Joy Behar just attacked Melania Trump in the most despicable way

Joy Behar has outdone herself again.

The View host has attacked Vice President Mike Pence for being a Christian and cheered blatantly fake news because it was negative for President Trump.

But Behar just set a new low in her latest attack on First Lady Melania Trump.

Melania Trump took Behar to task on her show on Headline News back in 2011.

When Behar tried to pin Melania down on the birth certificate issue, Melania roasted the media for incessantly bringing it up.

She instead talked about her and Donald Trump wanting to Make America Great Again.

But Behar is still harboring some bad blood with the First Lady after her embarrassment.

On The View, Behar attacked Melania saying, “we can’t really like her 100 percent because she’s a birther like her husband.”

The women of The View love nothing more than to attack President Trump at every turn.

When they have a conservative panelist they gang up and try to make them look like a fool.

But the Behar-led attacks on the First Lady only prove how petty they really are.

And recently she had to apologize on air for attacking Vice President Mike Pence’s Christian faith after she got blowback from viewers.


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125 Responses

  1. Nick says:

    Her mother must have really pissed God off.
    In her case the child died and the fart lived.
    Uglier than a mud fence.

  2. SAINT BOSCOE says:


  3. Don King says:

    Maybe Behar needs her lips sewn shut. Seems nothing she says is either funny or acceptable by the majority. Better yet, eliminate her from TV completely.

  4. Joseph says:

    Joy Behar has no class and she shows it when she makes fun of our President,our lovely First Lady and the Vice President.That show is so liberal that f u cannot pick up on it
    U r not to bright.U have 1 conservative on that damn program. I feel sorry for Megan being the only conservative on the program but she does alright taking on those has been.

  5. Rodger Shull says:

    she is a OLD HAG, and belittling people with nasty remarks, shows she is desperately trying to stay relevant, in the eyes of the producers of this DIRT BAG SHOW, an Whoopie is helping, both should be removed, and banned from TV.

  6. ernaldo says:

    Joy is a steaming pile of dogchit, why would anyone expect civilized discourse from the leftist idiot?

  7. BILLY miller says:


    • Nancy Bernard says:

      Why do you think these ugly inside and out, bitter FEMINIST hate beautiful women? I have yet to see one feminist liberal that is anything but a disgusting, bitter, hateful, disgrace to themselves and to America in general. Their idea of beauty is Michael, or Michelle. This is pure jealousy, Killary was right down their alley. A woman who threw such tantrums DAILY, her staff and Billy were scared to death of her. A woman who was known to be hygienically disgusting, some that had to be around her in the earlier days said she needed to bath and she smelled! A woman who is known to go on constant yelling and screaming attacks spewing every obscene word in the book, then turn on a dime, smile, and in front of a camera, cool as a cucumber. This describes many liberal women. Of course they do not want a beautiful, intelligent, and dignified first lady, this is everything these Liberal Lesbians are against! AND DO NOT GET ME CONFUSED with the Old Blue Dogs, the JFK Dems. Yes, Jackie Kennedy was a lovely first lady, but JFK was far from a liberal. In this day and age he would be a Conservative.

  8. Gideon Rockwell says:

    That vile harpy Behar make a stump look like a rocket scientist. Seeing the vile evil harpies like those on the View and comparing them to women of graceful class like Melania and Kelly Ann Conway, I can understand why Teddy K. stayed drunk most of the time. Who would want to deal with a bunch of angry all the time, frumpy skanks that make a bulldog look beautiful day in and day out. That should be enough to make a male libertard want to change sides.

  9. Daniel J Carr says:

    I don’t care for Joy so I don’t watch the View .But I am a proud American and I’m not afraid to show my birth certificate.Enough said.

  10. Pepito Avila says:

    Joy Behar I likened her as Satan’s follower. Take a look at her face and draw two horns above her ugly head, that will surely show us the female Satan in her personality. This lady has face that’s so thick, thicker than a sand paper that made her shameless and does not probably know meaning of the word “Shame”. Her is the best example of a GODLESS WOMAN IN THE US. If this lady would soon depart from this world, she is destined to go to HELL.

  11. Jack says:

    She nothing but white trash who will be among the 1st to go when the liberals start a civil war.

    • Jeanette says:

      When is this Jew bastard going to go away. She is an embarrassment to the Jewish people. She is just like the other Jewish people who can’t keep there mouths shut and puts there foot in it at the same. I really feel sorry for the good Jewish people who have to listen to her. When are they going to take her stupid show off the air. If they don’t cancel this show soon I hope someone else gets it taken off for her. These freaking liberals are now getting sickening and are going way too far.

  12. Dr Rose Sharon says:

    For she devil ugly joy babble, to be talking about the first lady Melania Trump of America, its all show how this ugly joy is nothing but a crazy pot head, to be going after our Mr President Trump and his team, my advice to joy babble is to take a real good look at herself in the mirror and compare it with our elegant stylest beautiful first lady Melania Trump and see what her mirror looks like, or says about her ugly self, period

  13. Michael says:

    Good ole Joy…you can always count on her to have her foot so far up her own ass…that she mumbles things that can only be taken one way… STUPID…she could be a commie speech writer

    • AMEN, Michael.. I couldn’t have said it better. Joy is an old dried up hag and without plastic surgery she wouldn’t even be in TV, she needs to crawl back under the wood work where she came from!!!!

  14. asoro says:

    Ok I will try it again, well this will be shorter, remember this this stuff will never stop until Americans step up and make them stop, And the voting both is one place to do it, Fox And OAN news is ok too remember they are attking our 2ndA all the time, why not for these people they don’t care or lose sleep over them, but they never let a crisis go to waste.
    and history has showed us for a corrupt Gov, to control the people they must must dis-arm them first. every country in the world went down this path when a communist type of gov, wanted to control… dont forget that ..

  15. DonRS says:

    Behar is just a sick, ugly PIG!

  16. asoro says:

    wheres my last post

  17. Susan Dix says:

    I propose having a national ALL POSITIVES DAY where everyone puts a stop to speaking anything negative for 24 hrs.
    Furthermore, only good deeds would be allowed on that day. Only love and friendship would prevail. Hate takes a hike!
    Maybe it couldn’t be accomplished, but it would be worth a try. In the end, only love will endure! The MSM would go dark.
    All government offices would be closed. Colleges and schools would be closed. Hate groups of any kind would not be allowed
    to assemble. Only loving, law abiding citizens, could have picnics, cook-outs, like by-gone days in parks. Any evil or mean
    individuals, or trouble-makers of ANY kind would be arrested immediately!!!!! Zero tolerance on that great day!!! It is a
    grand and glorious dream………………………………………..I would dare say that the people on the view would be the first to be jailed. LOL

    • asoro says:

      Nice thought

    • Cookie says:

      Susan Dix, that,s a great idea. WOULDN,t it be nice if everyone was kind to each other and only had kind things to say. If not, they could just say nothing at all. Just to stop the hate for 24 hours would be unimaginable, just a relief. No I,m not on drugs, just very old. God bless us all whether you believe or not.

  18. sara says:

    Joy is so racial so is abc @ the other four women on the show. ABC how came you never said anything about the OBAMA ‘S &there family’s I guess it the color if I was the mother of any one of these so called Class Lady’s I lock them all up .Abc why do you let these women talk about there children.How you like if it was your child or the so called LADY’S child .These Lady’s @ ABC have gone to far.Trump was elected get over it .I like to TAPE JOY ‘S MOUTH SHUT FOR GOOD..ABC…I hope this show is are not for this USA. JUST to start up trouble with every color skin.I an 81 yrs old this USA is like this now because of people like all of you .. May God Bless Us All

    • Hydro says:

      Suggest hitting the witch where it hurts – no one watch her show anymore. Let the net work embarrass her by firing her. She is still breathing so she has a chance to be forgiven. Except she is probably tired of eating CROW

  19. Tom E. Gunn says:

    All of us eternal children who love Theodor Geisel’s famous Christmas story about the Grinch, can see every one of the Grinch’s nasty, jealous, evil, spiteful despicable characteristics in Behar. From all reports, Mrs Trump has more intellect, style, and class in one finger than Behar and her entire have herd of Harpys have among all of them.

  20. Edward Buchas says:

    Behar and the rest of that stupid show are CXNTS. Trump won, they are still pissed after 15 months of Killer Clinton LOSING. Guess Canada wouldn’t take Whoopie because of her political views, she has to stay in the US and SUFFER LIKE OBOZO and CLINTON.

    • Jackie says:

      Agreed sore losers killary couldn’t even buy a win in the election thank God she didn’t win what a disaster that would have been!

  21. Ernesto Sanchez says:

    Well….. I will just say …. you all know the reason this stupid idiots even mention the Trumps … with out their name this show wouldn’t be … As you all know they are nothing but SEWER TRASH, and that is all they know how to put out ….. SEWER TRASH!! So as usual …. don’t pay any attention … and I bet …. within a year this show will be closed ….. cause no one cares what this idiots do or think!! God Bless

  22. Chance says:

    Melania is a beautiful and classy lady. Her life isn’t defined by ratings, unfortunately Joy Behars is. She has to be obnoxious and ugly, that’s just the way. She makes her living! Its too bad she has to put her foul mouth on Melanie Trump. I don’t watch Joy or her itty bitty teeny tiny show. As I don’t like trash! Too bad too many people let these phoney faced people in Hollywood dictate their lives! I could care less about what Joy says or does, I just don’t care!

    • Joan says:

      Melissa is very beautiful and NOT very classy, naked on a bearskin rug. Guess she never thought about the future.

      • Donna says:

        One thing for sure we never want to see you naked on a carpet

      • Larry says:

        So it is your opinion that it is impossible to be nude and classy at the same time? What a pitiful piece of work you are then. If you are married then I would guess that you have never taken your clothes off in front of your hubby? And yes, I understand that you would want to say it is different, but guess what, you can be classy or crass with or without clothes on. It is all up to how you go about being nude that makes all the difference in the world. I would guess that you have no concept of class based on your comment.

      • Hydro says:

        You are a Deocratic Moron – you are the trash that watches such garbage – you to will spend eternity with your prince the devil.

      • asoro says:

        who’s Melissa

    • Jackie says:

      Well said! Joy is a nasty ugly old woman washed up along with all the view washed up

  23. Stan L says:

    Behar has been a vicious, homely, ignorant, person from her very beginning in TV. Her original billing read “comedienne” but that had to be false advertising. There is nothing remotely humorous about her.

  24. Anthony Manzo says:

    She is upset because of what she sees when she looks in the MIRROR

  25. Thomas Goss says:

    When the hell is this pig bitch Behar going to do the world a favor and DROP DEAD?

    • Ronald Ernst says:

      Behar is a total dipsjyt

    • Nancy Bernard says:

      I WAS A BIRTHER FROM THE VERY BEGINNING because BO was NOT eligible to run for POTUS let alone be POTUS! Yes, he was born in Kenya, but that isn’t the only reason for the Arab/Muslim/Impostor shouldn’t have been able to run for POTUS, let alone become POTUS. The birthers were right from the beginning. I remember when BO ran for Jack Ryan’s Senate seat in IL. The reason the Demoncrappy Mafia made up a sex scandal so Jack Ryan would have to resign in shame, and leave it wide open for the Kenyan to run for POTUS. The Chicago Tribune read, “Kenyan to run for Ryan’s Senate Seat” with a picture of a younger BO. My son wrote a paper on this as he was in college and felt this would be an interesting topic for his Government class, a man from Kenya who had the chance, only in America, to run for a Senate Seat from the state he was living in. BUT, the real reason no one talks about is BO was NOT a “Natural Born Citizen” and I don’t care what anyone says about that. I took history and government before the Communist and the Teacher’s Union took over, and the requirements for POTUS and VP, as listed in Article II, Section 1 was that the POTUS and VP have to have parents that were born on American soil. The Founding Fathers were brilliant, its as if they wrote this requirement just for BO! The reason for the Natural Born Clause was to prevent the POTUS or VP from having allegiance to his father or mother’s country. Well, just look who BO was faithful too, it certainly wasn’t Christian Americans, he hated them, it was the Arab/Muslim/Communist, his father’s people, and Kenya! I also had a Polynesian friend born in that same hospital BO claimed to be born in. She couldn’t believe he got by with that ridiculous piece of green paper passing it off as his original birth certificate. If anyone knows anything at all about body language, that morning, April 27th when it was announced they were showing the certificate, and they came up with that pathetic POS, O’Rielly, and the Fox crew all looked sheepish as HELL, not believable at all, and all they said was “Well, that’s it, the BC is legitimate, and they didn’t allow it to be mentioned again! BO, on the other hand, was so uncomfortable, he had the weirdest look on his face, and said, well, now, I showed the certificate, lets tend to the business of the American people we have more important issues to settle. Sure, like he wanted to work, when he wasn’t golfing he was taking lavish vacations on the tax payers dime. Shortly after this, Alex Okrent and Loretta Fuddy both were killed. Alex Okrent, 29, slumped over his desk at Campaign Headquarters and cause was unknown, but he was a strong BO worker and supporter. Loretta Fuddy, head of the BC Department in HI and was best friends with BO’s Grandparents. I believe Okrent was the forger. They wanted him dead before he slipped and accidentally revealed the BC was forged. The BC had the wrong information, wrong name of the hospital, verbiage used in this day and age, not in the early 60’s, several fonts, and sloppy as HELL. The real certificate I saw, was long, black, one font, and the Seal of HI deeply embossed on it, the right sequence of numbers and guess what, the name of the hospital was correct as well! Communist try to shame the opposition if you dare question their motives. We questioned the obvious, the Kenyan, Muslim was not eligible to even run for POTUS and thats where the Marxist Media and the BO supporters came up with birther. We are right, and if Sheriff Joe, who was about to reveal the findings of his 6 month investigation with top investigators working on finding the truth about this Kenyan’s certificate, but the media wouldn’t allow him to be on air, and he ended up in jail. Funny that! Whatever these evil, Communist, Demoncraps try to sell you as right, think the extreme opposite, you will have the truth.

      • DRLJR says:

        For a person to be a natural born citizen the parents must be citizens of the country and the person has to be born in the country. The three sources of citizenship – mother, father, and place of birth – must produce the same citizenship. The parents do not have to be born in the country, the have to be citizens of the country. A technical correction. You can reference my comment below for more details including the source.

      • DRLJR says:

        And the only document from Hawaii that is real from the research I know about is the “Birth Registration” form. And anyone who lived in Hawaii could get one for a relative child born anywhere in the world. The other information is useful for people to read.

        • Sandra Lee Smith says:

          Both forms from HI we’re proven to be forged, on foms that we’re not in use in ’61, and used the term “African American to dscribe his & his father’s race! In ’61, indeed well into the late ’60s, we used “Negro” on birth certificates.

          • DRLJR says:

            Keep in mind Mr Obama father was not an American citizen and he was Kenyan. So having “African” on the Birth Registration form would be somewhat possible. But remember, the Birth Registration form is not a Birth Certificate.

      • asoro says:

        Nancy B. wow very good on the BO BC, you did your home work and really must of have known people there. Not many People know about Loretta Fuddy , She was killed when the plane had to splash down in the water about 200 yr’s from sure in HI. 9 people on the plane no was was hurt but she was killed, Hmmmm! The corners office said there was something not right about the reports and his findings But people came took all the info, on it and told him it was over and your done case closed. Not many people even know this. Heck most don’t even know who she is, Now I was told she posted the one online that look real bad, and thats why she may have been killed, it was so bad was she trying to help him or hurt him ? But good job on your story very good……

        • Sandra Lee Smith says:

          Did you know Stanley Ann & Fuddy were friends before she got pregnant? The ilused to hang out with an Indonesian guru together who, it turns out was friends with Lolo Soetoro too. You bet Nancy is right! So we’re we all who wanted to see the real birth certificate not a certificate of live birth birth, forged on a form that didn”‘t even exist, using terms no one used, when O was born!

  26. Tim Toroian says:

    Joy is a fraud, she has a scriptwriter because her I.Q. is too low and she’ll read anything put in front of her.

  27. Rivahmitch says:

    Piss on the Behar but NOT if it’s on fire.

  28. HATEFUL JOY BEHAR. She has neither inner NOR outer beauty. She exhibits no respect, regard or even the smallest bit of empathy or courtesy for anyone unless they completely agree with her about everything!! So far, I’ve noticed she has zero pragmatic common sense, she’s hurtful for hurtful’s sake, she exhibits no kindness, no fairness, no class, nor any ability to ascertain what damage her constant LIES and INNUENDOS (poised as truths) can do to the morale of this country among those with young, undeveloped minds. Completely disgraceful, she thinks nothing of hurting the President’s entire family, his grown children, his beautiful wife and damaging the morale of the President’s young son using these disrespectful, wild implications and accusations – just because SHE didn’t cast her VOTE for the man. This is NO EXCUSE. Her drive for RATINGS, coupled with her pathetic need to feel powerful and relevant as she ages, is well known. She “used” to be entertaining, but now she seems incapable of any down-to-earth rationality, any empathy, while exhibiting an astounding inability to understand even the simplest of “political math”. Joy Behar’s constant “off the mark”, irrational ranting is that of someone who has now fallen off her own mental grid. MY GOD – SOMEONE NEEDS TO FIRE HER !!!!!!

    • DPR says:

      I don’t know who you are, but your prose were the most exacting description of Joy Behar and the issues that she and those like her (The negative norvus’) are creating in our country. GREAT JOB and thank you for expressing, so eloquently, what many are feeling right now!

  29. Sheila Pierce says:

    I agree with comment about the ladies on the View think they think highly of themselves and put others down. They think they know everything but they don’t. Another thing, people like Behar will get their just dues for attacking Pence and other Christians for standing up for their beliefs. Non-believers will spend eternity in hell.

  30. Ann Shaver says:

    Joy Behar is such a jerk. I haven’t watched the view in over 4 years. The only way I know
    when she does something stupid & ignorant is when someone points it out like in this

  31. Glenn A Lewis says:

    ABC, Joy Behar should be fired immediately. This is not her first attack and she has been warned previously.
    She acts like, ‘oh, s-o-r-r-y ‘, then she goes and attacks again. Enough is enough of this ass and her stupid comments. Joy needs to go. The entire program and cast of The View should be canceled, removed from the programming schedule. Worst show on television, that’s why I don’t watch it and nobody I know watches it either. Time slot could be filled with something alot better. This is not a news program, its a misguided opinion show.

  32. GySgt Lew says:

    Joy Behar aught to leave the View. Her remarks will bring down their ratings. She is an ASSh le…. She doesn’t know how to keep her nasty mouth closed…… RETIRE Joy

  33. dumvet says:

    Why can’t the women on the view get a real job, yo Mickydees hiring! Oh wait you have to have brains to work there!

  34. Rhesa Cook says:

    I refuse to watch the view because they are all know it all’s. When ever something comes up the blow it out of proportion. None of them are worth anything. Their mentality is -0-. It’s a terrible shame that they can’t talk about something that really matters.

  35. Boo says:

    I’m amazed the view hasn’t been replaced by something that people would really enjoy,
    Other than a bunch of has been’s who discuss things which no one cares to listen.

  36. Merion says:

    Joy Behar is a lowlife. Who cares what she has to say? Obviously nothing intelligent.

  37. Bob says:

    I’m half Jewish, my grandmother told me there’s nothing worse than a bitchy Jewish women, just saying ????

    • Cookie says:

      You,re Grandma is right,a JAP is someone to deal with. But I think Joy is a NY Italian.
      Your Grandma would have a hard time choosing which is worse, a JAP or a pissed off
      Sicilian from the Bronx. Don,t understand what,s with Whoopi. She, very talented and very educated but don,t know why she has changed so much. Maybe it,s the bad company she,s keeping. My favorite movie is Jumping Jack Flash and always hoped
      She would make a second one. Love Eliza dolottle. Joy has said she was leaving the show at least five times. What happened?

  38. srw says:

    We have all grown up and had really mean girls to deal with. This group on the View make even the worst bullies look good. But I guess that is what Dems do… spew hate…. vile statements –then when they get into trouble with their hatred their answer is that they are “comedians”…… Yes they are a joke.

  39. Ellen Dale says:

    Joy Bahar and The View is the scum of the earth….The only thing that hurts about this show is that Maghen McCain is part of it…
    She is the only descent part of this show and absolutely has to much class for this show….I hope she will consider leaving and finding a better venue for herself…..I think ABC should really consider firing Bahar before sponsors start leaving….Bahar has the nerve to say anything about FLOTUS is laughable…Melania Trump is the most beautiful and intelligent FLOTUS….I am very proud of her….ABC please get rid of Bahar….

  40. Richard Y Matsukawa says:

    The ladies on View must suffer from self worth as they only speak of how great they are and how bad others are. A panel of hateful women with nothing constructive to offer their viewers but the same old diatribe and gossip of how beautiful and all knowing they are relative to others they have targeted. As most of the public who have witnessed their program sees, a panel of self aggrandizing malcontents attacking their guests with catty remarks while primping themselves.
    Wonder where the kettle is and where Joy keeps her broom?

    • Kathy says:

      So true…and who in the hell cares what she or the view folks think anyway…they are nothing…know no one who watches their filth..jealous are we? No doubt.

  41. john says:

    joy behar is just another talkshow bigmouth amoung many,with nothing worthwhile comming out of their mouths! diffrent faces same bull crap! ducttape works wonders for them all,liberal,demondcrats!

  42. john says:

    another talkshow dumass liberal. who should keep her trap shut.!

  43. Judy says:

    Joy Behar is just an old jealous bitter spiteful woman who Never has any Talent or Looks.

  44. F.C.H. says:

    Joy has NO room to talk. I bet with a face like her’s she has not been laid in YEARS!! She is picking on Melania because Melania has CLASS and Joy is nothing but ASS. The day she can do ANYTHING as well as our First Lady can then she can speak. Till then she should reinsert her head back into her butthole and MAYBE then THE VIEW will be better but until then she is just a sh*thead and the show is crap as well.

  45. truckman says:

    why would anybody watch this crappy show

  46. Michael Taylor says:

    “The Women Of The View”??? More like the “PIGS” of the LIB AGENDA…I do not know why this “Spin BS, POS” Crap Talk Show is still on the air…These Skanky Arse Ugly Pigs, have nothing ever to say, not 1-collective Brain Cell between them to actually formulate a rational thought, much less a Factual Thought…Just keep spinning the LIB Agenda of BS…Pathetic Morons All…

  47. nunya says:

    butch behar speeks eew

  48. Earl says:

    I think that these other “Ladies” are no wares as beautiful and as graceful as Melania . So all that they can do is try to put Melania down. In this day and age this would be call BULLING.

    • Trump supporter says:

      Joy Baher don’t make me laugh…you are the big mouth empty barrel…….how dare you make that comment about Christians n put in your claws regarding First Lady Trump…you are nothing but a jealous female….Melania Trump is beautiful n well educated something you’ll never be….keep opening your big mouth n show how stupid you really are…..

    • Aggie says:

      Joy Baher don’t make me laugh…you are the big mouth empty barrel…….how dare you make that comment about Christians n put in your claws regarding First Lady Trump…you are nothing but a jealous female….Melania Trump is beautiful n well educated something you’ll never be….keep opening your big mouth n show how stupid you really are…..

  49. JR says:

    Joy Behar are in the same boat as the INSANE DEM-O-RATS that always I say always open there mouths before they put their brain in gear … That’s why they are always in TROUBLE !!! The FAT OLD HAG’S on the. ” VIEW ” are only
    WASHED UP PIG’S in the SLIME of their life’s … What ever Cable Channel has the ” VIEW ” on it needs to be SHUT DOWN ! Whoopie Pie Goldburg, Joy Behar and the rest of the DEPLORABLE DOG Faces need to RESIGN from the Show and make Space for some other Show that some better VALUES …

  50. mike says:

    Is Joy sure that Barack is an US citizen? I’m not.
    Joy is still crying over Killerys loss of the election that she refuses to look at the issues. The View is leftist HATE at is best. It is my opinion that FLOTUS is a classy lady, while the critters of the view are dumpsters divers.

    • DRLJR says:

      Mr Obama is a US citizen via his mother. There is no evidence he was born in the State of Hawaii and he used to claim he was born in Kenya. His father gave him citizenship of Kenya and Great Britain. And his adopted father gave him Indonesian citizenship. He lost the citizenships of Kenya, Great Britain, and Indonesian, when he turned 21 since he had not renounced the other citizenships.

      • Sandra Lee Smith says:

        Stanley Ann was 18, at the time of his birth, short of the 5 years past her 14th birthday, living in the US, required to confer citizenship on her foreign born son, his father as listed, was never an US citizen, so he couldn’t do so either. He claimed Indonesian citizenship to be awarded Fulbright scholarships at Occidental and Columbia. He never had US citizenship to claim, but lost the UK/Kenyan when Soetoro adopted him, under Indonesian law, so he had nothing but Indonesian to fall back on.

        • DRLJR says:

          The law that people cite, from what I have read which includes the law itself, does not apply to Stanley Ann since she was born in the US – Idaho if I remember correctly. She was in fact a natural born Citizen of the US. If her parents had been living outside of the US when Stanley Ann was born and then she gave birth to Mr Obama while living outside of the US, under the conditions you are citing, then Mr Obama would not be a US citizen. The law specifically related to a US citizen women who has not lived in the US giving birth to child fathered by a non-US citizen. And the actions of the parents can not affect the citizenship of a child.

          • Sandra Lee Smith says:

            It’s got nothing to do with her status as a citizen. In order to confer (pass) citizenship to her foreign born child, a mother must live 5 years past her 14th birthday in the US, regardless the nature of HER citizenship, as an US citizen; at 18, she fell short and could not confer citizenship to her foreign born child. Of course there’s also paperwork if she’d met the age/ time requirement. But she didn’t which is probably why the certificate of live birth ploy in the first place. Dems likely expected everyone to just buy that as proof; all it actually proves is that someone presented a live baby and set of information; to my best knowledge without any confirmation of the information or child’s proven identity. Her parents’ status is also immaterial to O’s birth status in that respect.
            McCain is a good example here; his parents were natural born and serving in Panama. Had he been born on base he’d also be natural born, but because he was born off base in a Panamanian hospital, his parents could confer citizenship, but not natural born status. If his children were born on US soil, they’d be natural born. The Founders wanted to insure foreign allegiances did not influence the CIC. We saw what happens when they do. O’s loyalty was/is to Islam, not America!

          • DRLJR says:

            To be a natural born citizen of a country one must be born of a mother and father who are citizens of the country, and the person must be born in the country. John McCain would not be a natural born Citizen even if he was born on a US military base in Panama. He was born in Panama, a foreign country. The bases we had in Panama, and the Canal Zone were not and never have been part of the US. Nor are any US territories, they are property. For a person to be a natural born citizen of the US one must be in a State of the United States and both parents must be citizens of the US at the time of person’s birth.

            I have the read the US law related to citizenship and no where in it does it do what you are claiming in relation to Stanley Ann and her son Mr Obama from what I have read . The section of the law people have tried to apply is very specific – the mother has to be born OUTSIDE of the US and in a foreign country. The law does not apply to her. So unless you can cite the specific section I have to say you are wrong. And I was involved in a case where Judges manufactured a “standing argument” to avoid ruling against the PPACA where Count 6 dealt with the fact that Mr Obama could not sign bills into law since he fails the Article 2 citizenship requirements and was therefore not President. I have research this. Mr Obama at birth had three citizenships – Kenya, UK and US. He got a 4th due to adoption. And nothing a parent does effects the citizenship of minor. Take a look at Title 8 Section 1431.

    • Hydro says:

      One lez morning another lez

  51. Vigilant Sheepdog says:

    Not sure who Joy Behar slept with to get her job, but he or she, must be deaf, mute and blind. I mean seriously, she has No Talent, No Tact, No Class, No Visual Appeal and her voice is more grating than 1000 fingernails scraping 1000 blackboards. Since Our First Lady is a Civilian – not Elected or Appointed to her position and has no Official duties – I think she’s in the unique position to be able to file a lawsuit against both Joy Behar and “The View”.

  52. GIGGIJAN says:


  53. Bob Hunt says:

    Behar is the quintessential low life!

    • chucklsteaks says:

      this truly a beast yakking AT THE PRINCESS?! this queer-show is sumthing pinkhed meme’s will watch , and scream woman need to be empowered!? welllll no! phooey will protek me from you pikheds?

  54. David in MA says:

    I’ll do a short version.
    I believe Joy Behar and THE VIEW is open for a criminal harassment lawsuit because Mrs. Trump is a private citizen with no official government duties………..

  55. ernaldo says:

    Its getting old, and why the surprise a pig like behar behaves like a pig?

  56. David in MA says:


  57. David in MA says:

    Mrs. Trump is not an elected or appointed government person, has no official position or duties, in fact she is a citizen who happens to be married to the person who is elected president, and that is all.

    I believe Joy Behar, and THE VIEW is open for a lawsuit of criminal harassment.

  58. brenda says:

    joy went to a new low in life with mrs trump, i refuse to watch the view and others should also,

  59. Andrew Friedman says:

    Joy who?

  60. People For Trump says:

    Joy Behar,a TRUE leftist,progressive anti-Trump BEOTCH.It will be a great day when “The View” gets kicked off the air.It is time to get in touch with “The Views” sponsors,and tell them to cancel the View sponsorship.If they refuse,STOP buying their products.MONEY ALWAYS TALKS !

  61. Dave Miedema says:

    Joyless Behar makes Cruella DeVille look like a nice old lady.

  62. Joy Behar is a second rate skank. Who cares what she has to say, the peanut in her head has to work overtime just to keep up with her mouth.

  63. Joanna says:

    She’s not a commedian.She’s a hater has been no heart no soul..Foul She’s mad because no one likes her and why should they.

  64. Terre says:

    Anyone know of a way to get this flaming liberal leftist off the air? She’s toxic. And what the sam hill is a ‘birther’? Does she even know? To spew such toxic, negative, damaging garbage is inexcusable; legally, she’s committing slander, defamation of character & a number of other counts. Perhaps her legal people should be apprising her of the ramifications of opening her mouth as such – maybe someone should be letting them know they’re committing crimes & start leaning on them – hard. Tolerating this is also inexcusable.

    • Sandra Lee Smith says:

      “Birther” is the leftist tag for those of us who didn’t accept the lies about O’s HI birth, and it carried over when we protested the 3 Repubs who are also not natural born citizens and we’re running for the office of POTUS!

  65. JLM says:

    When I ws in a waiting room last week, the tv was on with creep Behar. No one seemed to be watching–most were reading, and I had brought a book. I asked whether anyone minded if I changed channels and turned the sound down or off. Every person almost insisted that I do so to the point of even muting all sound. We started discussing such programs, and all agreed (several different ages, races, and sexes) that the people on these programs were screaming, rude idiots, expecially those on The View. Nobody liked Morning Joe, either, with someone calling it Morning Dumb.

  66. DRLJR says:

    Joy Behar is a typical “Progressive” and I never take what they claim seriously. They follow “Rules for Radicals” and make things up to distract people from what “Progressives” are doing to undermine freedom. Real history is always inconvenient to “Progressives”.

    The “Birther Issue” is still relevant since nothing Mr Obama did was in accordance to the US Constitution. Mr Obama’s father precludes Mr Obama from being a natural born Citizen of the US. And he was not a citizen of the US when the US Constitution was adopted. Which means he fails the requirements to serve as President (as does McCain, Cruz, and others). “Progressives” don’t like the fact people have taken the time to learn the real meaning of the term. The term by the way comes from this sentence in “Law of Nations” Book 1 Chapter 19 Paragraph Number 212:

    “Les Naturels, ou Indigènes font ceux qui font nés dans le pays, de Paren Citoyens.”

    In the 1760 English translation of this work this sentence is translated as

    “Its natives are those who are born in the country parents who are citizens.”

    The later English translations, 1773, translate this sentence as

    “The natives, or natural-born citizens, are those born in the country, of parents who are citizens.”

    And Law of Nations was used in the writing of the US Constitution, Articles of Confederation, and Declaration of Independence. Real knowledge is inconvenient to “Progressive” and ideologues. And Article 1 Section 8 Paragraph/Clause 10 is interesting since it appears to incorporate “Law of Nations”.

    • Sandra Lee Smith says:

      Right on! And the left refuses to admit that! But then, they deny modern validity of the Constitution as an whole!

  67. John Harvey says:

    Remember way back when, the “Unknown Comedian”, who wore a paper bag over his head? Maybe Joyless shojld become the “unknown Bat”, and put a bag over her head.

  68. Jose V. Vega says:

    joy behar is old, ugliness islam pig lover lesbian comunist rat, who never will be like our first Lady Melania, MELANIA SPEAK 5 LANGUAGE IS @ PRETTY AND GRACEFUL FIRST LADY, LIKE KENNEDY WAS . WHEN joy death after days no one will remember her. OUR FIRST LADY WILL BE FOR EVER REMEMBER IN ALL THE HISTORY BOOK. joy behar is fuLl of ENVY LIKE EVERY RAT LYBASTARDDEMORATCOMUNISTPIGISLAMS

  69. Jim says:

    Joy Behar is a comedian that’s not funny nor ever has been . . . and why does anyone even pay attention when she speaks?!?

  70. Sandra Lee Smith says:

    Behar has a right to her opinions; but she’d do herself and humanity a great favor to keep them to herself!

  71. Mo says:

    I don’t know anybody who wastes their time watching the Liberal Cunts spew their hate anyway. I thought most of them promised to leave the Country is Donald Trump was elected, why are they still here spewing all of their HATE? Typical Liberal, lie, lie, lie and never follow through on what they promise.

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