John McCain just launched a new vicious attack on President Trump

Once again, Senator John McCain finds himself aligned with the extreme leftwing media, Chuck Schumer, and Nancy Pelosi.

Since the 2016 election, John McCain has slandered and viciously attacked President Trump and his agenda. He even voted against the repeal of Obamacare.

But his latest attack on Trump revealed what a hypocrite he really is.

Liberals’ heads are popping off over the illegal immigrant children being separated from their parents during short criminal proceedings.

Trump hasn’t changed any rules, he’s just simply enforcing the laws already on the books.

John McCain has been in the U.S. Senate for three decades and had every chance to fix this issue. But instead he chose to attack Trump at a politically convenient time.

It appears that Senator McCain has bought into the mass hysteria that fake news outlets (such as MSNBC) is creating.

Kasie Hunt of MSNBC also took to Twitter to spread fake news and attack the President on the latest immigration debate.

Apparently she believes if you yell something “loud” enough on Twitter it will become true.

Since Kasie Hunt refuses to report the facts regarding the Trump administration’s immigration policies, we will do her job for her.

The National Review sums it up nicely:

For the longest time, illegal immigration was driven by single males from Mexico. Over the last decade, the flow has shifted to women, children, and family units from Central America…

The Trump administration isn’t changing the rules that pertain to separating an adult from the child. Those remain the same. Separation happens only if officials find that the adult is falsely claiming to be the child’s parent, or is a threat to the child, or is put into criminal proceedings.

It’s the last that is operative here. The past practice had been to give a free pass to an adult who is part of a family unit. The new Trump policy is to prosecute all adults. The idea is to send a signal that we are serious about our laws and to create a deterrent against re-entry. (Illegal entry is a misdemeanor, illegal re-entry a felony.)

As you can see, the hysteria over this alleged cruelty is greatly exaggerated. In fact, typically when these adults are prosecuted they are returned to their families on the same day.

However, the “mainstream media” refuses to report the facts. The media and the Democrats are using immigrant children as pawns to attack the President.

These pathetic attacks are falling flat.


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202 Responses

  1. John McCain, you have goon from hero to asshole, why don`t you give it a rest! You are not worthy of carrying President Trump`s water bucket! You are obviously having the onset of senility! Keep your mouth shut and you won`t keep getting your foot caught in it!

  2. Jerry Skinner says:

    You have been whinning too long about not being recognized as a leader. You are not a leader. We rejected you. Go away, take your sour grapes with you and shut up. History and weakness say you are small. Your ego says you are large. Go away.

  3. ellen schloss says:

    Send him back to Viet Nam i agree with E.R Frederick . I have never liked McCain – he is a phony he is not a hero like people said he was. he was and still is a POS and it is time for his cancer to simply let him go already.
    and we all know where he will go

  4. Jim says:

    Mccain and the Democratic Party are an embarrassment and disgrace to our Country as they continue Obama’s goal to destroy the 🇺🇸 United States of America. Their anti police, military, God, the flag, the 10 commandments and the Pledge of Allegience.

    Thank God for President Trump!

  5. Lisa says:

    This bitter, pus pocket of envy & jealousy will die knowing that HE was REJECTED by the American people TWICE when he sought the presidency. Marinating in his own arrogance & elitism, used to getting his own way, he was & is ENRAGED that a billionaire outsider succeeded where he FAILED. He will die as he lived, a corrupt, arrogant punk.

    • Farnco says:

      You are destroying your own legacy!
      SHUT YOUR PIE-HOLE, Chicken Lips!

      I use to admire you, WHOA!
      Maybe it’s your illness.
      Obama treated you like toilet tissue!

  6. Andy says:

    Dear Mr.MaCain, Sorry about your failing health. Im sure a lot of people are praying for you. So maybe you should be backing the President in what he trying to accomplish If you are a religious man. You must know that our great God says not to go against His anointed one. Think about that. AND WHY NOT.

    • Sheldon Nadler says:

      John McCain needs to go away quietly, now! His brain cancer has overtaken his logic and now he making moronic and stupid comments that in the long run mean nothing!

    • Lisa says:

      McCain is NOT a religious man, the only god HE worships is George Soros, two arrogant, elitist, self consumed sociopathic peas in a pod.

  7. Ernesto Sanchez says:


    • Jacqueline says:

      I agree with Ernesto. Close the borders.
      I really can’t understand parents who drag their children across thousands of miles into such danger. I am sure they know what could happen. to them. . I believe the parents.are to blame for the mess. Not the President.
      The children may be better off separated from the parents and other criminals. Twelve year old girls being given birth control. proves my point. The parents know the danger they are going into. Breaking the law. Endangering the children. As a Mother, Grandmother, Great Grandmother, I cannot imagine such selfishness

  8. s.Grimm says:

    He is a total fraud and should resign for the good of the country. We should have term
    limits, to prevent any politician from assuming too much power or influence

  9. Richard Nyberg says:

    As a Vietnam I had respect for what McCain went through as a POW but he also turned on his fellow prisoner’s. He was also the pilot show plane started the tragidy on the USS Forrestal. As a Senator I think he’s a rotten avatars that shouldn’t have been reelected. He’s not a real republican he’s a Democrat pretending and lying to his constituents. He should resign now before he does, so they can put a true Republican in office.

  10. George V Rowe says:

    John McCain is the AFFRONT to not just the American people but all humankind.
    I once supported McCain but soon realized he had lied to me personally, to all Arizonans and to all Americans. A real life Manchurian Candidate. A TRAITOR.
    I apologize to all for ever supporting McCain. One of the worse bigoted hypocrites ever.

  11. trapperwv1 says:

    John McCain does not seem as bad off as one might think, it could be someone talking for him. Has anyone seen him ? No current pics could be his wife and daughter running their mouths. If not he has a lot to answer for.

    • Mary Jo says:

      I think he is a total fraud. He is hated by so many because of his lies, his laziness and right now more lies.

      • Reb says:

        He’s asswipe moron Libturd POS traitor ! No more a “hero” than my left nut ! He’s as low life as you can get,even lower than whale shut on ocean floor !!

  12. Bill says:

    The only way we are going to solve the immigration crisis is to elect Satan as President , the devilcrats will listen to anything he says. They certainly won’t listen to anyone else.

    • Mary Jarvis says:

      The Democrats are already. Following the devil and his helpers, such
      As I Obama Hillary, McCain etc.. They have yet made me believe he has a health PROMBLE. He’s got into much, he just playing Hillary health problems.
      If I’m wrong I pray God for give me.

  13. Phyllis says:

    Obviously the tumor is growing again. Wish he would shut up….who cares what he thinks?

    • Frances King says:

      Each time he attacks our President his ratings drop. If that is what he wants he is going about it correctly. I think we are headed to seeing a zero percent favorability rating for him.

  14. Floyd says:

    McCain is a commie convert when started rating out his fellow POWs

    • Mike says:

      Senator McCain is still mad that he couldn’t get elected as POTUS! Maybe John should tell all Americans word for word his apology after being shot down in Vietnam!

      • Floyd says:

        My brother was over there for 2 tours. He was building roads and air fields. When got home he was sick and in the VA hospitals. Later he had liver trans plant. When went back years later for a heart problem. He died in the VA HOSPITAL BECAUSE ODUMBIE CUT THE SPENDING FOR THE VA HOSPITALS.

  15. michael says:

    at least we have one true hero in the world!!

  16. Barbara Cook says:

    I support President Trump and his administration for following through on his promises during his campaigning. By following through with our laws on the books, President Trump and his administration is not causing any more harm than what has already been caused by letting these illegal immigrants cross our borders and think that they can have everything giving to them for free.

    Some of the illegal immigrants that come across our borders, especially the illegals that are in gangs, once they get here then they are causing more harm to the citizens of the United States of America. These gang members come here to recruit new members to their gangs to continue the crime sprees that they are doing in our neighbourhoods and in our communities.

    If these illegal immigrants do not want to face the consequences, then apply through the legal process to be able to come into our country. They need to think about their children when they start making that trip.

    I support President Trump on this process 1,000%, and I will not change my opinion on this either.

    • brenda says:


  17. Floyd says:

    McCain is a true commie convert.

  18. Judy Stascheit says:

    I know McCain has brain cancer. But shouldn’t he at least have to be able to read in order to stay in Congress. It would be nice if he could read the facts. I am so ashamed that I voted for him those years back —-if I only knew how spiteful a man he could be. Truth be told, I only voted for him, when I look back, is because Sarah Palin was his running mate.

  19. Dianna says:

    John McCain is a prime example of why we need term limits in the Senate and House of Representatives and Federal and Supreme Court Judges too! John McCain isn’t a “TRUE” Republican! I can’t understand how he’s keep his seat in office! His voters should be ashamed but we all are reaping what this man has sown and is sowing with his hate and dishonest behavior for President Trump!

  20. Why doesn’t this liberal republican, just die and go to hell where he belongs.

    • shirley says:

      When he does that , then we can really call him a hero… thing he’s done for his country

    • Matthew G. Zatkalik says:

      The email for this blog begins: “Read and react …” and the validity of Pavlov’s experiments with dogs – which demonstrated that canine behavior can be changed using conditioning – also is true for humans. The media prints/speaks and the people snarl, spew obscenities and hatred and have entered their ‘attack’ mode on the named individual. Brothers and Sisters this ought not be!

    • ROBERTW says:

      Hey McCain. Just DIE. Hurry UP and DIE.

  21. larry roberts says:

    John McCancer can shut up tobay, Hillary yesterday, crying Chuck last month, Pelosi keep up the Mouth Dem’s love ya. Keep up the good work Pres. Trump!

  22. Hal Lemoyne says:

    Do you support President Trump on illegal immigration?
    YES @ (100%)=326,700,009 US voters
    no @ (0%)=liberal voters

    Hopefully soon mccain will die a horrible death or hopefully his tongue will be cut/ripped out of his mouth

    and I will celebrate when 1 or both of the above activities befells john mccain

    this is my desire!!!

  23. Sandra Standeford says:

    Just shut up, you will never be the man President Trump is.

  24. Jean Miller says:

    Do you realize that you will be accountable before God for your awful words. jJesus died for our sins and accepting him and his pardon for sins is the only way to go. The next thing will land you in hell and you will be forever there.

  25. Barbara Cook says:

    I am proud of President Trump standing his grounds on what he campaigned on during the election. I am glad that he wasn’t a regular politician when he was running for President.

    I am very happy with him being different. We needed someone in the White House that wasn’t a regular politician, because, then the Deep State and all of the crooked Democrats would be able to pull all of the strings for things to fulfilled.

    Every American should be very proud to have President Trump in the White House to change everything that was done during former Obama’s terms in office, because he didn’t do anything that was very good at all. I am praying that he is running for re-election in 2020!

    President Trump has done more and better for all Americans, other than former President Reagan!!!

  26. Cecil Simmons says:

    Johnny is HELL!!! BOUND!!!!

    • Matthew G. Zatkalik says:

      I’m not sure where you got the news from – are there leakers in Heaven? – my sense is that there are going to be a number of people who thought ‘others’ were “hell bound” only to find themselves there with or without them. Surprise!

  27. S. Sauvia says:

    First of all they are not immigrants. Immigrants follow the law and apply for citizenship through proper channels. They are not refugees either. They are criminals attempting illegal entry into our country. When criminals are arrested they are naturally going to be separated from their children. This is the fault of the criminals and not law enforcement officials or the government. As for the policies pertaining to persons illegally crossing our boarder; they were established by democrats years ago. In accordance with those policies children may not be detained more than twenty days. The democrats envisioned a different outcome. The children could not be detained and they could not be separated from their parents so they would all be released and allowed entry into the country. One result of this is that some adults would bring children who were not even their own. The plight of the children is real through no fault of their own. And they are being used as pawns by the those attempting illegal entry and the democrats who want open boarders. The democrats have made this clear because they refuse to consider any reasonable solution. They just shout that is all Trump’s fault even though he did not make the policy but is only enforcing previously established policy. Of course they all hate Trump because he is not a professional politician. He is not a member of the club. And he dared to challenge and defeat darling Hillary.

    • KYGrandma says:

      This is said so well…but you will never here the mainstream media or the liberals who hate our President admit it! These people only have themselves to blame. If they want to seek asylum, do it legally. There is a way to do it. They don’t have to come in as criminals and their children won’t be separated. The way these people are coming in, is ILLEGAL! They are breaking the law! When any American citizen breaks the law, we are separated from our children too….we go to jail! It’s that simple. If they don’t want to be separated, come legally or don’t come at all. I don’t believe for one minute that these children will be mistreated purposefully and they are trying to housing and laws passed so familes can be together while they wait. That’s a lot more than they even think about doing for some of these American children who fall through the cracks every day in our Foster Care System! Where are all of these crying liberals when our own children are being mistreated?!? They really make me sick when I see them crying over children that we are trying our best to care for and treat well while we sort out their parents who have broken our laws and they could care less about our very own children here in our country who live day to day, sometimes not knowing where they might be tomorrow or who they might have to live with or even if that person or persons might treat them well! I don’t know who they think they’re fooling but themselves and other liberals like them!

  28. Gene says:

    He was a trader in Vietnam and HE is still a trader

    • Matthew G. Zatkalik says:

      trader vs. traitor – take a deep breath, consult a dictionary and then consider this: The byline for Patriot Plus is “The True Voice of the American Right.” Some of the comments contained herein sound as if they come from anywhere but “The True Voice of the American Right.”

  29. Gordon says:

    1) McCain has always been crazy, and completely out of step with the GOP. Now the brain cancer and treatments for it are making him even crazier. A man/woman with any ethics (some might say a ‘hero’) would gracefully resign, and allow someone qualified to be appointed/elected to his seat, as required by Arizona law. 2) Why are the adults who reach the border even being given the consideration of a trial? Set up a few platoons of Marines with fixed bayonets at the crossings points (so they can rotate watches, and get some mess and rack time) and turn back anyone without a valid visa or green card in hand. Leave the area between the crossing points, where the wall hasn’t been built yet, to the Border Patrol. This is not rocket science. It’s all about sovereignty, and not the insane idea of open borders.

  30. Wills says:

    John McCain’s “expiration date” can’t get here soon enough. He’s a bitter old man whose time has come to just fade away.

  31. RufusVonDufus says:

    Bless Trump as he attempts to right the failing ship the USS Political System. Obama left him a total mess with all of his “feel good” policies and lack of economic knowledge. He hired nothing but a bunch of college educated morons who had no experience whatsoever. He also did the same thing with immigration as a liberal pos feel good community agitator. He was the worst possible thing for this country, BUT he could talk. Big freaking deal!!!!!

  32. FPM says:

    How sad is it when the devil doesn’t even want you?

  33. jayme sousa says:

    John McCain was a born loser. An adolescent loser, A cadet loser. A naval officer loser. A Senator (corrupt) loser. And a lying phony. McCain will go to purgatory to do time for ALL lives he was responsible for “snuffing out.” Maybe, after doing “time in purgatory” he may progress to the “pearly gates.” Pray. Amen. God Bless America and ALL Americans (not illegal aliens). Read A Bible. Psalm 128.

  34. Joe Jacobs says:

    i thought mac was supposed to be dead by now. i believe he is trying to CYA. he is practicing the same thing his buddy alan cranston did back in the 80’s…the keating 5′ savings and loan scam…. which mac was a part of but skated thru. cranston on the eve of discovery left Washington because he had TERMINAL COLON CANCER and was supposed to die in 6 months but he lived another 10 years…..still can’t the Eagles broke up because of cranston

    • Joe you have got that right. You do begin yo wander about a terminal case who comes out like a rat in order to hurt someone he is jealous of. Needs to begin to clean up his own sorid past and get ready to meet God. You cannot bull crisp Father God.

  35. Brenda says:

    This is rich! This guy has been in office for over 30 years , he has done nothing but cause this problem and he doesn’t want to fix it. Of course he doesn’t want to fix’s this immigration issue, because his money laundering foundation just got caught by the FB I for human trafficking. I hope karma is a bitcho Rino McCain!

  36. zee says:

    WHO TF is Kasie Hunt (msnbc). Wow , Ignorance Abounds.
    > FYI Kasie, GWB ‘signed’ THE LAW’ of which GWB/bomba
    Did Not Enforce. POTUS DJT WILL NOT ‘break the LAW’
    children w/ trafficking HANDLERS. ONLY TIME child ‘separated’
    from Family, IS WHEN a FAM parent has a criminal record.

  37. Ernest Lane says:

    John, do your country a service. Die.

  38. Charlie says:

    McCain is a RINO and the sooner he is out of the Senate the better.

    • RufusVonDufuss says:

      He brought it all upon himself along with the morons in Arizona who constantly voted for the pos RINO!

      • Sam says:

        Since he has no problem running his mouth but not cable of going to work , why has he not been removed from office ? , Not with his wife or daughter , but with voters ?

  39. Steve says:

    When all else fails, just blame POTUS Trump. This problem was compounded by the actions of last administration. Even all of us uneducated deplorable POS cult members know what the game is. You democommies and RINO’S want to legalize these people,not knowing one thing about them. The end game is outnumber the cult and keep your ruling elite status. This isn’t about bible verses that you people want to throw out at us. I’m surprised that any of you know any verses to begin with since you want to throw GOD out of everything. So you just don’t get to cherry pick what suits your needs for the moment and throw out the rest. So if you want to use verses, then use them all and quit throwing GOD out of the public square. These people need to go back from where they came from and then, their families would be together. If you want to come here,do it legally. Don’t break our laws by crossing the border illegally and then demand the rights of people that already inhabit this great land. We are not haters in this country, but there are laws for a reason. If these people want to come here legally and want to make positive contributions to our nation, then by all means,come in legally and welcome to the USA. If you are coming here for a free ride, to commit crime against our citizens or to keep the elitist in power, then go back to wherever it is you came from. I am the grandson of a legal immigrant who came here in the 1920’s. I proudly served in the USAF and I still work everyday,and I vote. America is the greatest nation on earth and we want to keep it that way! They call McCain a maverick, thats just another term for RINO!!!!!!!

  40. jerry says:

    Can’t somebody come up with a bad dose of chemo?

  41. Thomas says:

    John McCain you are a trader to the American people you betrayed the American people and your POW comrades .Tell the American people why you sealed your files. Tell the American people how you killed all those marines on that aircraft carrier.

  42. Frank W Brown says:

    FYI johnny boy, Millions and millions of people are ROOTING for the CANCER! Sing your last song SONGBIRD!

  43. Sergio Pastor says:

    John McCain…. a delusional old man hamstrung by his own hatred and failures for being a lousy Senator and sorry at the end of his life a fool anti-American you will never could accomplish what Mr. TRUMP is doing for our country!! I am a Latino but our present president is OK!!!!! with me

  44. Roy Johnston says:

    At one time John McCain was a Patriotic American, now he has turned into a Pathetic American. Hate only brings ruin to the hater.

  45. holland180 says:

    McCain the sooner we no longer hear from him th better, and we need a strong effort to keep his wife from continuing his anti Trump attacks.

    And the immigration explosion the Dem’s are making against Trump……………The illegals that broke our existing laws are criminals. We did not invite or ask them to sneak into the Country and bring children and family members with them while other immigrants are patiently waiting in line to legally be able to enter the Country….and then when they get caught. they and the liberal democrats complain that they may be separated from each other and how cruel treatment that is but never mention the fact that they should never have entered the Country in the first place! Truth is the Dem’s want all the illegals so they can kiss the hand that wants then and become democrat voters. The Church’s want them, especially catholic church and others because they feel they will join their dwindling church members and neither group will recognize that these folks broke our law and entered the Country illegally and punishment is in order.
    The liberal left want them here to become democrats and along the way will house them, feed them, provide medical service, educate them and allow them to drain entitlement funds and this thought is absolutely craziness that only the insane mind could support.

  46. Bill says:

    Katie Hunt shut your flamin’ pie hole. We are all deaf to your ranting. John McCain shut your prune hole. You had over thirty years to fix the immigration problems and you and the rest of those dumbass politicians just kept on kicking the can down the alley. We don’t want to hear any more of your BS rino boy.

  47. Michael Hughe says:

    RINOs like John McCain and every single Democrat in the country want Trump to solve the separation problem by “executive action”. If he did such a thing, what would be the difference between Trump and Obama—- both committing non-Constitutional acts with the stroke of their pens?

    The Congress has long been a useless branch of our government since they have ceeded all their authority to new branches of government , populated by un-ellected bureaucrats who make regulations and laws with no oversight whatever.

    Democrats want Trump to act like Obama. Trump wants the Congress to do what they were elected to do, and make a better law.

  48. Thomas Hall says:

    Someone needs to bag this loudmouth traitor and take him to Vietnam drop him off naked with a rain poncho and an Obama tracfone

  49. Helga Miller says:

    It is very clear that McCain has lost a lot of his memory and is unable to think clearly. He is in the throws of his second childhood and we can’t take him seriously now!

  50. Bob Knapp says:

    It worked exactly as planned. Over-the-hill McCain once again said something really stupid and it is getting him the attention he obviously craves. Doesn’t matter that most of it is negative as in the PR world all attention is good as long as your name is spelled correctly.

  51. Joanna says:

    Is McCain an American sure hard o tell?!? He ought to be ashamed of himself!!!

  52. Bill says:

    John McCain is a Fu**ing liar he need’s to RETIRED NOW. People know you were there when this law was created by Congress & Senate. You people out there should know that the pictures shown were from 2014 during the OBAMA ERA.

  53. Ernst says:

    John McCain is a rat and a hypocrite. He did not complain about “separation” of immigrants under Obama. I will be glad when a McCain is no longer in the Senate.

    • gene smith says:

      Poor John…. a delusional old man hamstrung by his own hatred and failures.
      After 30 years or so in the Congress there should be nothing he can really bitch about or blame others for….he has had his chance and in so doing screams from the top of the Washington Monument for TERM LIMITS.

  54. Tom Martin says:

    McCain will not shut up until he dies. He is evil. God forgive me. – take care of McCain and shut him up

  55. larry roberts says:

    John McCancer Shut up and get in line with the rest of the Dem’s, Hillary, Comey, stein, Denearo, go back Italy, all of you just leave,too many to name them all.

  56. Legal Law Abiding Immigrant for Pres. Trump says:

    Actually Hypocrite John McCain is the one who initiated the “witch hunt” Russian investigation. John McCain is a real traitor of American Tax Payers. He had proven in many times. Well, as mentioned there is always a special place in HELL for John McCain, the loser & haters.
    Why is it disgrace Corrupt Pathological Serial Liar Hitlery Clinton our of jail? Where’s the real justice? LEGAL LAW ABIDING IMMIGRANTS SUPPORTS AND PRAY FOR MORE SUCCESS OF PRES. DONALD J. TRUMP, THE REAL PATRIOT WHO CARES ABOUT THE AMERICAN TAX PAYERS.

  57. Rich Kenny says:

    Isn’t there a cure or remedy for Mad Cow Disease? I mean before it spreads??? I see all the signs here… Go to sleep songbird mc!!! Our world will be soooo much better without you in it… perhaps many sailors and other military heros… will be spared the misfortune of serving with you and being dishonored by your false patriotism. Just think how many of your “comrades” would still be alive were it not for you singing to the enemy.. or crashing your plane into the carrier….shame on you ..the only award you should have gotten is the Goldened POS award..

    • tgw says:

      Absolutely,” Rich Kenny” His medical condition is to bad, but all he has caused over the years , and now continuing for a while longer , seals his so called legacy at the bottom of the rung,
      Not a HERO in any event I support. never will be .

      The many who suffered because of Mc Cain, is astronomically huge. He will answer for all , and that day will come before GOD ALMIGHTY.

  58. Joe says:

    Lay down and go to sleep

  59. Nunyer Binnis says:

    That old Arschloch still breathes? Only the good die young.

  60. Legal Law Abiding immigrants support for Pres. Trump. says:

    Hypocrite John McCain is a disgrace RINO, loser & hater. John McCain have no loyalty to his voters. During campaign he was very much against bamacareLESS and all of the agenda of FAILED DISGRACE CORRUPT PATHOLOGICAL SERIAL LIAR OBAMA . And he wants to be called hero! There is always a special place in hell for haters & losers. I am a LEGAL LAW ABIDING IMMIGRANTS that followed the US Immigration law. THEREFORE, EVERYONE WHO WANTS TO COME TO THE US MUST FOLLOW THE LAW. This illegal Aliens used children and these people knows that the demonRATs will do anything for their own personal interest and enrichment, they used people that are vulnerable. demonRATs will never be good for the Good of the US, they want open border , these demonRATs politician are bad news for American Tax payers, they want to spend tremendous amount of our Tax not to American citizen but instead to illegal aliens and criminals.

  61. Philip Chapman says:

    I believe in time McCain will be a part of the deep state that started the Russian collusion witch hunt…….sorry but the gate is now open an the truth will prevail.

    • Joseph Toth says:

      I believe he is suffering from Alzheimer’s. No one in their right mind, would have that much hatred all the way to the end. I know someone that was like that before he passed. It was my father, and he really turned nasty at the end. Up until then he was a wonderful man.

      • Kay says:

        I have thought yhis to be a possibility, too. I dealt with my mom, and observed several other Alzheimer’s patients at her memory care facility. His behavior remit d’s me of those observations.

    • Reb says:

      The scumbag POS RINO McShame STFDASU about as much a hero as my left nut

  62. Shelba J. Holmes says:

    John McCain is one of the most useless pieces of self serving garbage in Washington and every time he opens his mouth he makes a fool of himself AGAIN. Where washe when Obama was in office and applying the same LAWS to the immigration issue that President Obama is.

    I wish someone would send themiserable man home to stay so the American people do not have to see his ugly face or hear him ever again.

    • Erich says:

      God, please take this pile of feces out and send him where he belongs for all the murders he’s committed with his stupid stunts, knowing daddy admiral would get him out of trouble. John. You traitor to this country, to your fellow pows, just do us all a favor and die already. Everybody with half a brain knows you hate Trump because he won the presidency you so wanted. But we knew you were a liar and traitor, getting great treatment while your fellow pows got beaten and tortured. This is all from your own comrades in arms, that want nothing to do with you. And while um at it. If you are so damn great, unreal your records. Today. Before you send off to hell. Why won’t you? Coward.

    • Cliff says:

      I agree. Not only should our children come first but Trump did not make the laws, the democrats did. Now they want to place the blame some where else so they might get total control of this country. Dose any one remember Stallen, Hitler and all the other democrats who destroyed their own countries?
      Hunt and McCain are the biggest fools around. Both should go away.

  63. Larry Kosisko says:

    I can’t even call him Senator because he is one of those Senators that have made them a cess poo. and Swamp People. Thank God he is leaving the Senate.

  64. Jane Jenkins says:

    Whatever brain John McCain had has been destroyed by cancer!!!!

    • Matthew G. Zatkalik says:

      It is also true that males – without adult females – are bringing children (as props) with them to heighten sympathy for their entry. Had Obama wanted to (which he didn’t ) he could have changed this but he condoned the practice. Hillary also spoke in favor of this policy and could have done something to alleviate but did not. The Democrats had an opportunity to work with Trump to address this situation but refused to.

    • Matthew G. Zatkalik says:

      Is there some general ‘good’ in attacking a combat veteran, a one-time highly regarded American statesman who is now dealing with cancer in this fashion? Obviously this is not that John McCain but an individual worn down by age and disease. There is a better than 50% you and I will be very similar as we spend our last days on earth.

    • tgw says:

      Are you sure he ever had one Jane? If so, it was not to recognize his fellow man.
      Each time he responds , he shows disdain for all, those who thought he was something that NEVER was.

  65. RUBY MEHR says:


    • Cliff says:

      I agree. Not only should our children come first but Trump did not make the laws, the democrats did. Now they want to place the blame some where else so they might get total control of this country. Dose any one remember Stallen, Hitler and all the other democrats who destroyed their own countries?
      Hunt and McCain are the biggest fools around. Both should go away.

  66. Dan says:

    For all that McCain could have been or would have been, the facts are that he will be remembered as a lair and deceiver to his well intended constituents and republican supporters. Yes, he betrayed many who put their faith in him to support our nation and its people. But worse yet is, that be betrayed himself for being two faced and a proven individual that never should have been in public office and service. Gone is his chance for a legacy to be well remembered and now replaces with the scorn of our betrayed nation. Good Bye and Fare-thee well. May God have mercy on your blighted soul.

  67. joe says:

    McCain is and has been a Never Trumper. he is a liberal hiding in the GOP.

  68. Bruce says:

    F= McCain, I consider him DEAD ALREADY. The most worthless scum bag who committed TREASON, And killing 134 Sailors on the US FORSTALL. along with colluding with the ENEMY in V.N. and in the middle east. Paid for by Clinton, the DNC and George sorros.

    • tgw says:

      And all documented Bruce.

    • Don says:

      Bruce. For those that don’t know he made a HOT start on his plane, blew it up and damaged several others. And the only thing saved his but was that his Dad and Grand Dad where four start Admirals.. Thats a HERO.. i DON’T Think so…

  69. A. von Kleif says:

    ‘Micky the Picky’ has only two pluses in his folder. (1)Dad was an Admiral and (2) Grandad was an out standing Admiral. ‘LiL Micky’ however has nothing else going for him. One of his outstanding accomplishments was trying to make a hot start when on the deck of a carrier. The result was death for more than130 sailors. His ‘accomplishments’ were always of this nature. With this in mind the only job ahead was a politician.

  70. Gerald Ladd says:

    Why do these news feeds try to keep this moron, relevant. The only post I want to see, is when he’s dead!

  71. dENISE says:

    Go to hell McCain. You are a HUGH Rhino.

  72. N says:

    Get off the corrupted to the core NAZI Demoncrat Communist slave plantation party and on the Trump train to success!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  73. Ben Soto says:

    McCain continues to lose it. He has lost my support for anything he says.

  74. Susan says:

    What about the kids that were sent with smugglers!?
    John McCain would you like to put the children in jail with their criminal ILLEGAL parents!? Would that make you happy!? It’s your law it was there before Trump all they are doing is enforcing it which is what needs to be done! Once they figure out we are serious about this maybe this crap at the border will stop! We cannot take care of every illegal that wants to come here sorry but that is a FACTwe know you want open borders so EVERYONE can come but that is STUPID then it will be nothing but crime and drugs it has to stop! Hey how about that WALL!!!

  75. Earl says:

    Every one is upset over the separation of illegal children from their illegal parent. These children will get to live, but what about the approximately 300 AMERICAN CHILDREN that are murdered BY ABORTION every month. They had a right to grow up and lead full lives. The DumboRATS are very concerned about the illegal children, but defend and support murders like the ms-13 gangs and Planed Parenthood. Talk about ANTI-AMERICAN.

  76. Gerrie Stanford says:

    PLEASE LORD, rid us of McCain QUICKLY before he does anymore damage to our country. He is scum and the sooner he dies the better off we will all be!!!

  77. Patricia Hundley says:

    McCain has apparently not dealing with a full deck anymore . I think his brain cancer is having a very bad effect on his thinking. Trump is following laws that have been on the books since Clinton was president , Obama was the one with children ” in cages”

    • Sandra Lee Smith says:

      Actually it was W how signed it ( bad move for Laura B to whine about it); and McCain was either directly or indirectly part of creating the problem; he’s been in Congress that long! Oh, and YES, CONGRESS DID create this problem! They passed the laws being upheld!

      • zee says:

        Yep. GWB ‘signed’ The LAW, from Congress. & he/obomba completely ignored it.
        Now, POTUS DJT WILL NOT ‘break the Law’ for OBVIOUS REASON.
        > Congress MUST Re-WRITE/ Close LOOPHOLES. Period. & Cruz IS NOT
        Helping 1 bit.
        > Simple Remedy: NOT 1 Foot Across ILLEGAL Points = NO SEPARATION.
        > Go TO LEGAL ENTRY Ports. Period.
        > MOST Separation OCCURS Thru HANDLERS of UNACCOMPANIED children
        that Parents Have cut lose, SOUTH of MEX. MEX IS Complicit.
        > i know you ‘know that’, Sandra. Butt, WHO/why are Us ppl doing the ‘nasty’
        AT ILLEGAL Point Entry. Not Good. MORE PROOF = Build That WALL.

  78. Thomas says:

    John McCain is a communist and so is his family. His lies to attain office and voting record prove it.

  79. CCblogging says:

    John McCain gets money from Open Borders Nazi Anarchist George Soros and so do the other Republicans listed below. John Kasich got $500,000 in one year from Soros. ………

    A new report from the Center for Responsive Politics reveals which Republicans received funding from George Soros and his hedge fund employees. The official RINOs are John McCain, Paul Ryan, Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, Lindsey Graham, and John Kasich, via Breitbart.
    All of the above except Paul Ryan have run for president or for a presidential nomination on the Republican ticket. All of them were anti-Trump.

  80. Allen Cruce says:

    When McLain was diagnosed with brain cancer, his ass should’ve been removed from his seat. I guess being one of the Keating Five he has enough crap on other folks to hold his position regardless of his health. And who the hell is Hasie Kunt, and why should anyone care?

  81. CCblogging says:

    McCain is one of the Keating Five, who helped Keating defraud investors and the elderly, and caused a recession, with the Savings & Loan scandal. McCain married into a crime family. McCain sent birthday greetings to a Mafia Godfather in Tucson. McCain is corrupt, so corrupt, he’d be in prison, if he were a normal American citizen. The Bolles murder was the killing of a journalist about to expose the McCain family wealth’s origins in major crime. McCain is as criminal as his friend Hillary. Their criminal lives tie them together.

  82. Richard says:

    So, the rats are climbing the walls to get at Trump over the supposedly child separation abuse. Hmmmmm make you wonder just how dumb these rats are. First the problem of immigration by the South American countries has been an issue for 50 plus years. So when you think about people like McCain, Schummer, Pelosi, Ryan, half of the House of Representatives, and most of those in the Senate kicking the can down the road for years, ignoring laws that did not suit them, taking bribes to let it continue because it helps some business keep payroll down, turning their heads when things were not going as planned.

    What would you expect other then what is happening now, they are all up in arms and blaming Trump for their lack of doing their jobs in the first place. It is a shame, it is a disgrace, it is a sham, that these so called leaders think the people are stupid enough to believe what they are saying. If they are so distraught over the fact that Trump is following the law (something they did not do) then they need to get off their smart ass’s and do what they should have done years ago. FIX THE PROBLEM FOR A CHANGE.

    I can not speak for others who are making comments, but for me this is a perfect example of Government officials going rogue and showing their ignorance. There is no question in anyone’s mind that our immigration policies need addressing, and those that are in the country illegally need to be addressed, that is a true fact. However, I think our so called leaders need to understand the Constitution as well as abiding by the laws that they have enacted. We are a nation which abides by the rule of law!, except when some in congress want to ignore them, so cut out the bull ship, and settle this problem once and for all. Illegal is illegal, Amnisty, if used should be granted with an exception of NON VOTING privileges for 15-20 years. and that would solve the problem of which POLITICAL PARTY gets the credit. Because when you finally get to the problem it is simply VOTES.

  83. j. Wesley Mueller says:

    McCain is bitter about what President Trump said about him being captured and held as POW. The Pilots are given a suicide pill which they can take instead of being a POW. Why didn’t he take his, and why did he get released alive?

    • Susan says:

      He got released alive because he sang we all know this now look at what he looked like when he got home, looked pretty good didn’t look starved at all, now look at his friends that were left behind, they didn’t look so healthy did they!?

      • R.W.Adams says:

        My uncle was held with McCain we are all big me me 6’6 260 my uncle taller heavier extremely muscular ..he was barely 100lbs. When he got out all the vertebrates in his back carried off the p!and home ..the did reach 170 lbs. again at 6,8 that’s not much he never walked again without crutches or never got good health back and died from undetermined injuries at age 46 look at poor senator McCain.he was in better health as a P O E than my uncle ever obtained with years of health treatments when he got home ..

  84. Joan says:

    Oh McCain, why don’t you just die already. You are nothing but a bad excuse for a Republican Senator….you have been on the 5 worst RINO list for many years. You are such a liar and fraud. You were proved to be a “Song Bird” to your captors instead of a HERO. The more you open your liberal mouth, the more people see what kind of a man you really are. The Children taken from their paresnts started with George Bush and then carried on with the Obama Administration… What makes you think this was created by Trump Administration.

  85. James P Hutchins says:

    Hey mcain you traitor when are we the American people going to see you dead.

  86. Jim says:

    McLame is an affront to the decency of the human race.

  87. Clem says:

    I wish Songbird a very slow and painful demise.

    • trapperwv1 says:

      If he is okay enough to follow all this he is ok enough to bring his sorry ass to DC and earn his money instead of being a leech on society.

  88. Marie says:

    It is really sad that someone like John Mc Cain has so much hate in his heart now that he is dying. I would think he would be trying to get his life in shape not going after Trump who is best President we have ever had.

  89. obama the punk says:

    Mc Pain is more proof that Liberalism is a mental disease!!!
    His Brain has been eatin away by brain cancer and caused him to become a libtard loving liberal…what more proof do you need!!!

  90. John Callahan says:

    When in hell is that POS going to croak. I can’t wait.

  91. breaker 19 says:

    Parents who commit crimes have been separated from their children as long as we have had laws. Until DSS was created they were sent to a relative if there was one close that wanted to take them. This is not something new. I has been going on for hundreds of years, When are the Democrats going to start concentrating on something that helps the American people instead of obstructing Trump. After all, that was why they were elected. That is why they will not be re-elected again, I hope.

  92. What a bitter, feckless, POS Little John “Pot Head” McCain is. when is he going to go where all corrupt politicians go.

  93. William Hopkins says:

    Please term limits,keep trash like McCain and Schumer and crazy left wing ding bats out of office

  94. William Draheim says:

    I believe President Trump is only enforcing the law on the books, which is exactly what he should be doing. Again we are seeing fake news broadcast by the media. No different than usual. I say to President Trump, keep standing your ground. You are the best president we have had in ages.

  95. Leslie Longberg says:

    John McCain is NOT a hero from the Vietnam War. In fact, he was charge for war crimes during the Vietnam War. He is and was a Traitor. John McCain was pardoned by then President Richard Nixon due to the service by his father and grandfather. He is a sick, whiney old man. He should resign from the United States Senate and let someone who is sane serve.

    • Farnco says:

      McCain you have ruined your Maverick Legacy!
      Obama praised you for being that decisive vote that kept that awful law .

      John shut your Pie-Hole!
      You had no Cojones and Obama talked down to you!
      “ELECTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES.” and you laughed like a
      SISSY MARY!!!!!

  96. terry says:

    Total traitor to this country

  97. CaptTurbo says:

    I’ve had enough of this jack-wipe. It’s time for him to put himself out of our misery.

    • The Redhawk says:

      Why can’t he just DIE and do the Country a god SERVICE???

      • obama the punk says:

        Mc Pain is more proof that Liberalism is a mental disease!!!
        His Brain has been eatin away by brain cancer and caused him to become a libtard loving liberal…what more proof do you need!!!

  98. lbufy says:

    Here’s a novel idea…. how about NOT entering the country illegally?????
    Problem solved.

  99. Terry Lynch says:

    John mc cain is a whiney old man spoiled by his father, his millionaire wife and he needs to ride off into the sunset.
    I voted and donated to him, I didn’t know what a weenie he was.
    Shame on mc cain, go to one of your wife’s seven houses and shut the hell up.

  100. Why can’t McCain just shut-up and quit showing his Stupidity. After all, he was just North Vietnam’s “Poster Boy” of the POWs. After all just being a POW does not make you a Hero. I lived next door to a True Hero from the Korean War.

  101. don says:


  102. Joan says:

    What Mother would cross in to a foreign country and leave her children behind! If a woman robbed a bank, which is illegal, she would be sent to jail and removed from her children. Coming across the border is illegal – no difference except the woman at the border has a chance to keep her children with her. So tired of Americans being the bad guys and the law breakers the victims.

    • TooLateNow says:

      If a potential “refugee” wants to apply for asylum, go to the American Embassy in its country and apply for refugee status. The problem these people face is that they don’t qualify for refugee status. They are potential felons, who have been caught, are awaiting prosecution, and have had the migrant children removed from their while waiting for the adjudication of their individual case(s).

    • Sunshine says:

      Joan, very well said!

    • tauchera says:

      Joan, I liked the way you put that!! Very true. As for McCain, he is an embarrassment to all the vets when they call him a hero—he fits into the Jane Fonda bracket-a trader and now an obstruction to the Potus when he is trying to straighten out the problems in our country.

    • Joanna says:

      I have said same almost word for word…. Breaking the law is not the way to go!!!

  103. Old Pioneer says:

    McCain is a very sick man in many ways and needs God’s help in a very bad way!! He needs to resign or change to the Democrat party, or maybe go home either Heaven or Hell, God’s choice……

  104. Mike says:

    McLame is doing everything he can to preserve his legacy as a Maverick. But in reality, his legacy will read and show just how mentally unstable he is.
    He’s a double minded man. Unstable in everything he does. He’s not an American hero, he’s a fake.

    • TP says:

      Actually Mike I see him as something else . He should have been tried as a traitor and would have been for his war crimes except for Nixon’s pardoning him . I believe McCain is a Manchurian candidate who was turned while a prisoner or simply was such a narcissistic personality with his father and grandfather to cover for him possibly a sociopath or a psychopath . But being so connected everyone was afraid to expose him for what he truly was , and is . He hates America like his benefactors and friends Soros , Obama ( or who ever he really is ) the Clinton cartel and long before that the ‘enemy’ we were literally at war with who he willingly sided with and shared intelligence to kill our service men . Even after the war ended he was instrumental in stopping the return of our POW’s . Explain that so he doesn’t come out looking like the traitor . . . . . No , the treasonous scum he actually is . Now his openly seditious activities concerning our ‘ elected ‘ president who IS acting for the obvious benefit of and security of this nation . Again he’s acting against America ! ! This isn’t the first time he’s sided with the enemy . When do we call him out and expose him for what he really is ? ? Maybe if he bad mouths Killery he’d commit suicide and that would be that . . . but she’s a communist and his friend and benefactor as previously mentioned . By the way , isn’t he I’ll ? Isn’t he on some serious meds ? If so how can he do his job legally ? ? ? I mean think about it . . . It’s a fact if a person is ‘medicated’ their signature isn’t legally valid as they are under the influence right ? How is he any different ? Oh that’s right he’s a closet Democrat / Communist/Rhino/Traitor . . . . . . .move along folks nothing to see here . . . .

    • christine says:

      What Legacy? His recent actions/words have quashed any possible
      legacy, and show him for the whiner he is.
      Go Home, JohnBoy!

      Just because you lost every chance you tried to become president doe not mean you can denigrate President Trump who is actually doing things to help America.

  105. We says:

    Agree with you completely. Mr. Trump is doing what he supposed to be doing. Leading this nation. Unlike the majority of politicians who do or have done nothing but line their own pockets. We so need term limits….probably age limits as well. Wisdom has surely passed some of these old guys by. We need more businessmen and less lawyers

  106. Brenda Dodge says:

    Here’s what I say about McCain. CAN’T FIX STUPID!!!!!!!!!!. He needs to go back to his corner and worry about what he does and how he lives his life instead of attacking Mr. President Trump. President Trump has done more for our Country, than the last three we had. McCain and other’s like him need to “GO AWAY AND SHUT THE HELL UP!!!!!!”.

    • I think McCain has gone off his rocker, it appears, why in the name of Godwould he go OFF on President Trump this way, this cancer appears to have really effected his thinking, or he is just plane stupid , or maybe both, I’ve gotten so, I can hardly stand this OLD MAN!

      • Nancy Anderson says:

        I wish that some of the soldiers that McCrazy was in the POW camp with would start speaking out about the way he turned on them. We knew it then, but it’s been whitewashed over time. The ones who remember would never have voted this simpleton into office in the first place. If his fellow prisoners would start telling what REALLY happened, McCain would slink away with his tail between his legs. Oh, yes, not to mention all of the lives he put into danger when he botched a flight on an aircraft carrier and nearly killed a quarter of the crew. Know how I know? I’m OLD and I had family and friends during that time that served too. They are gone now, but they could have told what REALLY happened and how his rich dad and granddad had it all hushed up.

    • Sunshine says:

      Ron White was talking about the Democrats and some of these rhinos when he said you can’t fix stupid!
      Can’t take a pill for it, can’t take a class for it, can’t fix stupid!

    • Sunshine says:

      When Americans commit crimes, they get sent to jail/prison and separated from their kids. Why is there no outrage over this!? You come to this country illegally, which is a crime you should get separated from your kids! A crime is a crime no matter who you are or where you come from! Period!

  107. Michael says:

    What the hell is wrong with that piece of Crap McCain…if I didnt know he has brain cancer…id say get his head checked….but then he has been an old dinosaur for years…I honestly see him now for his true “Vindictive” colors…I dont think he has been right on anything for at least 10 years…I dont know what the people of Arizona ever saw in the guy to keep electing the old fraud….I hear he was a lousy military man too

    • Phoebe says:

      Believe me we Arizonians feel pretty stupid for that mistake. He has really shown his true colors and they are not RED WHITE AND BLUE. So disappointed as we all are in AZ.

  108. True Believer says:

    How sad. Am sure glad that our wonderful President Trump has a thick skin and just keeps on a trucking no mater what to MAGA. Please call your Congressmen to immediately do the vote to make Paul Ryan vacate his seat and lets put in someone with balls like Jim Jordan to get the job done as we have so many items to complete before the August recess. It would be nice however, if the House would do what the Senate is doing and make them work for a change. We have to take charge.

  109. Joanna says:

    Just more lies from msnbc and extreme left..Anything to protect the dogs from dem party who only want illegal voters.Dems don’t care about these people..Its been proven time after time and thatz why its been like this for over a decade.. No one believes Pelosi lies. She is only wants to keep her mansions and same as rest of DNC.

  110. We says:

    I remember those days as well. Distant memories. Our politicians can’t even remember what bills they signed last week let alone multiple administrations ago. Such short memories…as Pelosi so proudly claimed we have to pass it to know what’s in it….in other words they have no idea what they approving…..

  111. Barbara Cook says:

    If Obama had done the same process as President Trump is doing, we wouldn’t be having all of these illegal aliens coming across our southern border and causing all of this crime in the United States of America. We could live safe and not have to worry about keeping our doors locked at night or during the day as well.

    I remember when i was growing -up that we never shut our wooden door at night. We could leave our wooden door open at night for the nice cool air to come through the house to help with keeping it cool at night to be able to sleep comfortably.

    President Trump is only fulfilling the laws that are on our books. Every one should be proud of his progress, I know that I am proud of his and his administration doing what should have been done during Obama’s presidency.

  112. We says:

    I love how the left blames all their failures on Trump. Laura Bush just got it stuck up her arsh…her husband was the culprit. These lawyer politicians sure have short memories…

  113. seastar says:

    You John McCain need to change parties, Your way more Democrap than Republican. Better yet you need to retire and spend your last day with your family , we really don’t want to listen to you ,EVER AGAIN.

  114. Nancy Anderson says:

    Kasie Hunt, I would bet that your eyes are brown because you are full of Sh-t clear up to your eyebrows. Go back and study your AMERICAN history. You are a brain washed snowflake LIBERAL idiot. As for McCain, he has been a traitor to America since Viet Nam. He was a traitor then and he is one now. He doesn’t care about this country. He cares about himself. He needs to shut the hell up and go away. Take stupid Kasie with you. If these libturds would get our of his way, President Trump would have this country back into shape in no time. He is blocked left and right by the Demoncraps and has to fight for every single thing he is doing to MAGA. I am backing OUR President now and always. He’s not perfect, who is?, but he is doing a great job so far and if they leave him alone, he will do even more.

  115. When in HELL will SONGBIRD be SENT Back to HIS TRUE LOVE ….the POW CAMP ??

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