John McCain tried to undermine Trump in the worst way

President Trump revealed the four pillars of his immigration plan during his State of the Union Address.

He made it clear that he would make good on his campaign promise to secure the border by building a wall.

But never-Trump Senator John McCain just to took a major step to undermine Trump.

John McCain is working with Democrats to give amnesty to the “DREAMers.”

The Wall Street Journal reports:

Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman John McCain (R., Ariz.) and Sen. Chris Coons (D., Del.) plan to unveil a proposal that offers a path to citizenship for Dreamers and orders a comprehensive study to determine what border-security measures are needed. But the bill stops well short of almost all of the president’s demands—including immediate funding for the wall along the southern border—and is likely to meet a chilly reception from conservative Republicans.

The senators’ bill would provide legal status and a path to citizenship for young immigrants who have lived in the U.S. since Dec. 31, 2013, aides said Sunday. That is expected to be a larger group than would be covered by Mr. Trump’s proposed 1.8 million people.

This is yet another move by McCain to capitulate to Democrats’ demands for amnesty.

If this bill were to be signed into law it would undermine attempts to get the votes needed to fund the wall.

After all, Democrats are the party of open borders.

If they get a big win with McCain’s amnesty plan for the DREAMers, why would they bother to fund a border wall?

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35 Responses

  1. Jon Smith says:



  2. karen zawack says:

    Well I see McConnell/Schumer rammed down our throats another big bloated budget. Hopefully the Military gets the funds they need and not more “mental surgery to turn men into women”. And now the two are working to NOT repeal Obamacare? I guess the “use the dead people” social security plan thru the IRS will be brought to light, so how else will we be forced to pay for their illegal alien voting base. Gee and I always thought that the dead only voted, but then again Obama has a social security number that makes him over 100.

    BTW hope none of the $20 Billion is coming to New Jersey to help with wastewater management. As, the Federal Consent Order is over now and down here in South Jersey, BOY they have a huge problem with using the wastewater system as a way to clean up uranium-tainted water. Boy, wouldn’t it be lovely of the Trump Administration counter sued the Orange Sneaker Governor for NOT doing his job by alerting the Federal EPA regarding the huge spill that shut down LOTS of schools, put in danger the Police made to go into that area, but came up with a domestic violence story (wink wink), and affected lots of sewage infrastructure? Obama picked Orange Sneaker Governor thinks it’s better to give all elected state legislators $34,000 a year raises, and judges $24,000 raises. Hey Judge Wall, there’s your “atta boy” for getting Menedez off the hook for his “pay to have sex visa” program, and his “Medicare frauds for illegals who need eye glasses”. Good job there Obama picked Orange Sneaker Gov.

    And hopefully New Jersey doesn’t see any of the $4 Billion for college affordable programs for Teachers, as Mr. Maria is still getting paid for his way of teaching ways, “Show your Private Parts, Get an A”. Though he has been “slapped on the wrist” and now not teaching, don’t fret, he’s still getting his $75,000 a year payment. I wonder if he’s still paying NJEA Union dues too? Hopefully the Police do because they will have to get some college credit to learn how not to be exposed to uranium. Heck the firefighters are having a heck of a time putting out fires with that water, because it keeps making things worse with all those unfiltered toxins in it. Gee, and you thought this was just happening in Flint Michigan. Again, NJ is the pilot program, and boy they know how to keep them all down on the plantation and slowly make them toxic and sick.

  3. Meliss says:

    John Mccain is a teaitorsnd is senileand should retire he’s making a fool out of himself. And his Dtr should shut up

  4. Stan L says:

    In retrospect, the U.S.A. was indeed spared the disappointment and aggravation of McCain ascending to the U.S. presidency. In his crazed idealism to be “all things to everyone”, he would have been a worse appeaser than Obama…which was bad enough!

  5. Finelady says:

    I can’t believe McCain from Arizona is doing this. Arizona has been plagued with immigrants for years. Sorry to say this but I think his cancer must be interfering with his think processes.

    • Sandra Lee Smith says:

      I wish we could blame the cancer, but the fact is he’s been open borders for over 3 decades and hasn’t had cancer anywhere close to that long. The fact is he was a traitor to the US many decades ago, before he was a pol from AZ, and hasn’t changed an iota. His fellows in the Hanoi Hilton called him “Songbird” for good reason.

    • Sharon Wilburn says:

      He should step down now.

  6. Kern Kamaunu says:

    McCain lives by the (3 P’s). Piss, Poor, Politician!! ????

  7. Diana Devlin says:

    I shutter to think We supported McCain during his run for president (John Kerry included). No backbone to stand up for The U S Constitution or against law breakers and wrong doing.
    At least we now have a President eith backbone. He isn’t perfect but a GREAT PRESIDENT!
    THANK YOU MR. PRESIDENT for the job You are doing. From me AND All my family and Alot of friends.

  8. Bob Hunt says:

    McCain should be be run out of D.C. riding on a rail!

  9. JayCee Scott says:

    America will discuss the options regarding a controllable amnesty AFTER the wall is built from the Gulf of Mexico to the Pacific Ocean. NOT BEFORE.
    We have been lied to just too many times in the past from democrats who talk out of the sides of their mouths.
    The current ILLEGALS need to register in the states that they have invaded.
    Get off Social Security and Federal Aid.

  10. JayCee Scott says:

    John McCain is still butt-hurt because America said NO when he ran for president. McCain must have had surgery to remove the horn that Rino’s have which makes them victims of poachers. Somehow he lost his distinctive “Horn”.

  11. Susan says:

    John McCain is nothing but a jealous bitter TRAITOR! He needs to step down he is too sick to make any decisions or vote on anything!!! He has lost what is left of his mind he is still trying to get over the fact that Trump kicked ass in the election and he is still kicking ass and they can’t stand it!!! They are just in meltdown mode right or wrong Dems are just doing all these vile things because they just don’t like him well Too Dam Bad!!!!

  12. Parduc says:

    Why is this Communist Traitor still breathing?

  13. Harry Hansen says:

    McCain should retire immediatelly or admit his is a
    Democrat. His cancer is taking him down the wrong road

  14. joe says:

    More and more the stories of John being a quest instead of a prisoner @ the Hilton

  15. DonRS says:

    John McCain has been a SH*THEAD his entire life. He never misses and opportunity flap his stupid, EVIL mouth. Well, soon the GRIM REAPER will shut his ugly mouth and devious mind.

    A long time ago, I was taught to “never wish your life away”. McCain was diagnosed with INCURABLE BRAIN CANCER 8 months ago. The prognosis is DEATH comes 14 months after diagnosis. Its a terrible thing to think or say, but in McCain’s case, September can’t come to quickly to end his and our misery with his sustained EVIL actions!

  16. MARTY GANNON says:

    McCaine’s preachin’ to the choir if he thinks those illegals w/b set free w/o funding the wall! How bout this,congress shares funding ,Mexico contributes by a surcharge tax applied on all $ sent to Mexico by mexican employees from the U S of A & the final 30% is contributed by “El Chapo’s drug cartel $ which we provided for all his stinkin’ Narcarcotics over the years!!
    Former Spec. Op’s officwe in Nam,Martini Gannini

  17. Jack says:

    What has been holding back these young people from attaining citizenship already. The deal was they don’t have to I bet. Having your cake and eating it to. No amnesty without the wall and border protection, period.
    McCain is a disappointing man for America but big in the eyes of illegal immigrants and dreamers, who, are here under no law, and liberal democrats. He dislikes our President but will accept funds from G. Soros, who is taking America down any way he can, right J. McCain.
    I don’t think his cancer is behind this; he is just not a good man as he claims to be. President Trump called him out on it , and McCain’s answer is to betray not only Donald Trump but our country. His legacy will not be good.

  18. karen zawack says:

    I think he should be up on charges for what he did being involved with the dossier. I want to see his flight log. Also he was part of the gang of DNC who allowed obamacare and its illegal taxation for the illegals. Also where was the vetting of the visa winners, where was his mouth as a former soldier when Obama was gutting our military and going to a private corporation for not only security but intelligence.

    NO Amnesty without a wall. YES to funding border patrol and with technology that is needed. Then sweep this GREAT Nation of all those who are illegal, and vet those 40 that complied with DACA.

    Also Mr. McCain needs to do some explaining for all those illegals acts AGAINST the REAL American citizens.

  19. Dan Softcheck says:

    Can’t understand what’s taking so long for his brain tumor to be complete

  20. Danny Stone says:

    Well Charles it is simple the Leaders of the Democratic party have been caught on TV campaigning for exact thing Trump is saying. The obvious thing here is that none of the Democratic noise was what we call fake news today. Look over there while we help cut the fence on the border with the hope of getting more votes down the road. The Sad thing is that the Democrats don’t like or care about the good of our country or its safety.

  21. I think the brain cancer is poisoning his brain. He needs to retire from the Senate now! And Retire and enjoy his retirement.

  22. Cherie Davis says:

    I do not understand why the Democrats are so opposed to enforcing current immigration laws. Illegal aliens have broken our laws to get into the Country and are putting a strain on our social service system in the process. They are of the opinion that, because they are here, they deserve the right to stay, even though applicants who have lawfully applied for citizenship have been waiting for years for clearance. Our laws are supreme for anyone entering the Country, but evidently the Democrats and RINOs like John McCain do not agree. They know the majority of Americans are screaming for legal immigration, yet they refuse to listen!

    • Danny Stone says:

      Well Charles it is simple the Leaders of the Democratic party have been caught on TV campaigning for exact thing Trump is saying. The obvious thing here is that none of the Democratic noise was what we call fake news today. Look over there while we help cut the fence on the border with the hope of getting more votes down the road. The Sad thing is that the Democrats don’t like or care about the good of our country or its safety.

    • Sandra Lee Smith says:

      Simple: they need controllable voters to regain and maintain power.

  23. No amnesty until there are plans for the wall!…personally, I think they have had time to apply for citizenship, after all they are not babies anymore. Send them ALL back! They have had their opportunity, if they really wanted to be in the USA.

  24. Sandra Lee Smith says:

    NO AMNSTY of ANY kind for any illegal ’til wall is up & ALL other laws are in place , changed as needed, and being enforced; then ONLY active duty military can be discussed; no others, ever!

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