Joy Reid just made one outrageously incorrect claim about this red state

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MSNBC is full of left-wing hosts who play fast and loose with the facts. 

But of all of the network’s self-proclaimed “journalists,” Joy Reid may just be the most egregious of the bunch. 

And Joy Reid just made this outrageously incorrect claim about one red state.

Joy Reid attempts to divide and conquer

Going way back in the time machine, there used to be civil rights leaders who fought for a good cause against actual racism and injustice. 

Those civil rights leaders were very successfully leveling the playing field for all Americans. 

But in the process, advocating on behalf of special groups became a cottage industry. 

Thus, the likes of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton were created, racing to any scene involving a black person so they could sound the supposed “injustice” alarms. 

Jackson and Sharpton were hustlers who had to widen the racial divide in the United States because their careers counted on it. 

And they were so successfully turning victimhood into profit, that they’ve bred an entire new generation of race hustlers. 

MCNBC’s host of The ReidOut, Joy Reid has spent years turning every news item into a racial debate in hopes of marking her spot as the top race-baiter of the new generation. 

So, no one was surprised when she recently spun the news to accuse Missouri Republicans of bringing slavery to the Show Me State. 

But it was Reid’s reasoning that caught viewers – even her biggest fans – off guard. 

Reid: not allowing abortion equals slavery

Missouri was one of the first states to take action after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade – with abortion being outlawed the same day as the decision came down. 

And according to Reid, not allowing women to decide to allow doctors to kill their living babies means that the Show Me State has reinstituted slavery. 

“If you’re pregnant and you’re in a marriage with an abusive spouse, you can’t even get a divorce once you get pregnant,” Reid claimed. “You become the property of both your husband and the state. They have joint ownership of you in the state of Missouri. That is a slave state as far as I’m concerned.”

There are so many problems with that one statement from Reid – let’s dissect them. 

Fact-checking the “fact checker”

First of all, Missouri is a no-fault divorce state. 

And even if the state did require cause for divorce – physical abuse would be a cause for dissolution of marriage. 

But again, that’s moot, because Missouri currently allows for no-fault divorce. 

Reid is playing off a gaslighting ploy the Left has been using to attack abortion laws in the Show Me State for a couple of months now. 

There is a law on the books in the state, dating back to the 1970s, that requires women to accurately disclose their pregnancy status in divorce filings – it’s one of eight pieces of information that must be disclosed. 

The law does not prohibit pregnant women from divorcing an abusive – or even a non-abusive – husband during pregnancy, as Reid fraudulently claimed, or any other time. 

Reid’s line, “you can’t even get a divorce once you get pregnant” is a flat-out lie. 

Next, she claimed that married women in Missouri are the property of both her husband and the state. 

Her claim rests on the twisted abortion activist logic that not allowing abortion is “forcing women to be pregnant.” 

Of course, you can’t force someone to do something they voluntarily entered into – and forcing someone to not commit murder is pretty standard stuff. 

It’s not slavery. 

Slavery is forcing someone or a group of people into working while also not providing compensation. 

Not permitting women to kill their unborn children does not fit that definition. 

Reid is either not smart enough to understand that, or – more likely – not honest enough to acknowledge it. 

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