law yet willfully choose to disregard and disobey it and harm others in their pursuit of wealth and power. It is time the People woke up, and voted all of these jackals out of office.

  6. Jerry says:

    Matthew 5:11
    “Blessed are you when others revile you and persecute you and utter all kinds of evil against you falsely on my account.

  7. teri says:

    to all thathave done wrong

    is your life that bad that you go outof your way to be plain mean
    remember some day you will need help maybe a nursing home
    then you will be alone
    should we gather up all those devil s perhaps they will all go to sleep today and not wake up god willing
    the hell is full and heaven doesnt want you just a thought mccain past news..

  8. bagster53 says:

    don’t worry they will find something to complain about him, even if they have to make it up again

  9. Tony Bell says:

    This custom of entrenched politicians has got to stop. Our founders were quite clear in the designation of “citizen government” not professional career politician. Term limits on all, including the SC. Career politicians argue you loose experienced people, I argue you loose new ideas and enthusiasm. Wisdom that comes from experience is readily obtainable from other sources. New ideas and enthusiasm are inherent to individuals. Furthermore, all officials must be subject to legislation imposed on the people, including social security, health care, medical insurance, etc…, no more self voted pay increase or other perks.

    • Anglo America says:

      As per your comment, and a good one at that:
      “This custom of entrenched politicians has got to stop. Our founders were quite clear in the designation of “citizen government” not professional career politician.”

      Yes but! As long as the voters keep letting one or the other, or any political party select who to vote for thus making any voter a slave of any given political party, especially either of the two dominant party’s that have destroyed or attempted to destroy this nation. The federal government to include state governments will always be screwing the people that put them into office. Unfortunately, it is way too late to restrain the hunger for power in today’s political parties; it has been enculturated.

      What was it that George Washington had to say about the political party’s?
      “Washington argued that political parties needed to be restrained in a free country with a government empowered by the consent of the governed and established through popular elections. He warned of the possibility fearing they could distract the government from its required duty to the people and even lead to the eradication of the freedoms established by the founding.”
      “Washington wrote, “agitates the community with ill-founded jealousies and false alarms, kindles the animosity of one part against another, foments occasionally riot and insurrection. It opens the door to foreign influence and corruption…”

      It’s safe to say he was not a fan and we are seeing these exact words of Washington being played out to the fullest.

  10. Richard says:

    I do hope the democrats continue with their childish anger and stupid attempts to derail the great republican achievements under President trump. It is no secret that Mr Obama is a staunch muslim whose entire eight years as president was an ongoing effort to bring down America and Christianity. Hillary Clinton was Obamas fool who caught up in her lust for fame and riches was the puppet who happily kept reaching for her crown in blind faith. Look what she became. Her own party hates her.

  11. carol says:

    Sorry to say she is A”LOSER”’and the AMERICAN people know it”’saw thru her lie’s and the way she tried to destroy a good man and his family”’but AMERICA”’WON”” she lost”””””””””hope in November people will remember also”’we don’t need MORE hater’s”liar’s”’ to represent US”””””””’

  12. Grampa says:

    how old is Finestine? tells us how far back the corruption started. I started to notice as my dad was an organizer for Gov. Williams in Michigan. I would listen to the conversations. they included the union leaders. when my dad got close to retirement he distanced himself from the party politics. more often I would see him shaking his and arguing. my dad was no stranger to violence. he would have been hung if he hadn’t left Ireland. he didn’t want to get back into what he left behind. I watched the party degrade from the time I joined the navy. I watched the dirty politics turn violent. Now I am sure that there isn’t any line they won’t cross. I have watched them go the distance with the judge and his family————Grampa

  13. Eric Bolton says:

    “Ranking Member” (i.e. Dianne Feinstein) means “dinosaur”, extinct, out-of-date, over-the-hill!!!!

  14. Jan says:

    The mainstream media has not advertised that Dianne Feinstein’s husband is on the Board of Directors at the Palo Alto, California University where Blasey/Ford teaches! He knew he had the right candidate, unhinged as she appears…but her lies didn’t work…Also, if she claimed the sexual assault ruined her life, why was it necessary at her interview for her to keep referring to her notes, and with an attorney on either side, feeding her the answers?…Blasey/Ford’s students rated her as ‘angry, dark, with possible psychological issues’. I wonder if her conscience hurts for what she did?

  15. Danny says:

    I’m hoping Feinstein is being investigated because I was under the impression that everyone was under oath and would think that would include Feinstein who I feel lied about not leaking the letter from Mrs Ford.

    • lou says:

      iI read the other day it was Schumer (or Shumer).

      • Gerry says:

        I’m sure he was involved. I don’t believe for 1 second that she kept that letter secret and didn’t confide in schumer, pelosi and maybe harris. She didn’t come up with this scam all by her lonesome lying, manipulative, corrupt pathetic self.

  16. Richard M Crooks says:


    • Gary says:

      Way too much Koolaid Richard. Get over it, you will be much happier

    • Danny says:

      Richard Crooks, what has this president done to you? Your party have acted as 11 year olds and we can only be thankful your party isn’t running this country . It not Trump that is the problem in fact he has done a great job with absolutely no help from the Liberal left. Instead of complaining about Trump who was legally elected get out and help get your man or women elected that is our system and it was designed to not separate us as a nation but allow the winner to govern. Good or bad that is why we have elections . Good or bad elections will re-electe or defeat this president . Do you think that in our history we haven’t lived through presidents we didn’t like? If you think that law breaking , ignoring the constitution is the solution then be careful for what you wish for.

      • David says:

        You know it’s pretty sad these little babies can do nothing but throw temper tantrums about everything President Trump says or does even tho he has done more to get this country back on the footing it should be on and they are always saying how the Right the problem. Well if you ask me the Right was pretty Damn patient and even tempered for the 8 years of the half breeds follies and that thing called A wife who should have been stripped of it’s citizenship when it said that the first time it had ever felt proud to be an American was when it’s other half was elected that pair was A disgrace to this country.

      • Gary W Jensen says:

        Maybe there is something about his last name, maybe the door has been closed on how much the Democrats stole from the treasury.

    • lou says:

      Kavanaugh thinks and acts according to his own decision. He’s an honorable man.

    • Mika Wayne Cagle says:

      Pull your head out of your *ss before you comment Richard. That way you won’t need to YELL.

    • Cliff says:

      OH you mean like the way the DEMOCOMMUNISTS have been trying to accomplish OVER and OVER???
      Go back to your basement “safe space” with your crayons, coloring books, and scream at the moon like the rest of YOUR KIND, SNOWFLAKE… Get over it, or get OUT of MY country. We FINALLY have a REAL COMMANDER IN CHIEF, that is MAGA! (unlike the fraud, MOOSLIME, GAY, POS , OBUNGHOLE that did his best to destroy this country and turn it into a third world CRAPHOLE. HE FAILED! THANK GOD!)

    • Mary says:

      She is 85. Her dob is 06/22/1933.

    • Gerry says:

      Go back on your meds and stop your whining and crying like a 5 year old brat.

    • Rgrejter says:

      You seem to have serious information problem !!

  17. Paul Scarlett says:

    The evil Democrats will continue to be what they are. They can’t be stopped by us the humans. Judgement day is coming when they will have to stand in front of our God. He knows what they have done and who worked for Planned Parenthood to help kill the unborn. They will never get away with this! Even so come Lord Jesus!

  18. Keith D says:

    When is D. Frankenfinstein be arrested for for OPEN and REPORTED ties to Chinese SPIES for 20 YEARS??????? On that’s right she’s a LIB nobody CARED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Ralph says:

    Be nice to Dianne, she’s old out of touch and probably suffering from dementia. It’s ok, because she has Shumer to lead her around by the nose

  20. R ODOM says:

    Dianne from the land of nuts and fruits
    that pretty much describes Dianne

  21. Feinstein, Pelosi, Harris and Waters: “THE FOUR WHORESWOMEN OF THE CALPOCALYPSE”!!

  22. Lt. Rob Polans says:

    So Feinstein is paid by Soros. I had followed the money on day 1, but it only showed me that Ford’s lawyer was paid by Soros. For Feinstein to suggest her, anyone can draw the lines.
    Did you see the libtards banging and scratching on the SCOTUS door? It reminded me of zombie apocalypse movies. They looked barely alive. The commies think incivility will fly? I haven’t told them and don’t plan to until they cross the line of no return. Most states have militias, Ohio has a few. Are they prepared for the consequences?

    • marleen davis says:

      Its not just Feinstein. It’s led by Schumer and Pelosi. All of them are corrupt sinners and love their under the table $$$. These ________fill in the blank with whatever you like, will do anything, including the destruction of our Republic for a buck. They need to go and far, either to prison or the middle east to live out their lives in the misery they were trying to create for the rest of us.

      • Durga says:

        Couldn’t agree more with you….

      • Sue says:

        What I don’t understand is why charges are not brought up against them, esp for Sedition. If this occurred back in our forefathers time, they surely would have been hung.
        Here is the def of Sedition: Sedition is legally defined as ”the criminal act of revolting against an established authority, usually in the form of treason or defamation of a government.” … Sedition not only covers a person’s actions but also any words or writings in print that may incite, encourage or promote the overthrowing of a government.

        • Breaker 19 says:

          We don’t have an AG. If we did, charges would have already been brought against half the Democrats in Congress. When is President Trump going tp get rid of that worthless Sessions and get a real AG?

    • jim says:

      There is a photo floating around the internet that shows Dr. Ford as a younger woman, standing next to George Soros at a party,,,,,,,??!! I wonder if her bank records are about to be scanned by the FBI??? Or the IRS to make sure she claimed all of her deposits???!!! Probably wouldn’t hurt to check on a couple of DEMOCRAPS as well!!

      • sherri says:

        Jim, that’s the problem, cash isn’t deposited, you pay cash for groceries, cars, furniture. Stocks, bonds, Real Estate in a Corp. name (dead persons name) it’s legal in some states. Ford is out looking for a new house with Soros money right now. Remember, she can’t go home because of all the threats. She got millions for her lies about Kavanaugh & her lawyer got the “go to fund” plus Soros money. I wish Pres. Putin would take Soros back to Russia. Hillary can go with him, Putin paid big bucks for Hillarys campaign, Putin never wanted Trump to win.

    • Mary says:

      Let’s hope they’re not! ????????????

    • Randall Hart says:

      also the lady in the elevator that changed Flake for a few days is paid 150 thousand a year by Soros. She stated that on tv

  23. Mary Navratilova says:

    Time is up! I’m pro-life and pro-family woman and mother of six children. I will never stay home on Election Day. I will go vote on this Election Day in November sixth too. I don’t vote pro-abortion and pro-homosexual Democrats and Republicans. I vote every election against these murders of the unborn children, sodomy, feminism, gender ideology and the Democratic Party. I’m going to vote and will vote only just pro-life and pro-family Republicans. The so-called Democratic Party is the extreme ultra-leftist Neomarxist party. The so-called Democratic Party wants ultra-left Neomarxist dictatorship in the USA! Politicians and supporters of the Democratic Party are Neomarxist extremists and the so-called Democratic Party is the extreme ultra-leftist Neomarxist party. Their pro-abortion and pro-sodomy agenda isn’t the agenda of the American people. This is agenda of the Democratic Communist Party U.S.A. and they will say or do anything to obstruct the Trump Administration. Remember this, a vote for a Democratic Party is a vote for ultra-leftist pro-abortion and pro-sodomy Communism.

    • Sue Breslin says:

      VERY WELL SAID, Mary. These communists have nothing to lose, but we as a Republic HAVE EVERYTHING TO LOSE. I hope the people understand that, when they go into the voting booths.

  24. Poppie says:

    This was a fantastic moment for all American. Now let us hope Judge Kavanaugh will stop the murders at Planned Parenthood from continuing.

  25. Steveur says:

    Finestein and hubby should both be investigated. Finestein has had legislation passed that was beneficial to her hubby so the rumors go. Since its all Chinese and it benefits her hubby, who deals primarily with China, just put the puzzle together. What has been brought up in the past concerning the smell, has been swept under the rug. They should consider the chauffeur of 20 years who was a questionable person of interest now that its revealed of his Chinese background. As for the handling of the Kavanaugh scandal, that should cost, her kingdom job and possibly jail time for perjury and trying to abort a legal process by lying and collusion. It is criminal to trying to derail the nomination of a deserving candidate. I believe that this was all scripted and planned months maybe longer to wreck a conservative Judge from reaching his life’s goal. All those who colluded, should face the justice court for trial and convictions. Hopefully, it will implicate another loser, Sen, Schumer, its time to clear the air of Left Stench.

    • russell says:

      Steveur I agree fully

    • Wayne says:

      Walk away from the Democrats, their tactics have proven to show their real face.

    • R Odom says:


    • sherri says:

      Remember, China gave Hillary $20 million & during the campaign, Hillary met with Chinese leaders, guess the press missed that. And , Dianes hubby is worth Billions, check his income tax, hers also.

  26. CrustyOldGeezer says:

    Am I glad Brett Kavanaugh is on the Supreme Court?


    HOWEVER. Ivwould be 11 times happier if ALL TEN OF THE SENATORS on that committee and schumer were sitting in cells at OFFSHORE military installations awaiting their next set of waterboarding exercises to find out where their loyalties actually lie!

  27. David Lelli says:

    Feinstein ought to be arrested, never mind fuming.

  28. Kevin says:

    He’s always had mostly if not all female clerks…..

  29. Navy PO says:

    The Democrat Party has become a left wing hate group!

  30. WHAT is THIS “OLD” woman even STILL doing in the GOVERNMENT, she was “allowed” to hang on to her position for waaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyy tooooooooo LONG but TRIED to keep OFF Kavanaugh off the SCOTUS because THAT is a LIFE-LONG position…??? ALL of these OLD CREEPS have SETTLED IN for LIFE in their positions and it was NOT supposed to be like THAT for THEM……..!!!! COMMON people were supposed to go to Washington for PERIODS of TIME to “HELP” having THEIR CONSTITUENTS heard and then THEY were supposed to go BACK to THEIR real JOBS or businesses…!!!??? THIS was a “political” HIT JOB just because JUSTICE Kavanaugh is a CONSERVATIVE and PRO LIFE, AND Feinstein NEEDS to GO, actually to PRISON for her CRIMINAL ACTION here……!!!! It is NOT their “job” to SMEAR INNOCENT people and so SEVERELY that they would/could end-up having their LIVES destroyed, this is NOT Government Official’s JOB, NEVER was AND we have to make SURE they will NOT EVER get ANOTHER CHANCE to do just THAT…..VOTE them OUT, ALL of THEM…..!!!!!

    • jim says:

      Angelica, I TOTALLY agree with everything that you stated, and to add to the statements, I must include the entire family and friends (HE HAS A TREMENDOUS FRIEND-BASE) in those that I know were also affected by the EVIL actions of Ms. Feinstein and her shameful actions by leaking the letter, for Exposing Dr. Ford, (WHO DECLARED THAT SHE WISHED TO REMAIN ANNONYMOUS) , and for her, and all DEMOCRAPS that refused to acknowledge ANY POSSIBILITY of INNOCENCE ! There is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY THAT JUSTICE KAVANAUGH DID ANY OF THE THINGS (THO I DO BELIEVE THAT DR. FORD DID AT SOME TIME SUFFER THE ALLEGATIONS) FOR HER TO DRAG UP A 36+YEAR OLD INCIDENT, WITH NO WITNESSES OR POSSIBILITY OF EVIDENCE, WAS WRONG. I EVEN WONDER IF GEORGE SOROS GOT TO HER???

    • bob says:

      Unfortunately Einstein is the conservative choice in this California election.
      As much as I dislike here we must vote for her this time.

      • Patricia Lee says:

        The other guy on the ballot here in CA is worse than Feinstein. I think I’ll just write in Mickey Mouse. We really have no sensible choice in this State.

    • Traece says:

      Wow, Angelika, I COULD NOT AGREE with you MORE!!!
      Her (Feinstein) and Ginsberg, 2 OLD battle axes, HAVE GOT TO GO!!!! Ginsberg needs to step down.
      Let’s all vote these left wing COMMUNISTS out of OUR government so it CAN return back to the PEOPLE.
      Oh yeah, TERM LIMITS. These people have made a temporary position a CAREER. And NO LOBBYING career after your term either. Let’s tighten up the rules and TAKE OUR GOVERNMENT BACK!!!
      For the People, By the People

      • buddylea says:

        lets include pelosi and waters that have to go….also agreed on term limits, except we need to add age limits as well

        • Valli Neal says:

          My sentiments exactly. Vote in the mid terms!!!

        • lou says:

          I agree on term limits. It depends on the age limit you would want. Remember, experience comes with age. For example is I am retired and my replacement would take years for my experience. I am more interested in testing them psychologically to check for dementia or other mind problems.

    • Hawk says:

      Excellent post I hope all the American voters remember and vote the democrats out of the swamp with all of the rat`s that are in there.

      • Olivia. Vasquez says:

        Diane F. Is a crimmal , we saw and watched her in action trying to destroy Brett K. Diane & all the rats need to be arrested for plotting against an innocent man.

        • lou says:

          what needs to be changed is the accuser needs to have valid proof and not just accusations. Without any proof it was a waste of time and stressful. I look at this as a criminal trial even though it wasn’t described as such. This wouldn’t have gotten to a civil trial because of no proof.

    • Alan Patrick says:

      Amen to what you posted Angelina.

  31. Rick says:

    democrats are losers….

  32. Ken J. Bower says:

    Feinstein should be arrested and have her Congressional seat stripped. From her foe the Charade she used against Kavanagh; Feinstein was a total embarrassment to this Nation if she is smart she will resign and find a nice deep hole to hide in; she deserves nothing more then that!

    • GySgt Lew says:

      I agree – she should leave the Senate and the Country…..

    • YES, TEACH her and the rest of THEM a REAL “LESSON”…. When they commit CRIMINAL ACTS than they should be held ACCOUNTABLE just like any other LOW-life CRIMINAL, hillary is LONG OVER-DUE to be held ACCOUNTABLE and so is obama……..!!!!! The SMEAR CAMPAIGN against JUSTICE Kavanaugh is/was a CRIMINAL ACT instigated by FEINSTEIN and it really would NOT surprise me if SHE wasn’t the ONE who LEAKED the LETTER and have that “ford” woman give a FELONY FALSE TESTIMONY under OATH…..!!!!

      • CrustyOldGeezer says:

        Just a thought, perhaps the beginning of a PLAN TO GET RID OF THE TRASH.

        The day after the midterms, Grassley files ETHICS CHARGES against EVERY democrat on the committee for FAILING TO RECUSE themselves because they PRE-JUDGED the Nominee and declared the Nomination to be DEAD ON ARRIVAL.


        EITHER Scenario is an EXPULSION FROM THE RENATE offense.

        The Hearings are REQUIRED on the charges, and the vast amount of evidence is on video, and FRESH IN THE MINDS of Americans.

        ONCE the CHARGES ARE FILED the charged senators are SUSPENDED from any duties and cannot vote on any Bills, nor can they participate in any Senate business.

        President can send all the Nominations to the committee and the ‘replacement’ (d) senators, having already declared opposition to ALL THINGS Trump will have to recuse themselves of be Charged AND SUSPENDED.
        They will have to SWEAR UNDER THREAT OF FELONY to judge the nominations STRICTLY ON FACTS AS PRESENTED, or go to prison.

        Meanwhile, back in the House, the dems will be squealing, but not so loud that they would attract attention to themselves.
        INVESTIGATIONS into actions by politicians is very scary when they are playing losing hands.

        • Ladypyro1 says:

          Great idea. The democrats have already prov ed that they will not vote on the merit of the bill, only on the idea of resisting Trump. They are failing the American people by voting along party lines. The republicans in democratic jurisdiction are voiceless and do not have congressional representation.

    • Ralph says:

      Be nice to Dianne, she’s old out of touch and probably suffering from dementia. It’s ok, because she has Shumer to lead her around by the nose

  33. Betty Jay says:

    I sincerely hope that the Democrats lose more than half of their Senators in November. I pray that their constant lies will destroy the entire Democrat Party . If those morons would become honest, hardworking people, representing the Constitution and people, instead of self-serving, greedy, crooks, maybe they will survive. Why didn’t they demand a full investigation of Obama before backing this Anti-American? If they had investigated Obama, he should never have been in our White House.

  34. Sharon says:

    It’s really sad that these Democrats run on lie after lie after lie. God dispises them so. They are like a bunch of two year olds that got thier candy taking away, and a disgrace to our country and the people. They are Godless and speak with fork tounges and lie to the very people that vote for them. They are corrupt to the core and will destroy anyone that gets in thier way. God was on Kavanauhs side and a reminder to the Democrats “KARMA” will find you and you will all pay for what you dished out and also answer to the higher power begging for mercy one day. These lies and slanders need to stop and lying g to the American people and slandering good people is not what we Americans want you to do. Me and my family and friends use to be Democrats untill we finally seen you for what you really are and God be with us all if you ever get power again!

  35. Eyeball says:

    So afraid that SCOTUS will “roll back” RVW! It’s not the Court’s Place! It is in the Senate and House: The Legislative Branch of our Government (what, no CIVICS?) But SOMEONE has to stop the rampant MURDER of innocent, helpless babies in their mothers’ bellies! Won’t some Congressmen and Women step up and announce that this is a living human baby, and NO ONE has a “right” to murder this CHILD!

    • Ralph says:

      Well said. It’s amazing how many people believe the Supreme Court has anything to do with writing laws.
      Schools need to bring back teaching government. Not 1 in a hundred can tell you the three branches of government.

    • Helga Millet says:

      Most people today coming out of the Government schools dont have any idea about the three branches of Government nor what the SC does. We are so elated that SCOTUS Kavanaugh is there and didn’t fold under Feinstein and the lying Ford.

  36. Joe says:

    I love the picture at the top of this article. It shows Feinstein talking, a black woman on the left looking at her as if to say “what the hell are you talking about?” and a white woman behind and to the right falling asleep. I, unfortunately, have her as one of my senators and the other one is even scarier; Kamela Harris. Whenever I contact Fienstein I get the same stupid reply: “I guess we have to agree to disagree”, to which I reply: NO, I never have to agree with a deranged and deluded person!

  37. Secora says:

    The only thing that concerns me right now is what is going to happen if Trump gets to pick another one if Ginsberg doesn’t make it for the next few years.

    • Eyeball says:

      It’ll be a GREAT DAY!

      • David E Grebe says:


    • twocool2 says:

      Chances are that will happen if he wins the 2020 election…That will be something to watch you democrats…frothing at the mouth…I just think what goes around comes aroun…and the democrats..with their disgusting…display for the hearing for Justice Kavanaugh..deserve a good come around…

    • ERIC MILLER says:

      Considering her age and reputation for dozing at the bench, there is a possibility that she could die in her sleep – and nobody in the court would notice until an adjournment.

  38. judith faurie says:

    We must help support new Senators and Congressmen/women that replace these unAmerican and unConstitution people. California is a lost cause and they will just have to deal with the idiots their state has elected. 2018 is a good start to reelect better American officials.

    • russell says:

      we must defeat forces of evil Judith faurie

    • Joe says:

      California is a sad case, I know because I live there. Fortunately, I have a good congressman in Kevin McCarthy. There is also a good candidate running for Governor in John Cox. Hopefully, Mr. Cox will defeat the horrible and disgusting Demoncrat Gavin Newsom. If Newsom gets elected I might have to move from California to the United States.

  39. Kara Wright says:

    Diane needs to get a life but she is to old to serve in Washington. She had her chance to brake ranks and do what was right regarding Justice Kavanaugh, now she has a stain on her that will always follow her. So Diane please walk away and just maybe you can find something else to do. I wish you would take Chuck with you but I know that will never happen. Good luck to you.

  40. Steven atkinson says:

    Feinstein has shown herself to be corrupt, devious and seems to enjoy getting down in the seamy side of politics. she needs to be investigated as to why she held the “letter” for close to two months before releasing, when it was her job to bring it to the attention of the senate immediately.

    • George says:

      Both congresswoman and senator. who I believe are lawyers , or officers of the court, public officials as well as officers of the court are supposed to inform appropriate authorities of any criminals activity they are informed of. They should not have held that information for political purposes, and the authorities could have investigated the information in June of this year.

  41. Monique says:

    I hope she and the others all get apoplexy!

  42. alice says:

    Feinstein needs to be arrested for her hairdo. Also, i see nothing when i look in her eyes.

  43. Kenneth Jones says:

    Remember 11 /6/2018

  44. Michelle says:

    I say replace ALL the justices!! It is time to get new faces in the court that know the system that works today, not way back then. Just stop all the resistance among the courts for a while, I wish, I’m getting so over this nonsense!! Because the old timers don’t like the way the new generation is looking at things.

    • Martin Harford says:

      Ever see one of those “man (or woman) on the street” interviews and all the sheer idiocy they spew? Michelle is promoting experimentation at the expense of stability and Constitutional standards. Suffice it to say that she has never even read the Constitution or at the least never understood it. If she claims to have read it AND understood it that would make her an anti-Constitutionalist, and therefore an enemy to our Republic, also known as a traitor.
      These people on the street can’t even pick out major political figures from a photo line-up, or identify them by name and now they want to have a say in how our country operates? She wants to replace all the Justices for new faces? Gorsuch and Kavanaugh ARE brand new faces Michelle! Shows how much you know! Go back to studying idiocy because you definitely are close to getting your PhD. in it!

    • walter says:

      The NEW generation needs to go back to a GOOD school and learn the meaning of the UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION!

  45. Jimmy says:

    Ok , now he is in . We keep move forward and appoint another conservative judge on the bend. #MAST

    • David Taylor says:

      Well – – – a look at Ruth Bader Ginsberg reveals most of the time she appears to have no idea what is going on. Good example is when Justice Kavanaugh was being sworn in. She exhibits signs of senility PLUS her health ain’t too good. I expect a news alert at almost any minute that she has died. THAT will give POTUS Trump an opportunity to appoint another Constitutional conservative judge. That just might precipitate – among libturd demoncraps – mass suicides OR mass leaving America OR a modern “civil war”. Just in case, I’m cleaning my guns and keeping ammo dry.

  46. Ron says:

    One reason Feinstein was against Kavanaugh is because he is a Roman Catholic.

  47. Ralph Erik Schnackenberg says:

    I cannot believe the depth of total depravity of the current Democratic Party, even after their
    history of the Klan and the Dixiecrats. Now, we have young people who graduate with university
    degrees, clueless and uneducated, having been indoctrinated since elementary school by leftist
    idealogues. The previous eight year administration lifted the big flat rock that hid the crazy fringe
    element of the Democratic Party.

    • Rick says:

      We need to clean house in our education institutions in grade school. They are too busy passing out condoms and trying to figure out if boys are girls and girls are boys, and all that nonsense. No common sence to work ethics, not taught hard work is what should be the goal.

  48. Emilio says:


  49. JC says:

    Feinstein has earned her seat in the cheap seats of Congress. She will sit next to Maxine Waters, Kamala Harris, and the dementia queen, Nancy Pelosi. The four fools of the California political corp!

    • mp says:

      Crooked Feinstein needs to be thoroughly investigated for her role in Chinagate. She sold out her country to China and was financially rewarded for her efforts allowing her to live in a $16 million home with a $6 million home in Hawaii, plus making her net worth in the hundreds of millions. Her Chinese chauffeur for over 20 years benefited from our confidential information just as Hillary sold us out to Russia, then to add insult to injury tried to accuse our president of what she was doing. These people need to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law and incarcerated.

  50. EDDY says:

    These drunk women could not remember what happen they might have been rejected by the JUDGE and it pissed them off.

  51. john says:

    Dianne feinstein is a moron!!!

    • Noenameson says:

      I resent that comment. It besmirches honest village idiots and morons. OLD Diane is a clone of Hillary. There will be a new T.V. show soon. “Who is America’s Ugliest?” . Another title for the show is , “America Got Ugly Women”.

  52. Lloyd Shiner says:

    Senator Frankenstien and Nancy Poloskie are the Poster children for TERM LIMITS. Oh and don’t forget Chuckie

  53. Gerry says:

    Guess my question is — did he by-pass a more qualified male trying to prove he is not gender biased ???

  54. b says:

    Ok, cool! Now, were these chosen the best ‘candidates’ for the positions, or were they the best ‘fit’ for the positions? Who got slighted because they were the wrong ‘fit’, but better candidates, into these political choices?

  55. James P Hutchins says:

    Investigate fienstien for having a Chinese spy working for her and the dirty crap that she tried to pull during the hearings on Judge Kavanaugh.

  56. Bruce says:

    If I was Kavanaugh I would not give Fienstien the time of day. He does not have to prove anything to her again. I hope an investigation is ongoing because this woman is a traitor. She had a Chinese spy working for her for 20 yrs. How much-classified info went to them during that time. She is a lier and a thief and needs to be brought to justice. She paid this spy with our tax money it is time to stop these people .

  57. Richard says:

    That “1%’r” must have given up and went home in a huff.

  58. Barbara Cook says:

    I hope that Justice Kavanaugh will continue with making Senator Feinstein fuming with every woman law clerk that he put’s in his office as the NEW SUPREME COURT JUSTICE of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA.

    This goes to show that Judge now Justice Kavanaugh, is not a woman hater, instead, he is a woman supporter and he is proving that every day that he is hiring women in his office.

    By hiring women to work for him, he is proving , that he isn’t going with gender identity and that he isn’t bias towards women.

    Senator Feinstein, she is never going to be happy with anything that has to pertain to the Supreme Court, especially, when it comes to screening every nominee for the Supreme Court. She will continue to try and turn everything into a BIG SHOW for her constitutes in her State for the Democrats benefit. She is trying to prove to the Democrats, that she can be tough and be respected at the same time, no matter what it may cost her or the Democrat party in the long run.

    Justice Kavanaugh, PLEASE, continue with making Senator Feinstein fuming with everything that you will do with your other colleagues, when y’all are discussing every case that comes before y’all to be able to reach a complete settlement for every case. I will stand and support you with how you reach a decision with your colleagues.

  59. Steff says:

    I sincerely hope Feinstein will get the justice due her sooner rather than what she will face later in the next life.

  60. BajaRon says:

    It is a sad commentary on our current situation that this is even news. If the persons Kavanaugh hired are the best he could get for the money, then I’m all for it. But you have to wonder if there were male candidates that might also have fit the bill.

    And the left will just accuse the new Superior Court judge of stocking his office with potential ‘Gang Rape’ victims.

    It’s all just fodder for the media. And everything can be taken at least 2 different ways.

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