John McCain stepped in it when he stabbed Trump in the back with this statement

John McCain is one of the leading anti-Trump RINOs.

The Arizona Senator has repeatedly betrayed the President and his supporters.

But he crossed the line when he stabbed Trump in the back with one horrible statement.

Reports indicate Bashar al-Assad was behind a chemical weapons attack in a rebel held town in Syria.

Up to 40 people were killed.

This attack came on the heels of reports Donald Trump wanted to withdraw American forces from Syria since ISIS has been defeated.

John McCain – who never met a war he didn’t cheerlead for – fired off a statement placing some of the blame at Trump’s feet.

Breitbart reports:

“President Trump last week signaled to the world that the United States would prematurely withdraw from Syria,” McCain wrote in a statement, saying that Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad was “emboldened by American inaction…

…The senator tacitly endorsed Trump’s specific condemnation of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s decision to back Assad but demanded specific action.

“President Trump was quick to call out Assad today, along with the Russian and Iranian governments, on Twitter,” McCain wrote. “The question now is whether he will do anything about it.”

McCain acknowledged that former President Barack Obama’s inaction was also to blame for the ongoing mess in Syria, pointing out that “history will render a bitter judgment” on his administration.

“We can and should change course – starting with a comprehensive strategy that lays out clear objectives for our mission there,” he wrote. “It’s not too late to stop Assad’s impunity and begin to rewrite this terrible chapter in our history.”

Conservatives were appalled at this statement.

Trump won the election campaigning on an America First foreign policy that sought to reduce American intervention in the Middle East.

McCain – and other discredited Bush era swamp figures – have pushed for a wider war in Syria and regime change.

Trump has so far resisted these calls from the foreign policy establishment.

But McCain was way out of line in blaming the President for the act of a madman halfway around the world.

McCain is so consumed by his dislike for the President – and his commitment to endless war – that he would use an international tragedy to try and score cheap political points at Trump’s expense.


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133 Responses

  1. michael says:

    the only good republican is a rino!!

  2. Jose Perello says:

    I voted Trump’s. McCain is too hawkish for my taste. However he is a Patriot and American Hero. He has the scars to prove it. .

  3. ELINOR ITEEN says:


  4. Steve says:

    Why don’t we get smart? Lets pull our troops out and just let the middle east BLOW IT’S SELF UP? After all they really don’t want us there

  5. laercio puggina says:

    the old idiot McCain just don/t have any brain left.

  6. Ernesto says:


    • Kathy says:


  7. Bob Hunt says:

    I once heard of an old Grandpa that gave his Grandson some advice that went like this: Never miss a chance to keep your mouth shut! I don’t think McCain’s Grandpa gave him such advice or maybe he just didn’t pay attention!

    • bruno says:

      Mccain needs to retire already. He is a scumbag RINO songbird (from his days at the Hanoi Hilton. He told the vietcong everything they asked him, hence the name “SONGBIRD” He still has a big mouth

  8. Gideon Rockwell says:

    Poor Old Songbird, how is the world and his family going to remember him? As a burned out vindictive old RINO so bent on revenge against Trump for denying him his last chance at the White House that he is going to spend his dying days in revenge rather than in comfort with a loving family leaving them with happy memories of him.

  9. Once a traitor always a traitor, mccain is a perfect example, from Vietnam to President Trump

    • Kathy says:

      He will never change. McCain is the most evil, self centered, egotistical bastard there ever was who still b believes he was a war hero. What a joke!! He’s been a big ZERO in my opinion!!

      • Deborah says:

        cancer does not absolve you from being truthful,honest and decenct. I try to be Christain when it comes to McCain but he certainly makes it very hard

    • Irene says:

      Sincé my being a child, I was taught that your evilness will always be punished by God withoug a whip and without a cane…………. And Songbird should be advised that his brain cáncer IS God’s punishment for the bad and evil things he’s done to his own country.

  10. Terry says:

    John McCain is not my hero either. He has done nothing to be a hero for.

    • Roger says:

      I agree. He was NOT a war hero but, the fact he survived the Hanoi Hitlon, does show he has good personal surviving skills. Too bad he has not focused those skills in helping his state and country do the same. Someone correct me if I am wrong. I do not remember him saying much when the rug kneeling ring kisser was giving our country away wholesale. I am sorry you are sick,John. But just shut up. Enjoy what time you have left with good friends and family instead of going down in flames for the last time.

  11. Dave Diesel says:

    Sadly there are many others in the government that are of equal worth to McStain and a lot retired personnel who exert their vile influence from home.
    See Their agenda,

    • ahemtonto says:

      The true story of John McCain in the military and in politics is not a pretty one. I feel sorrow and compassion for his illness but contempt for his performance and lack of loyalty to America as a politician.

  12. Rich says:

    Why does anyone listen to a person who has brain cancer on issues that relates to our well being. Is time for this old fart to retire and alow for new leadership to come in.

    • Irene says:

      I will never feel sorry for this SOB. He should be made to understand that God will never punish his ill/sickening remarks on anybody, with a whip or a cane. That’s what I’ve been taught since I was a child. And I certainly believe it to be true.
      God is punishing him with a brain cáncer……………………….

  13. zee says:

    Also, the ‘crap’ In Syria IS NOT re regime change. IT IS re
    the PIPLINE there & to ‘split’ Syria into 3 pieces.
    > US will take a part of ‘northern’. Troops/ Contractors
    Are There per potus/dod. & Sorry – So Sorry to say.
    > Hedgefunds Are Involved. I Am So Sorry.

    • zee says:

      ps. NOT Bashar al Assad re chems. eom__ capish.
      What potus saw WAS ‘old’ NGO White Helmet Films.
      >i watched UK Prime Min. Theresa May ‘try’ to Justify
      ‘teaming’ w/out Approval. She DID mention NGO. yep.
      ( NGO Totally ‘supported’ by Billions$ per Soros.)
      &&&& FYI: that chem poisoning of the ‘2 russians’ in UK ,
      Blamed < on Russia< – well, the Switzerland analysis reported
      that chems were not from Russia, but from UK/USA. Take this for
      what it's worth. ie deep Reality Thinking, of what Is Really Going
      0n here. wow. WHEW__

  14. zee says:

    Is Anyone aware Here of Reports that:
    Syrian Anti-Defense Missile System
    took 0ut over 70 of 100+ missiles from
    US & dinky patsy UK/France. & THAT IS
    WHY US ‘Stopped’ After 1 Hr. << Watching Live Tv from Damascus.
    > Sat am, they were cheering that a blatant
    attempt< Failed. Just telling 'what i saw'
    &&& Totally diff. from Us news 'scrambling'.

  15. Anastasia says:

    I am embarrassed and disappointed in Mr.McCain. Having listened to his bragging about his career/service in the military he should conjure up some respect for the President of our country. Only a small child without experience and knowledge would act so disgracefully toward another public servant. Also his illness should have humbled him but unfortunately it hasn’t. He is consumed with jealousy like another person like Hillary who lost the election. everyone can’t be number one Mr McCain.

  16. Albedamned! says:

    McCain is like a Democrat, shooting himself in the foot.

  17. Dorothy says:

    If Mitch McConnell had any integrity, he would have removed McCain from the Senate citing his debilitating disease that has affected his ability to think. Since McConnell won’t do what should be done, why doesn’t the Governor of Arizona recall McCain for the same reason. This traitor needs to be removed one way of the other and removed asap.

    • Kathy says:

      McConnell is another RINO…… and they all stick together like piles of manure. He’s also too afraid of John McCain, but I believe McConnell is afraid of his own shadow as well.

  18. ernaldo says:

    Stupid songbird john just can’t shut his pathetic pie hole. Eight years we endured the mook bathhouse barry and his insufferable pervert deep state seditionists and not a peep out of mcLame’s mouth. Hey johnnyboy, hurry and croak, TRAITOR!

    • Michael O'Connor says:

      I believe it is time to Kick John McCain out of the Republican party. McCain you should have kept your mouth shut and died with what little dignity you have left but that isn’t going to happen now. Arizona needs to sweep you out the door with the rest of the trash.

  19. GySgt. Lew Souder, USMC/Ret. says:

    “Songbird” John McCain (asks fellow POWs) has NO right to criticize any American. He and “Hanoi Jane” Fonda (a video shows her doing it) should be tried as traitors of the Vietnam War and sent to another country – they are worth being in our Jails.. They have “Shamed the United States of America…

  20. Mr. McCain should retire on his own steam or be impeached for incompetence due to a disease affecting his brain. He is no longer fit to serve!

    • CrustyOldGeezer says:

      he was NEVER ‘fit to serve’ anything above scrambled eggs in a greasy spoon cafe.

      He was an ‘officer’ because of his pappy and grandpappy.

      He was a ‘pilot’ because he held his breath until he turned blue and mommie was screaming at pappy to let the little bastard have his way.
      He was a ‘prisoner of ‘playtime’ because he couldn’t follow procedure, and when captured, he developed a marvelously melodious SONGBIRD talent.

  21. Thomas Floyd says:

    Forget McCain. He is a lot of hot air. Forget Syria. We should be concentrating on terrorist organizations in the region that have attacked or support attacks on the United States.

  22. Jack says:

    McCain continue to embarrass himself and our country. His hate for Donald Trump has now consumed him. Any usefulness left in him as left the show; except from the far left, who are his cheerleaders. True colors are being shown !!

  23. CHARLES says:


    • Gary Paul says:

      Take heart my friend his days are numbered he will soon be totally forgotten. Another worthless RINO gone. Sad to say but the sooner the better for the betterment of our country.

      • CrustyOldGeezer says:

        The part that bothers me is Meghan will lose the constant drumbeat of the family spewing “it’s all lies” when too much TRUTH about her daddy forces reality into her mind.

    • Kathy says:

      Cooy that!!

  24. Lisa says:

    This pathetic, bitter old bi t ch is jealous that Trump, an outsider, won the presidency while he tried for the presidency twice & was soundly rejected. His homo buddy Lindsey was also soundly beaten & humiliated by Trump & the good old boy posse is still pi ss ed. Right now these Republican pu ss ies are plotting with Democrats to pass legislation granting Mueller god power to make sure he can continue the disgusting witch hunt against Trump.

    Meanwhile the DNC, Clinton campaign, Steele, Fusion, the FBI, CIA, DOJ, State Dept., Rice, Powell, Rosenstein, Comey, McCabe, Strzok, Page, Obama & Democrat congressmen are getting away with colluding with RUSSIA & each other to influence the presidential election & now reverse the results of it & the RNC & congressional Republicans are cheering them on!!

  25. michael says:

    john mccain is not a traitor, he is a war hero, by the way the only good republican is a RINO!!

    • librthe8ters says:

      Crawl back to motherfv cker jones, you utterly brain dead, pathetic leftist useful idiot, where your regurgitated leftist propaganda is lapped up like a dog eating its own vomit.

    • Paul nam67 says:

      He is no hero. He is a traitor. His injuries are from his plane crash not torture.

    • Walt says:

      The only good Democrat is one that has been defeated and out of office!

    • Crazy elf says:

      Go back to mommies basement!
      If you’re interested;
      Here’s what “Songbird McCain” thinks about vets –
      It was in his district (2014) when the “VA’s Wait Time Scandal” broke!
      He had been contacted multiple times over hundreds of veterans dying due to the VA’s Incompetence!
      I haven’t even got started on his “egregious military service”!
      You don’t want to even go there with me on that issue!

    • bwaha says:

      I’m not a republican and I’m not a democrat. I’m a conservative. From what I’ve gathered over the years the argument re: McCain being a traitor (while a POW) is… arguable. But since then? He’s definitely sold us conservatives out. He used the label ‘conservative” to get into a position of authority then he (gradually at first) chipped away at his “conservative” constituency and subsequently turned on all of us. So yeah, he is a traitor. Demoncrats, Republicans AND non-partisan folks like me all agree on that. The Demoncrats defend him, the RINO’s keep re-electing him. He’s the liberal’s version of a Trojan horse.

  26. Glenn says:

    My mother always told me not to say anything about someone if you don’t have something good to say so I guess I won’t say what I think of John McCain>>>

    • Mi says:

      Go ahead. Say it like it is. American patriots agree. He just better not be buried with true veterans. I will personally dig him up. Best the family keep his ashes on their mantel.

    • Lawrence E. says:

      Mc Cain is dying, the sooner the better, he’s a traitor! Don’t RIP in peace McCain, rest in pieces! RINO

    • Paul T. says:

      McCain, STFU and then drop dead!

      • PETRU says:

        he stabbed u.s.a in the back when he was war prisoner in north vietnam.he is A TRAITOR.

        • Crazy elf says:

          Google this;
          *”Navy Releases McCain’s Records”*
          to learn more about him!
          There’s also videos out of him and “Kowardly John Kerry” disallowing any further investigations into other POW’s as well! They made sure no one could learn the fates of other POWs for 99 years. They did this by “classifying all information!”
          It’s suspected, this way no one could dig into McCain’s time as a POW!

  27. cang dong says:

    I were so disappoint about this traitorous Dinosaur . This example can proves that when you have nothing and when you have every thing is different a lot. Mc Cain was a War Hero??? When he was shot down in Hanoi, but, when he in Washington, he is the back-stab, traitorous, and demagogic politician with WWWayyyyyy low personality.

  28. Van says:

    Traitor John McCain is nothing more than an American backstabbing liberal democrat. McCain is not a war hero but a nut less loser who killed 57 of his fellow American soldiers during the Nom war on the deck of an aircraft carrier while he was either showing off or horse playing around. Thanks to his daddy, he just got a slap on the wrist.

    • Narturalist says:

      Sinister Juan Songbird, Wetstart, Keating 5 Russian Colluder, McScumbag killed 131 and wounded 161 and put the Forrestal out of Commission for over a year. Apparently before that he crashed a jet on a ship killing 3 people. Crashed 3 planes before he got out of flight school . Made a video for the VC

  29. Michael says:

    I’ve always known McCain is much more than a rhino…he is a deranged dinosaur who’s time passed about a 100 years ago. .He has got more milage from being a POW than he wayyyyyy deserves. .I have said for a decade. .what’s wrong with the Arizona Voters… Can’t they see he is a male crooked Hillary

  30. Becky says:

    McCain was a traitor in the war prisoner camp, he has shown his traitorous ways since becoming a senator, so why would we expect anything less NOW?

  31. truckman says:

    Songbird has been a thorn in Americas side scene he was in military should never of been elected to office trash like him pelosi and feinstein is the reason we need term limits on total time in elected office

  32. Mccain is probably making money off of Syria and doesn’t want Trump to pull us out just like every other war we’ve been in, politicians and there friends make a profit.

  33. Joseph g says:

    One of many sick rino’s I’m dc. Not to mention all of the mentally ill democrats

  34. srw says:

    jOHN MCCAIN is a perfect example for what HATE does to a person. He needs a keeper.

  35. zee says:

    Talk about GAUL. 0-m-G.

  36. RINO REGRESSICE Senator McCain would do well to resign due to the lethal brain sickness inhibiting his ability to function…he should retire gracefully or be impeached by congress. Mr. McCain has been a surrogate to globalist nazi George Soros and his shadow government…its time to retire McCain and investigate Soros unconstitutional activities which include treason!

  37. Dorothy says:

    John McCain… why don’t you do us all a favor and drop dead now! You are the most disgusting individual that has ever disgraced the uniform of our country. Once a traitor always a traitor.

  38. Oscar says:

    John McCain needs to get out of Washington not fit to be Senator he is more democrat than any

    • Ralph Green says:


  39. Charles Williams says:

    McCain in a poor loser since he lose to Obama who was a the worst President in te United State just like McCain would been the second worst President we dodge a bullet when he didn’t win.

  40. CaptTurbo says:

    John McCain is a butt wipe.

  41. n.j. nichols says:

    o.k., i get it. he stinks.

  42. Uncle Sam says:

    I can’t believe the great people from the state of Arizona allow you to represent them . You have lost what credibility you had. Go away!

    • asoro says:

      Amen to that, Plus as bad as this sounds because i would never wish someone ill, But if that tumor gets a little bigger maybe he will have to go away, and give his seat up….. sorry to say that but he has to go and fast

  43. Wayne says:

    Why would anyone take advice on the subject of war from the “Hanoi Songbird”? McCain is a stain on the United States Military. A traitor to his fellow prisoners and his country.

  44. john431 says:

    I believe McCain’s doctors must hake removed his brain and left the tumor in his head by mistake.

  45. TexRancher says:

    We’ve long suffered through McCain’s hate for Trump so now would be a good time for him to STFU and let us enjoy what time he has left!

  46. TexRancher says:

    We’ve been suffering through McCain’s hate for Trump, so now would be a good time for McSenile to stfu and let us enjoy what time he has left!

  47. John Soroka says:

    McCain is a traitor to this country and he is surely a communist sympathizer.

    • TexRancher says:

      “SongBird”, who later lead a committee on the hundreds/thousand POWs left behind when he was released and tried to cover the story up. Only now is it getting anytime before the public!

      • Dave says:

        I believe it was over 620 pows that were left behind when McCain said they’re all out. He’s been a traitor for a very long time and I I hate him. I think he fits in with the same group of John freaking carry and that’s stupid senator from Connecticut that lied about his service.

    • asoro says:

      bingo,,, Plus he’s been riding that coat tail from the POW days long enough.

  48. Always a bad idea to pay attention to anything McCain has to say. As to Syria. That has become a no win situation. It is possible that we could have done something a few years back. But that time has come and gone. Who are we supporting in Syria? Who are we fighting? Most people are saying that Assad is a bad guy. Some conflicting reports suggest that he is being framed. Some reports claim that opposition forces are actually responsible for the chemical agent attacks. But for the sake of argument let us presume that Assad is a bad guy. And let us presume that he could be removed. The question that has to be asked is who would take his place? All the opposing factions involved in that mess are as bad or worse than he is. One suggestion for us is to cut our losses and get out. Let all the bad guys fight it out and then deal with the outcome. But some are concerned about countering the Russian influence that has been established in the area. It is too late for that. We missed our chance. One other suggestion is to just concentrate on fighting known terrorist organizations that have attacked or supported attacks on the United States in the past. The outcome to all this is not likely to be in the best interest of the United States no matter what that outcome may be.

  49. Mike says:

    John McLame is always deflecting the attention away from his failures! McLame, Obama, Kerry and the Hilgabeast all supported, gave aid to ISIS in Syria and propped up Assad’s enemies trying to force him to resign. But he turned to, and got, Russians support!
    McLame is a known traitor! The quicker he dies the better and the sooner he discovers there’s no war heroes in hell.

    It’s no wonder that the Middle East people and governments hate us or don’t trust us. We have lied and manipulated them far to long. That’s what happens when you elect godless men and women to represent you.

    • GySgt. Lew Souder, USMC/Ret. says:

      Why is he still in America? He and “Hanoi Jane” Fonda should have been tried as TRAITORS of the Vietnam War and sent to another Country….

      • Kathy says:

        All I know is back when so many men lost their lives due to his narcissistic behavior and sheer cowardice, I was a 5 year old little girl waiting for my brother to return home from the navy. Instead, my mom and dad had to explain why I wouldn’t be able to see him again. And then I guess around age 16, I learn the truth about what John McCain did and his actions resulted in the loss of my beloved brother’s life.
        From that day and until the day John McCain finally dies, I’ve carried a deep hatred for that lousy excuse of a human being. That so called war hero….what a crock!
        All I can say is I’ll be so glad to hear when that SOB takes his dirt nap! He will then FINALLY be on his way to HELL !!! Hooray!!

  50. Chief Grey Eagle says:

    The Songbird of the Hanoi Hilton is all for war, as long as he is not in it. McCain betrayed his country to the enemy, he had legislation passed that blocked any investigation into MIA/POWs in Vietnam, he killed over 100 men with a wet-start of his aircraft. And this SOB (not Sweet Old Boy), cannot be trusted, and he makes statements against the Duly Elected President of the USA.
    Way to go, TRAITOR!

  51. john esposito says:

    Doesn’t warmongerer McCain realize that he one of the most hated men in the US. If all of the American knew all of his past history they would never have anything to do with the man. A born loser.

  52. michael says:

    thank god we have so called rinos like him, most republicans now are right wing zealots trying to ruin american democracy!!

    • Paul Powell says:

      Yeah mccain has more blood on his hands than any one else in government, he came close to sinking an aircraft carrier (the Forestall) he destroyed how many aircraft because of his stupidity. Yeah mccain has committed acts of treason against this country, but because of his daddy those charges were thrown out. That inflame thing is nothing but a warmonger.

    • Vinson Biddy Jr says:

      You have that backwards, it’s the New Communist Democrat Party. Besides Syria was Pusbag Obama’s war for another country to give to his Muslim Brotherhood creeps.

  53. Vincent Brady says:

    The 1990 gun free zone law ’emboldened” mass shootings at our schools, murdering our children! Yet, he pines for the victims in a distant land and does nothing to repeal this incredible stupid law!

  54. Joseph says:

    He has become a disgrace. He should retire while there is still a chance he can expire with any dignity left.

    • Mike says:

      The time for McLame to die with any dignity, passed long ago. He will be forever remembered as a traitor, not only to the American people but to the world.
      He’s got a lot of blood on his hands to account for in eternity.

    • Irene says:

      Are’nt there any laws by which you can kick this sick old bastard out?? There should be. He’s doing too much harm to the whole country and he MUST be shut down once and for all. No democracy can be victorious when you have such a bastard and traitor amoung you. Have him jailed asap.

  55. Mead Carlson says:

    McCain is a horrible vindictive, bitter loser. He will say and do anything to try to remove Trump from office. Worse than a Democrat, he is consumed by hatred for our President. he needs to go. Beware of Romney, just a younger version of McCain.

  56. William j. NOROSKI says:

    I have always had the UTMOST regard for the Senator. I think that with his latest illness that HE has completely “LOST HIS MIND ”

    He should BOW out , retire , enjoy the rest of his life. GET out of politics. he bis not “FIT” for it anymore

  57. Linda Morgan says:

    McCain was a Traitor and Still is a Traitor to The United States of America !!

  58. Jan13 says:

    John, retire and enjoy what time you have left. Can’t remember, did you say the same when BHO removed our troops from Iraq and then we had to go back in and retake the territory from isis?

  59. Rodger Shull says:

    He is {mccain} a bitter DEAD MAN WALKING , a LOSER 100 and 50% , and he is going to cause a lot of trouble for many people before he goes away , FOREVER, that will be his legacy, THE BITTER LOSER, maybe more bitter than clinton is.

    • Vincent Cane Jr says:

      when is this $hithole mcCrap going to die.. I pray every night for God to let saten take this $hit burger home to his hell where he belongs

    • Sam says:

      He is an out right trader to his party and the President the people elected . McCain should resign now or be forced out . He has lost all respect from millions of supporters .

  60. H.P.TROUTMAN says:


  61. Mark Gander says:

    Mcain is spent he should retire his day as politician has past retire take some of your friends with u don’t forget Shumer & Pelosi they suck as well

  62. jayme sousa says:

    Let’s not forget “daredevil antics” his four star Admiral father tried covering up the 134 seamans lives on the USS Forrestal Fighter pilot McCain unloaded his armament against fellow military officers and seamen. Yes, and “songbird” McCain never, ever atoned to the families having lost their loved ones rom this tragic series of faux pas. McCain was north of the “no fly zone” in north Vietnam When his aircraft was hit by anti aircraft missiles. He was taken to Hanoi Hilton where his fractured arms (he forgot to draw his elbows in while ejecting) were bandaged while being interrogated. “Songbird” McCain gave every detailed information of top secret positions of every strategic military position (on 32 videos). McCain in a Benedict Arnold…a traitor andfailed lawmaker, father, military officer and even a POW in the Hanoi Hilton….McCain, start atoning for you errant ways. God Bless America. McCain, Read A Bible. Especially Psalm 128. (God’s Law)

    • Sam says:

      You are so right . The Navy did a real fast cover up for him when he was released for the POW camp , because the other service members where rating him out for collusion with the enemy .

  63. Mark Gander says:

    Mckaine should retire he is spent my book he is one of them that seem watching

  64. Larry says:

    John, put your ‘Dunce Hat’ back on, and return to the corner…

  65. Gloria Wedemeyer says:

    He at one time was my biggest hero for what I read and heard about him but the more I find out about him and just watching how vindicative he is, he is one of the biggest scums on this earth. I am now more ashamed that I ever voted for him. I think the cancer he has is affecting his brain.

  66. Stephen says:

    McCain is such a disgrace Since losing the Presidential election to Obummer.

  67. Peter Klopfenstein says:

    McCain is not the same man he was when fought in Viet Nam, fool. I am thinking they brainwashed him in the prison camp like the Manchurian candidate. He’s letting his personal sense of failure for President distort his objectivity towards Trump. McCain had his chance but the baton has been passed to a new runner and McCain needs to stop providing aid and comfort to the enemy.

    • Sam says:

      If McCain cant be the winner , he does not like to play fair . He will work for the enemy rather than help a winner like Trump . McCain is a true Democrat through and through .

  68. Tom Martin says:

    Well I see seven percent of those who commented are nuts. I wish they would have served with McCain as I did. He would sell his daughter out for a price. He is and was an embarrassment to his Father

  69. Cp123 says:

    There are enemies of this country masquerading as politicians. John mcCain is one of them.

  70. Greg Douglas says:

    McCain… It was never intended for our Congressmen or women to be in D.C. for durations much longer than 1 or 2 terms elected. Why?…because the longer a Congressional Rep. or Politician is IN that swamp, the more likely they can become exposed to corruptive forces, or a tool for lobbyists and exposed to all the secular trappings that float around, in that 10mile radius, called District of Columbia.
    You’ve been in Congress for some 35yrs. Its time for you to retire. Your recent hostile rhetoric toward OUR Commander in Chief, OUR President, is not becoming of you and only serves as cannon fodder for the Presidents enemies. It appears you’ve waivered in your ideology and for the last 8yrs., it appears the Obamanite Misadministration has chipped away, at your underpinnings. Time to exit Senator McCain. Too many years in D.C. and visions of ‘ Globalist -New World ideology’ has changed you, into shadow of your former self, at the expense of the American people.

  71. Mike H says:

    used to have respect for John McCain. Not anymore.Check out McCain’s background. I guarantee you it isn’t what you think it is.

  72. Robert Morgan says:

    McCain is a has been. He needs to shut his pie hole and quit trying to be what he aint, a Statesman.

  73. Terre says:

    McCain needs to have his mouth shut – permanently; he’s a flaming leftist liberal; the only reason he’s for wars is he’s making money from them – that’s one of the main reasons for every single war that’s ever been. He was in a war, was taken prisoner & treated horribly – now, tell me, why he be FOR war? Really? Look at his affiliations, they’re a tell….

    • Paul Powell says:

      He was not called song bird for nothing, he ratted out a great many men, he is a traitor to this country and to the people as well.

  74. Earl says:

    JOHN McCAIN the DRINO (DumboRAT RINO) maybe suffering from his POW days. America did not rescue him earlier and he was very important because HE was an AMERICAN PIOLET. JOHN McCAIN NEEDS TO EITHER RUN AS A DUMBOrat or retire..

  75. Rick says:

    McCain just hasn’t figured out that it’s time to be home and come to grips with the fact
    that he is really irrelevant. No one cares what he has to say. Trump will be just fine. He didn’t announce
    exact date of departure and again only telegraphed sometime soon. Graham ought to keep his mouth
    shut too. He’s knocking on the door of relevance again but it remains shut.

  76. STEVE FLOWERS says:

    JOHN McCAIN, The hatred that comes out of your mouth is a disgrace. Knowing what I do know about you, I would have never voted for you when you ran for the office of the PRESIDENCY. I know that you carry within your dislike for PRESIDENT TRUMP for he said about you when he was running for the Presidency, but as for you sir, in some ways you had it coming. When you ran for the Presidency, you let OBAMA RUN ALL OVER YOU, YOU RAN THE MOST PATHETIC CAMPAIGN IN MODERN HISTORY. What you were afraid of was not becoming of one seeking that office, now in your ‘GOLDEN YEARS’ you are on a mission of a man who is on a path of destruction. I often wondered about you when you were a prisoner and the talk about you was that you conspired at times with the enemy. SIR, IS THAT TRUE!
    Settle down JOHN, you are not going to win this, I wish you well, but I have lost all faith in you!

  77. david chekemian says:

    McCain has long outlived his usefulness and it’s time for this old Buzzard to retire. He is a disgrace to the Republican Party and has no shame.

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