John Kerry just said the dumbest thing anyone ever heard about Russia’s war with Ukraine

John Kerry was a failed Presidential candidate for a reason.

Americans are learning just how dangerous a Kerry Presidency would have been.

John Kerry just said the dumbest thing anyone ever heard about Russia’s war with Ukraine.

John Kerry serves as Joe Biden’s so-called “climate change” czar.

Climate change is a theory leftists cooked up to claim that if the weather warms or cools, the only solution is to impose socialism, job-killing taxes, and redistribute American jobs and wealth to third-world countries.

John Kerry is one of the Left’s high priests of the so-called “climate change” religion.

Kerry made a spectacular fool of himself by proselytizing about how important climate change was.

In two interviews in the days leading up to Russia invading Ukraine, Kerry claimed the Ukraine crisis was a diversion from the real threat to the planet – so-called “climate change.”

U.S. intelligence officials spent the past few weeks predicting Russia would invade Ukraine.

When Kerry gave his interview at the Munich Security Conference, American intelligence warned an invasion was just days away.

And yet Kerry still falsely claimed that so-called “climate change” was a greater threat than Russia.

To be clear, America does not have a vital national security interest in fighting a war with Russia over Ukraine.

But what is a threat to America is the unpredictable nature of what happens now that war is on the horizon.

America and Russia could find themselves locked in a spiraling series of escalations where Putin responds to sanctions with cyberattacks.

Already, Democrat Senators Mark Warner and Elizabeth Warren declared cyberattacks to be a violation of Article Five of the NATO Charter, meaning America and all NATO allies must declare war on Russia.

Putin has warned that any attack on Russia – even by conventional weapons – will be met with a nuclear attack.

That would result in a reprisal from America that would lead to catastrophic loss of life.

And that is clearly a greater threat than so-called “climate change.”

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