John Kerry was blindsided when he tried to hand Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez this massive win

The former Secretary of State for President Barack Obama, John Kerry, has long been an advocate for the far-left agenda of the Democrat Party.

He’s repeatedly tried to undermine President Trump’s policies, including secretly meeting with Iranian foreign leaders and others to try and save the failed Iran Deal.

But Kerry was blindsided when he tried to hand Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez this massive win.

Kerry recently testified before the House Oversight Committee about so-called “climate change.”

He believes the government needs to pass massive regulations in order to fight back against climate change.

As it turns out, the regulation he supports is the radical socialist “Green New Deal” proposed by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

He called it a way to move forward, stating that Ocasio-Cortez has “offered more leadership in one day” than President Trump in his entire lifetime.

Kerry told the Committee:

“Well, let me begin by saying, Congressman, there are a lot of different proposals about how to proceed. I don’t know that any of them are coming from your party or your side of the aisle.

Do you have a plan to deal with climate change? I think you said you’re not sure of the science.

But my focus is on how we’re going to move forward and we all have some differences about one piece of legislation or another, but in proposing in what she has proposed together with Senator Markey, Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez has, in fact, offered more leadership in one day or in one week than President Trump has in his lifetime on this subject.”

Having the backing of Kerry is a major win for Ocasio-Cortez, who is having trouble gaining support from longtime Democrats in Congress.

It signals a shifting tide in the Democrat Party toward far-left socialism.

But while his statement may help Ocasio-Cortez’s street cred with establishment Democrats, other moments in the hearing didn’t go so well.

Republican Rep. Thomas Massie holds a bachelors and a masters degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

He questioned the scientific credentials of Kerry, who has a political science degree, stating, “it’s not really science.”

Massie went on to challenge the validity of Kerry’s “scientific” claims, saying “I think it’s somewhat appropriate that someone with a pseudo-science degree is here pushing pseudo-science in front of our committee today.”

This challenge is especially harmful to the Left, who claim that “man-made climate change” is scientifically proven, and that it is going to destroy the world.

Massie exposed Kerry’s claims as nothing more than propaganda, and in the debate between the two, Massie is the only one with a legitimate science background.


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104 Responses

  1. lovemycows says:

    How do you believe their “scientific” studies, when they aren’t even smart enough to know, that “cow farts” are not the problem. Cow farts do not have the methane, it is their burps. They should at least get their facts straight. And I would rather spend time with the “farting cows that the stupid people spreading their BS about climate change, or global warming, or what ever scare tactic they want to use. I would really like to know how many of them are trying to live their lives differently to help the plant. Have they given up their dryers, dishwashers, ride a bike, use public transportation, walk when ever they can? I think climate change is a hoax so they can make big bucks off us.

    • Gene says:

      We do all this, clean up our air. It blowns to China and their air comes here. We start all over. Kerry wouldn’t know what was going on anyway. They elected him to office, then bigO made him SoS to get him out of sight. The guy has made a living off give me s.

  2. N Wilson Oliver says:

    I wish Patriot Pulse would tone down its attention grabbing headlines. “Blindsided” implies that the person is caught by surprise, is shocked, is AWARE of the surprise and reacts to the information. “Blindsided” in a physical sense means hit when the person does not see it coming. Enough.

    To be “blindsided” the person MUST be either mentally(intellectually) or physically aware. It is difficult to determine whether Kerry is either–Intellectually there is nothing there–someone could tell him the moon is made of green cheese and he would (possibly) nod. He would then parrot this “information” although far less convincing than Polly.

    Representative Massie challenged the moron about “pseudo-science” and Kerry (likely) didn’t blink–his feeble brain might have even thought Massie was labeling his view “science” clueless about “pseudo” or thinking it might be a Japanese puzzle.

    I have witnessed the idiot in person and have never been so unimpressed by a politician, and that is saying a lot. Me thinks he might have gone swimming in a leech-infested river while “serving” in Vietnam and whatever brain he had was sucked out by a leech or two attached to his inner ear.

    “blindside” cannot apply to an idiot, he simply doesn’t get it.

  3. Michael D Bryant says:

    Well, I am sure Old Hanoi John with his bandaid wound after his hand to hand combat…. Yeap, unloading his sidearm into the jungle… He sucked every time his mule face mouth ???? open. His only expert brain cell on any subject is he has not figured out what a idiot and what real Americans think about his ANTI-AMERICAN ASS. GO DROWN IN SOME HINES CATCHUP…

  4. Ted says:

    Kerry is such an idiot! Look at the picture of him. He tried to pick his nose and missed . What a fool! I would love to tell him face to face how much I hate him!!

  5. Ted says:

    It’s amazing that every, and I do mean EVERY democrat politician and voter are assholes. For reasons unknown, they have all gravitated towards each other and developed an agenda with the sole purpose of destroying the United States of America. That is reason enough to execute them all for treason! God bless President Trump, and God bless Republicans, one and all.

  6. That man is crazy….He has no pull in the Trump administration..Just runs around letting people see how crazy he is.If i was Trump i would keep his a.. out of iran he cant
    work on a policy there.He does not work for the Gov.any more ……thank god

  7. T.Heiss says:

    I don’t understand why he wasn’t hung for treason during ‘Nam!

  8. Nate says:

    John Kerry has consumed too many Heinz products. Loaded with preservatives, his body will remain intacked for hundreds of years, yet his brain is long gone!

  9. JC says:

    John Kerry is a disgusting piece of filth. He was part of giving our position away with the Iranians. He was responsible for our pledging billions of dollars for global warming climate change that was a hoax. He has gone overseas and and conspired against our president and government. He is a traitor and he and Obama have done everything to hurt our nation. He belongs in prison or on the gallows!

    • Nadya Rossi says:

      Are all the older Democrats going along with this nonsensical Green Leap Forward, just to seem relevant? I wish they had the courage of their convictions & a backbone!

  10. jack says:

    John kerry is known wordwide, as an idiot. I don’t understand why the dummies in the media, give the idiot a platform.

    • B. Holly says:

      He’s also a purple heart phony.

    • SweetOlBob says:

      I can’t understand why our government lets a blundering fool and a muslim pandering, unofficial farce like Kerry stumble around Iran trying to help them violate their agreement with us. Of course, that was with obama*, so it really didn’t hold much water. Only millions in CASH for Iran. Ever since that treasonous “agreement”, Kerry has been skulking around Iran trying to help them get what they want.
      If it were possible, the U.S. should revoke Kerry’s citizenship and leave him as a stateless person. Let Iran have him if they want him.
      * Lower Case Intentional

    • Michael Hughes says:

      Perhaps because the media are also idiots?

  11. Ernst says:

    We live on a dynamic planet which has always had climate change. The Sahara desert was once a verdant river basin. Other areas once arid have become moist. Temperatures have fluctuated significantly before man was any factor in the environment. The scientific argument for anthropogenic climate change, relative to solar angle, variations in solar energy output, and earth’s geological changes, is very weak.

  12. Steel Magnolia says:

    0h god, LOOK at BIG ‘Hand Signal’ In photo.
    Kerry Should Also Have USAG Barr’s Attention..

  13. This man has no business messing with any business of the usa…He holds no job in the Trump
    team. He is a trator to this country and should be put in jail. That man is crazy……just a dem

  14. VIRGINIA T HEARD says:


  15. Tomas Flores says:

    The Earth has been going through climate changes during its 4 billion years of existence. the last major climate change was the ice age that helped to reform the landscape like the great lakes and the rocky mountains plus many of the lakes we now enjoy in America. the carbon elements that contribute to the change may speed up the change but eliminating the emissions will not stop the climate change. It will happen just like it did in the past billions of years.

    Check the Earth’s history of climate changes and the change in life forms.

    Over 3500-4000 years ago in Egypt they suffered a major climate change that reduced the sea level by many feet exposing dry land between some of the islands and there cities built on the exposed land between the islands. check the Bering strait and you will find a climate change that made the island bridge between Russia and Alaska. None of those climate changes were due to human life forms living at that time.

    • old man coyote says:

      Have you considered a proliferation of camel farts contributing to the change?

    • Gregory Sullivan says:

      All one has to do is look at the core samples that Russia took in the Antarctica ice hundreds of feet down below it and found out that climate change is a regular occurance that the earth goes through every few million years or so in which each and every time the earth pulls through it and repairs itself. That is why that country will never sign onto that doomsday prediction preached by Al Gore and his gulled followers.

  16. Denny says:

    Kerry violated the Logan Act. Why isn’t he in court defending this actions against America. He was in Iran, not on official business or sanctioned by the U.S., in meetings with Iranian government officials in a direct attempt to undermine our President’s & government’s policies. When will justice begin?

    • Joan Garrity says:

      If your question about justice is serious, please be aware that justice has not been meted out in this country for a very long time now. If it is not dead, it is surely on life support. I no longer look for any of the crooks in Washington to spend one tiny minute in jail or prison. But I take comfort in knowing that true justice will be served when they meet their Maker! They cannot hide, nor can they make excuses, nor lie, for He knows it all. His Justice is perfect and true.

  17. Well, Folks… Judging by the photo, above, posted with this piece… it looks-like “Herr” Kerry, HIMSELF, is having a great deal of trouble dealing-with THE STENCH emanating from BOTH HIS OWN ROTTEN CARCASS and HIS FANTASIES, DELUSIONS, DECEPTIONS AND SHEER, PATHOLOCICAL, SOCIOPATHIC LIES! — “EXCELSIOR!!”, W.F.B.

    • BTW: Hey, Omar… I’m Comment #72 here! – DO I GET MY “VIRGINS” NOW? – Err… Uhh… It’s SUPPOSED to be “something like that… for someone”… RIGHT?? (It’s O.K., Ilhan; I’m just “hi-JAB-BING” you, ya’ lil’-ole’ SOMALI SMART-ASS – [Allah/Mohammad]- “BAZINGAS”!) — “EXCELSIOR!!”, W.F.B.

  18. Yank says:

    John Kerry said aoc offered more “leadership in one day or one week than Trump has since he took over the presidency? Wow! That shows you either Kerry has been under his proverbial rock for almost 3 years or he’s trying to make points with AOC. lmbo! Kerry has proven time and time again how insignificant he really is so why would he “throw AOC a bone” or even open his mouth in relationship to this topic or any other political topic? lol The American public has not forgotten your sins of the past. Not one of them, Kerry!

    • Nadya Rossi says:

      Do you suppose he’s considering another run for the Presidency? With AOC, Warren, Harris or Buttigieg as his VP?

  19. renato says:

    it is a man made hoax by left wing because when earth is in a snow ball state there is no man or dinosaur
    around billions years ago okay and then the continental emerges from ocean still there is no man or
    dinosaur and when the dinosaur show up on earth and still there is no man on earth and when the man
    show up around 2.5 millions years ago and the earth still having a ice age. how come the left blaming it on
    climate change ? the earth is alive because the earth have core in the middle of the earth and core are source of change of climate such as earthquake/typhoon/land slides and that is nature of earth ( not climate change but the best thing we the people can do is stop cutting down trees and start planting back
    all the trees on earth that we cut down and START PLANTING TREES AGAIN AND THE BEST WE CAN DO
    you listen to my idea okay and we will see the result in 20 years from now and the future.

    • MARK says:


    • Cletus Marquardt says:

      Remember the ozone hole? It was growing in the southern hemisphere but not the northern. There was, allegedly, an increase in skin cancer because of this, and the cause of the increase in size of the ozone hole was the escape of Freon from air conditioners and aerosol sprays. The use of freon was banned. What happened to the ozone hole afterward? Nothing! It’s a large as it ever was. Oh, well.
      So we move on to a different attack on capitalism, global warming…uhh…climate change. Warming or cooling, is capitalism’s fault.

  20. The Real M says:

    John Kerry has always gotten in his way, the Dems way, and our way with his stupidity! He is nothing but a puppet for any far left policy that any Dem wants to promote, no matter how imbecilic and wrong. He is a disgrace and an embarrassment to the “human race”! In fact, I think he has a large percentage of turtle in his DNA! Ever notice how he makes his tongue as narrow as possible and sticks it out and pulls it back in quickly as he finishes a sentence? BLEAH! 🙁

  21. John Nice says:

    I do not believe man made climate change is psuedo-science or any other kind of science. The whole thing started with a self important dipwad called Al Gore and has been perpetuated by a great list of similarly mentally blunted individuals like John Kerry and AOC (not to mention the bulk of the Democrat Party). These folks all cry and moan about green house gases and man made calamity. They try to sell the idea that fossil fuels and coal are to blame. They lack any really substantive scientific evidence and continue to go about in their chauffeur driven limosines, fly all over the place in their private jets and tell us, the tax paying public, that we should be walking or riding a bicycle. They are all dipwads and lack the strength of their own avowed ideas.

  22. John J says:

    The message is being delivered by assholes, that is why it is being ignored, but respected scientists know and have supported the need to reduce pollution or suffer severe consequences

  23. dlmstl says:

    Americans like winners and winning. Lurch is well on his way to the dust bin of losers like McGovern, former POTUS Peanut, Mondull, Beetle Bailey Dukakis, AlBore and the Hunchback of Chappaqua.

  24. Timothy Toroian says:

    What does one expect when two nuts talk about each other. Each is on a different wavelength.

  25. Michael Groves says:

    Look this makes total sense. John Kerry, the dumbest man in politics sides with what is turning out to be. The dumbest woman in politics. Think about it. Water seeks it’s own level. It sure is here. In a dumb contest with these two, it’s be a tie.

    • Yes, Michael you are correct – “Water[s] seeks its’ own level.” And, yet, even at HER OWN, albeit somewhat unrelated to THE PAIR REFERENCED HERE… well… MAXINE never fails to disappoint US, “WE, THE PEOPLE”, EITHER, with her TOTAL HUBRIS, ANGER, RACISM and COMPLETE, UTTER STUPIDITY! — “EXCELSIOR!!”, W.F.B.

  26. xtinmover says:

    Does anyone with at least a half a brain listen to anything John Kerry says?

  27. Rick says:

    Kerry has spent way to many happy hours sucking down
    his wife’s pickle juice. Way to go Heinzie. Brain Dead of course.

  28. Plumbfitter says:

    He married all that money, I guess he can invent himself as anything with all that money. He needs to sit at home and watch cartoons all day and stay out of real people’s way. He is the perfect example of a total idiot with a lot of money, very dangerous jerk.

  29. h8aliar says:

    No matter how bad it tastes, put some Ketchup on it and it will taste better. You tell um John!

  30. Jim daniel says:

    Kerry is a yale graduate. Member of skull and bones: same secret society as both bushes.
    They are all new world order goons. He shouldnt be trusted no matter what he says.

    • Barbara J. Renton says:

      You are absolutely correct, Jim Daniels! The Skull & Bones club of the globalist Bush family & Kerry should have denied them ALL of any entrance into politics.

  31. Stephen says:

    John Kerry! You know…he was in Vietnam. This insane push is nothing more than a way to redistribute wealth in the world. Throttle down this country while supporting others. Did you ever wonder why the biggest world polluters Inida and China don’t participate? Do you wonder why the Paris Climate group have accomplished almost nothing to the cause since the US pulled out? Look beyond the rhetoric and you will see the next step is to try to regulate countries populations. In their view people are really the problem.

    • Sarah says:

      Agreed….this climate change rhetoric is only a tool to work towards globalization. It’s not science at all, it’s political insanity.

      • Skip says:

        It’s also to work for a new base of taxation. Remember the “carbon tax” that Mr. Gore and his legions proposed? That’s what a lot of this is about. Not sure if you remember the statement regarding the Mt St Helen’s volcanic eruption. Scientists were saying that in the 140+ years of the industrialization era, the combined carbon emissions did not rise to the level of those emissions coming out of Mt. St. Helen. Our emissions are puny compared to those found of nature. And, by the way, CO2 is needed for plant growth. If you want greening, you want CO2. You don’t try to make it illegal the way the nut jobs did in San Francisco. You’re right. It really is political insanity.

  32. Kerry is good at running his mouth…Seems a lot of dems are the same..look at Cortez that
    toungue is loose on both ends but nothing good comes out for the people just self pride………
    The dems has the worst lineup for president i have ever seen…..They have no programs to work with
    All they are good at is running Trump down and lying on him…And the famous open borders………..

  33. DonRS says:

    John “BOZO the CLOWN” Kerry’s endorsement of the “Green New Deal” is as helpful as a fart in a punch bowl.

    • George Kudrick says:

      Bless you, no truer words have been spoken. I am surprised that John Kerry a fake Vietnam era military hero even shows his face. His own military fellows says Kerry lied about his military performance.

      • Robare says:

        Blumenthal from Connecticut is another Vietnam wannabe. The Libs love him because he just keeps on getting re-elected.
        Whenever there is a national news event you can count on the politicians like Blumenthal and Murphy ( CT ) showing up for the photo-op.
        Just free campaigning for their jobs.
        Remember, a politician’s main job is to get themselves re-elected.
        Screw the voters.

  34. Gregory Sullivan says:

    This goes to show you how totally ignorant that statement was. AOC has contributed absolutely nothing to our society except Al Gore’s “climate change ” myth. Kerry should climb into his imaginary solar powered private jet and fly it to Hades and stay there.

    • Michael Jensen says:

      Great comment! You should re-share this post and use your comment as a headline.

    • Yes, Gregory… But, ONLY TOMORROW MORNING, IN THE DAYLIGHT, as solar doesn’t work at night… And using “batteries” would be be too-damned heavy to allow him to become airborne… DAY or NIGHT – DAMN! See, just by my comments above, Conservatives are capable of telling FAIRY TALES too… The only difference is that WE do it for (OBVIOUS, OPEN) ENTERTAINMENT and FUN – NOT to be used as a DECEITFUL, POLITICAL TOOL TO LIE TO THE COUNTRY, AND THE WORLD, IN ORDER TO GAIN AND TRY TO MAINTAIN POWER AND CONTROL OVER THE POPULATION OF, EVENTUALLY, THE ENTIRE PLANET! SUCK EGGS, A.O.C., KERRY, DEMS, ET AL… IT’LL NEVER, EVER HAPPEN – GIVE IT UP NOW; YOU’RE PATHETIC… AND DELUSIONAL! — “EXCELSIOR!!”, W.F.B.

  35. Frank says:

    Kerry had the nerve to say ” Ocasio-Cortez has, in fact, offered more leadership in one day or in one week than President Trump has in his lifetime on this subject.” I will say that statement would be true about Kerry, but not about Donald Trump. The President has run many companies and has a successful track record. The only thing Kerry has ever run is “Scared”.; He wouldn’t know leadership if it introduced itself to him.

    • Charles Emery says:

      He succeeded at marrying well, end of c.v.

      • sarashey says:

        Why o why is Heinzie with that idiot? She must be stupid or just couldn’t find anybody but Kerry to play with. Lordy Lordy!!!

    • No, Frank… I have to (most-respectfully) disagree – Kerry IS ABSOLUTELY, 100% CORRECT… “on this subject”, at least… You see, Frank, OUR PRESIDENT TRUMP does NOT deal in SCIENCE FICTION/FANTASY – as these TOTAL IDIOTS do! – HE deals, ONLY, in a”neat”, little, “inconvenient” thing (for THEM, that is!) hat’s COMPLETELY UNKNOWN and UNRELATABLE to THESE PINHEADS- IT IS CALLED WAKING-REALITY! — “EXCELSIOR!!”, W.F.B.

  36. WilliG says:

    He is not really a war hero. Don’t you remember the ensemble of swift boat veterans discredited him and showed him to be a menace.

    • Plumbfitter says:

      He married all that money, I guess he can invent himself as anything with all that money. He needs to sit at home and watch cartoons all day and stay out of real people’s way. He is the perfect example of a total idiot with a lot of money, very dangerous jerk.

  37. Steve Harrison says:

    AOC can take comfort in the fact that she is at least smarter than John Kerry.

  38. ROSE says:


  39. David Muench says:

    I am glad John Kerry got blindsided he deserves the same Karma Obama is about to receive and hopefully more.. Please include Pulosi, Waters, AOC and Ohmar in this also.

  40. Gerald Ladd says:

    If you remember what Al Whore said, by now, we’d all be under water. What A joke low information DemonRATS are!

  41. Crl says:

    Kerry has always been a disgrace to our country and its citizens.

  42. Kerry leans so far to the left he makes Communist look attractive. He also appears not to know his Ass from his Elbow about “Global Warming.” Since the 1970s when the U.S. began collecting Global Warming data the earth’s temperature INCREASE 1/10TH OF A ONE DEGREE …How compelling that Jerks like Jerry and his village idiots suddenly changed their mantra to “CLIMATE CHANGE.”

    There are 20 Coal Powered Power Plants in the U.S. ZERO ARE BEING BUILT… politicians want to shut down our remaining 20 plants to “Save the Planet.”…

    Take a look at a partial list of coal powered plants in the world today that “Pollute the Atmosphere” that we have little to no effect on changing…

    China has 2,363, building 1,171 more—
    India has 589, building 446 more… Total 1,036—
    The EU has 468, building 27 more… Total 495—
    Turkey has 56, building 93 more… Total 149—
    Japan has 90, building 45 more… Total 135—
    South Africa has 79, building 24 more… Total 103—
    South Korea has 58, building 26 more… Total 84—
    Philippines has 19, building 60 more… Total 79—

    Total of 3,534 coal fired power plants….and that’s in just 8 countries….

  43. Pete says:

    John Kerry, a Viet Nam “War Hero” who turned against men still fighting in Viet Nam!

    • WilliG says:

      He is not really a war hero. Don’t you remember the ensemble of swift boat veterans discredited him and showed him to be a menace.

    • Robare says:

      Those of us that were too smart to get into politics,
      Will be governed by those who weren’t.

      By the way, what are the qualifications for the position od President of The United States of America?
      It seems that every jerkoff Liberal thinks they are qualified to run this country.
      I doubt if any one of them could run a 7-11 store.

  44. Robert Higginbotham says:

    Kerry’s claims parallel those of another pseudo scientist pushing the hoax, Al Gore. Neither one cares about the validity of their claims just that they fit the vile left’s agenda. Other than he is a democrat I can’t figure what is Kerry’s motive. It is/was obvious that Gore’s intent was to enrich himself using lies and half truths. That climate change exists is a given. It has to do with the mood of the Sun and changing axis of our planet. Anthropogenic climate change has never been proven and many claim is simply a hoax.

  45. Joe says:

    Why don’t they go after India and China

  46. PatriotSoul says:

    Just when you think the DEMONazis can’t go any lower or produce someone more stupid, another opens his mouth to prove us wrong. Kerry, are you enjoying your mayonnaise and ketchup?

  47. Another crooked dem………..The woods are getting full of um…This is the jerk that wanted to give Iran
    all of our money [And Obama] They like to spend other peoples money..

  48. That crooked Kerry needs to get out of the limelight……He is the one that wanted to give all
    our money to Iran…The Dems always want to spend other peoples money…[not thiers]
    Anyway he is a crook and everybody knows it

    • Allen says:

      I want to know why this SOBPOS is not in jail.

    • diane ross says:

      That’s because he has a vested family interest in Iran……..believe his son-in-law is from Iran and that’s why he visits so frequently.

      • Pete says:

        If true then, it sounds like Trumps State Department should revoke his passport during his next visit to Iran and he can just stay there. He should be in jail anyway for talking with foreign governments without permission. I’m sure a pasty white Catholic will do just fine ther…

  49. George says:

    Kerry seems dumber than some of the other idiots, though actually they are all idiots.

    Truth is coming out.

  50. Karin says:

    Couldn’t have happened to a more deserving pair, Kerry and AOC. They each have BS degrees and the S does not mean science.

  51. Cloud Farrow says:

    I think Kerry has been smoking his toe nails.

    • Nate Paris says:

      Maybe he believes there better with some rich, thick HEINZ. John Kerry probably thinks if we don’t do something about climate change? We ‘re ALL screwed in 12 years. If these morons stay in office much longer we’re ALL going to be screwed much sooner!

      • WILFREDO MEJIA says:

        AOC is raising the alarm that if we do not do anything about the environment to address climate change, this world as we know will be gone in 12 years.

        FAKE NEWS Alert: only the US will perish because India, China and other countries who pollute the planet more than the other big economies.

        Also, AOC and numerous far left Democrats think the way to deal with the “imagined” bad effects of climate change is to increase the minimum wage, provide free college education and ground all air transportation, and allow illegal immigrants into the country, among other stupid policy initiatives.

        I am like “WHAT?”

  52. John Kerry is a crook….He went behind the president back in the irain deal..and he had no authority
    to do it….He was out of office and no job….That is the way the dems work and they are working
    the good of the country……shame shame on the dems CROOKS

    • john says:

      He’s also a coward. He couldn’t even walk across a 20 foot road in Iraq without a military guard. He’s as phony as they come.

  53. Robert M Hellen says:

    I’ve been saying this all along……”Remove the dollar for the Global Warming Scam and watch it disappear faster than an ice cube in hell!!!”

  54. RetiredMarine says:

    Why, I’m certain he is BEHIND them, LOL

  55. Dave Miedema says:

    I wonder what FrankenKerry thinks about cow farts>

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