John McCain was linked to this Deep State leaker in one explosive report

The late John McCain was no fan of Donald Trump.

But the lengths McCain went to bring down the President are only now being discovered.

And John McCain was linked to this Deep State leaker in one explosive report.

Buzzfeed publishing the Christopher Steele hoax Russia dossier kicked off the collusion conspiracy theory.

Inspector General Michael Horowitz discovered the source of the leak in the course of his investigation into the FBI abusing its power by spying on the Trump campaign.

And it was John McCain’s trusted aide David Kramer who allegedly leaked the dossier to Buzzfeed, according to Steele himself.

Horowitz reported:

Steele testified in foreign litigation that he did not provide his reports to journalists or media organizations and did not authorize anyone to share them. According to the McCain Institute staff member’s testimony in the same litigation, Steele requested that the staff member meet with BuzzFeed, and that Steele neither requested nor prohibited the staff member from sharing the reports with BuzzFeed.

Additionally, the staff member testified that Steele was aware that the staff member was furnishing Steele’s reports to The Washington Post.

Steele told the OIG that he trusted the staff member to handle his reports discretely and that the staff member betrayed that trust. Steele explained that the staff member had spent his career handling sensitive intelligence. Steele also said he understood from a former Ambassador that Senator McCain requested that Steele trust the staff member. Steele said he was “absolutely flabbergasted” when BuzzFeed published his election reports.

McCain also passed Steele’s anti-Trump gossip directly to the FBI even though the Bureau fired Steele as a confidential source due to Steele’s media contacts.

But McCain’s strategy to leak against Trump also involved using a trusted confidant as a cut out to leak Russian disinformation about the President-elect to Buzzfeed.

One of the bizarre twists of this story has been the outing of the late John McCain as a conspiracy theorist who believed in the hoax that Donald Trump was somehow in league with Moscow.

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