Jon Stewart had some harsh words for the corporate-controlled media and its lust for war

When celebrities who are known for being radical leftists start speaking out against the media, one has to believe that the Left has finally gone too far.

Hollywood A-listers, who are well-known for their support of the Democrat Party, are suddenly speaking out against the very people they once placed on a pedestal.

And Jon Stewart had some harsh words for the corporate-controlled media and its lust for war.

Last week, the radical environmentalists were calling for Jon Stewart’s head after the long-time comedian came out in favor of “playing nice” with the big oil companies.

According to Stewart, that’s the only way to stop climate change.

Stewart didn’t shy away from or apologize for his statements.

And now he’s come out with even more statements that have many on the Left absolutely losing their minds.

During an episode of his Apple TV program, The Problem with Stewart, the comedian and long-time political activist for the Democrat Party discussed the media coverage of the Russia-Ukraine war.

Stewart said when the conflict first began, many networks were covering it with no bias and the world seemed to be uniting.

“When the invasion first occurred, it was an all hands on deck, 24-hour [coverage], eyewitness, the bravery was incredible. They lost the entire left-right polarity of coverage. Punditry went out the window. It was just about brave people on the ground and those who were experts in conflict in the studio and they would have conversations about what is actually happening,” Stewart stated.

However, as with all good things, even the so-called absence of “left-right polarity” had to come to an end.

During his show, Stewart goes on to tell his Executive Producer, Brinda Adhikari, that it didn’t take long for the bias to creep back into the media’s narrative.

“But it doesn’t take long for mission creep to set in with journalists who then become, ‘This is a siege.’” Stewart said. “And a siege by its very nature is static. And the carnage is unspeakable. But it is the same and journalists want movement. They want action. And as you’re watching… the White House correspondents that are all like: ‘Would you bomb them if they touched Poland? How about this, would you bomb them if they had a drone? Okay. Okay. Let’s look at it this way. What would it take for you to bomb them? How about bombing them? Yeah, we have a question for you. Bombs. What about those?'”

Most people know by now that the mainstream media is incapable of keeping its political leanings to itself, and the Russia-Ukraine conflict is no different.

While the first few days of coverage may have seemed like a coming together of sides, at the end of the day, it’s a business, and businesses do what sells.

“That’s the part where you realize they’re trapped in a business model that creates news as narratives. It’s one thing to tell stories, it’s another thing to direct them and start to try to shape them. And that’s what I’m starting to see,” Stewart concluded.

It’s clear that even those who claim to be on the Left have had enough with the corporate-controlled media and its propaganda peddling.

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