John Kerry and Barack Obama pulled this trick to help Iran fund terror

John Kerry and Barack Obama left one giant mess behind for Donald Trump.

The chickens finally came home to roost on the Obama administration’s Iran policy.

And John Kerry and Barack Obama were caught red-handed pulling this trick to help Iran fund terror.

John Kerry and Barack Obama negotiated the 2015 Iran nuclear deal, which put the rogue government in Tehran on a glide path to one day acquiring a nuclear weapon.

Donald Trump corrected this mistake and tore up the deal in 2018.

But the Obama policy emboldened Iran to escalate hostilities, which led to Iran firing missiles at two air force bases in Iraq following a U.S. strike, which took out terrorist general Qasem Soleimani.

In a New York Times op-ed Kerry whined that by tearing up the nuclear deal Trump prodded Iran to escalate hostilities.

Breitbart reports:

Kerry argued the Iran nuclear deal was working, but Trump threw it all away, which only empowered Iran’s Quds Force Commander Qasem Suleimani.

“There were no missile attacks on United States facilities. No ships were being detained or sabotaged in the Persian Gulf,” he wrote about the state of the Middle East under the deal. “There were no protesters breaching our embassy in Baghdad. Iraq welcomed our presence fighting ISIS.”
Kerry even said that although Suleimani was a “sworn” enemy of the United States, America benefited from his efforts to fight ISIS.

“Occasionally, when American and Iranian interests aligned, as they did in fighting ISIS, we were the serendipitous beneficiaries of his relationships and levers, as were the Iraqis,” he said referring to Suleimani. “But this was a rare exception.”

This – of course – was not true.

Contrary to Kerry’s words, Iran held 12 American sailors at gun point in 2016 in a humiliating episode for the Obama administration.

In addition, Obama funded the missile attacks Iran launched on the U.S. bases by unfreezing hundreds of millions of dollars in Iranian money – a move John Kerry even said at the time would help Iran fund terror.

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98 Responses

  1. robert cox says:

    it was awful hard to vote yes when hilarity and Kerry should have shared that dubious honor!

  2. TimSmith says:

    This thread of giving Iran 150 Billion in cash lead the way for Kerry to participate in stealing 1.8 billion dollars from the IMF via Kerry’s stepson, Devon Archer, Hunter Biden and Joe Biden(VP) at the time. Kerry and Archer used the Bidens as patsies for a few million while Kerry and Archer made off with 100s of millions of dollars through Burmisa and Ukraine . Joe, Kerry,and the two sons should be convicted under RICO be sent to jail for 20 plus and lose all assets accumulated in a life time. 1.8 billion guaranteed by the US and the IMF to Ukraine to purchase goods vanished in thin air. Bidens, Kerry, and one of the heirs to the Heinz fortune participated in this theft and Joe Biden made it possible via his vice presidency. Under RICO take all assets including the Heinz fortune.

  3. BigJoe says:

    Kerry (aka Lurch) should be facing a firing squad along with his old boss, the fraud from Kenya. Throw in his man wife for the fraud she perpetrated on this country too. Every democrat politician is culpable because they all knew of Feinstein and Pelosi’s cover-up and did nothing about it. The Kenyan was allowed to pull the wool over the eyes of the mis-informed and delusional voters and now our president is stuck with trying to straighten out the mess that was allowed to occur. They all need to see true justice but the people that voted them in before are still out there being their stupid selves and will repeat the same mistakes election after election.

  4. George says:

    Tom, listen very carefully… remember those pills you received from that nice man in the white coat? Yeah, that one. Walk over and get the brown bottle and a cup,not glass, of water. Ok, now get someone to help you open the bottle, they can be tricky! Ok now gently put the pill, better take two this time, and put it in your mouth, ok? Now drink the water, now take a deep breath, you should be ok soon, good boy!

  5. George says:

    Obama came to fund -a -mentally ill regime, he is not an america loving man, man? Well maybe thats a stretch, anyway, I remember flip flop Kerry during his joke of a presidential campaign against bush. He never changes, he’s still a flip flop, more of a flop actually. Glad we got rid if his a** . The president is demonstrating logical thinking, the Democrats think if the bully down the street is threatening you, you should send them a ship load of cash, that will work, not! Trump faces the bully pulls out a big a** gun and pops his a**. I for one feel comforted that the country is being run by a sane person.

  6. Mikey says:

    If this wuss had been Secretary of State in 1941 he would have been whining that FDR provoked Japan into attacking Pearl Harbor with his oil embargo.

  7. Tom says:

    Keep punishing Iran over and over again and they will eventually release the information that Obama and Kerry received part of the enormous money swap.

  8. edwardo says:

    you need to see a doctor soon

  9. The biggest problems we’re having today with the Iranian terrorist government was created by John Kerry and Barrack Obama. If they hadn’t give them the fifty one billions, plus another five hundred million dollars, we would not be having these problem with them. Don’t blame Donald Trump for this horrible dilemma; blame Obama and Kerry.

  10. D says:

    Agree of treason, but they should face a military firing squad for High TREASON under the Constitution

  11. D says:

    Agree of treason, but they should face a military firing squad for High TREASON under the Constitution

  12. Eileen Trent says:

    An Iranian recently said that if the Ayatoilet, (spelling mine!) was removed, 90% of the people would become Christian!!

  13. J says:

    You mean obomba?

  14. Eileen Trent says:

    Is ANYONE paying attention 2 the protests now breaking out in Iran??

    The Iraqis r celebrating tbe death of Soleimani, and protesting against Iran!

    The Iranians r not protesting about the downed plane anymore, but rather r now protesting against the mullahs!

    And celebrating that our POTUS took out their enemy that had killed so many Iranian people!

    It’s now being reported by the Daily Mail that the Iranian regime is shooting at protestors.

    Video is coming out of Iranians pleading with Pres. Trump 4 help…..

    Pres. Trump tweeted a message in Farsi 2 the Mullahs in Iran not 2 kill their people!

    He said, “The whole world is watching”!

    One Iranian in a video was holding a sign in front of his face that read, on 1 side in English, Q WWG1WGA!! MAGA!!

    The other side of his sign read. Q. WWG1WGA!!! MAKE IRAN GREAT AGAIN!!!

    These videos r out there……

    They r sending out the plea 4 Pres. Trump 2 help them…

    Grearest Pres. evah!!!

    TRUMP 2Q2Q.


  15. TOMMIE CLARK says:


  16. DEM777 says:

    I agree with your post. But do not forget Hillary aka Killary Clinton.

  17. DEM777 says:

    the Redhawk, I agree with your post.

  18. the Redhawk says:


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