John Brennan is terrified after William Barr launched one investigation to destroy him

Since the election of President Trump, former CIA Director John Brennan has made it his life’s mission to destroy President Trump.

He regularly takes to his Twitter account to accuse Trump of treason.

But now he’s terrified after William Barr launched one investigation to destroy him.

William Barr is dedicated to getting to the bottom of the fake Russia Collusion Scandal.

That’s why he has U.S. Attorney John Durham investigating the origins of the investigation witch hunt.

And Brennan, for the first time, commented on the investigation, stating that he is “concerned” about it.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Former CIA Director John Brennan said he is “concerned” about the Justice Department’s review of the origins of the Russia investigation.

The “investigation into the investigators” has been underway since the spring, and reports this week showed Attorney General William Barr has taken a more expansive role in it than previously known, pressing foreign leaders to cooperate with the DOJ.

During an interview Wednesday, Brennan said he is “supposedly” going to be interviewed by John Durham, the U.S. attorney tasked with leading the review. Brennan said by all accounts Durham is a man of “integrity” but added Barr has proven himself to be the “president’s attorney.”

“Given that Barr is now accompanying Durham on these things, it really makes me think that the hand of politics and of Trump are now being used to massage what this ongoing review quasi-investigation is. So I am concerned,” Brennan said on MSNBC.

Brennan has good reason to be worried about the outcome of this investigation.

Former Rep. Trey Gowdy has hinted that Brennan will be implicated for wrongdoing in the investigation, urging Durham to look into emails between Brennan and former FBI Director James Comey.

He believes those emails will prove that both Brennan and Comey did not see Christopher Steele, the former British Spy who compiled the infamous Trump-Russia dossier, as a credible figure.

Despite that, Steele’s dossier was used as the primary piece of evidence to obtain FISA surveillance warrants against Trump officials, and to eventually form Robert Mueller’s special counsel.


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66 Responses

  1. PO'd says:

    It’s not to late for Brennan to follow Clapper’s lead and throw Obama under the bus for possible leniency when the final gavel falls in their trials for treason after trying to overthrow a president and overturn the will of the people.

  2. Joseph Salazar says:

    I think that Mr. Brennan an Mr. Comey are both crooks and should be put in jail.

    • The Redhawk says:

      Brennan>>Clapper>>>Susan Rice>>>Loretta Lynch>>>Comey>>and the REST of Obama DEEP STATE in the WH MUST BE INVESTIGATED…..MAY be that is what Barr and Horowitz and Dunham are getting DONE??? which seems to be driving the NEO Fascists of the (D) party to HIGHEST levels of DERANGEMENT???

  3. Don Juan says:

    It would be with great joy to see Brennon and his ilk brought to justice. These horrible men and women on the left need to be arrested, tried in a court of law and then sent to prison for the rest of their miserable lives for the high crimes they have done to the American people. It is quite evident they are not afraid of God, but are terrified of what man can do to them. This is why they are desperately trying to hide their deep dark secrets from the American people. Their way of thinking is so lopsided it’s pathetic. If we vote Trump back in in 2020 and give the House back to the Republicans and maintain the Senate, we will see many of these scaggs being brought to justice. If the Democrats win in 2020, so will the scaggs.

    • Hurley Henson says:

      Brennan nor anyone else involved in the Russia collusion hoax will be brought to justice. I firmly believe that Bill Barr will prove to be as useless as Jeff Sessions was and is a part of the deep state.

    • Gary Von Neida says:

      A lot of money could be made selling tickets to Brennan’s hanging; the rope used could be auctioned!

    • Jan says:

      John Brennan is an angry old bulldog who is getting more scared every day because America is closer to discovering all of his criminal activity over the election! He has tried so hard to bring down President Trump. I’m looking forward to seeing him model an orange jumpsuit!!!

    • Wondering Woman says:


  4. Roy says:

    YES John Brennan should be investigated. I do not know where to start with this guy BUT.

  5. R M says:

    I am an American citizen who admired Mitt Willard Romney and voted for him when he lived in my great state of Massachusetts, which helped him to become Governor. If I could take back that vote I will do so in a heart-beat, what a nincompoop he has turned out to be, a dirty ungrateful slimeball rat, he is worst than a cotton mouth water-moccasin, one of Americas most dangerous snakes. No wonder why he had to run from “BOSTON” in the east coast, to hide away in the west “UTAH” of all places.
    Then we have this other nutcase “POCAHUNTAS” who came from the west, Oklahoma of all places, to fool all the folks of Massachusetts, and the President & CEO of Harvard University, claiming that she is of native American heritage, because she has high cheekbones.??????????????????????????. In doing so, she landed a cushy job as a professor in one of the greatest universities in the U.S. {TALK ABOUT SCAM} this one takes the cake, and tens of thousands of democrats are fooled by this nincompoop professor, and in so doing , they are pouring-in millions of dollars into her presidential campaign. (which they are going to loose anyhow), because Presdent Donald Trump is going to squash and liquidate this conartist. Enough with these two scum bags, who were not born or native to Massachusetts {Mitt & Pocahuntus} who saw gold in the bay state, and used their coniving stratiges, to con New Englanders & benefit themselves.
    “I am an independent” neither GOP or DEM, but I do have concerns about certain Senators who uses other peoples credit cards to pay their personal bills. like a senior GOP senator in Florida. Where I come from, that is called fraud. I am also worried that certain Senators have been crossing the southern border of the United States & encouraging migrants to illegally enter the U.S., these senators are breaking the very laws that they & their colleagues have established????
    Question for Hilary, did you you attend President Trump’s wedding with the present First lady? Was the food & wine delicious? Check out the word “NEEMACKARAM” if you can’t find it? It means you are an ungrateful dog! Nough said.
    Advice for President Trump: – Watch your back for these never Trumpers, they are like rattlers waiting to strike:- Lamar Alexander, Mitt Willard Romney, Mike Lee, Rand Paul, Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, Pat Toomey, Jerry Moran, Rob Portman, Roger Wicker, Roy Blunt AND marco Rubio. Be strong Mr. President, you are doing a great job. I pray that the good Lord protect your family & you. God Bless.

    • Elinor Ann DeMendonca says:

      Well said. Thanks.

    • Texas Belle says:

      Yeah, I voted for Romney also. I can’t believe what a turncoat he has turned out to be. He is NOT a conservative; he is part of the “deep state”. So disappointing.

    • Ken says:

      I wondered why these left wing idiots overlook all the criminal activities of their own party members . Politicians may not all be crooks but it sure seems they all stick together and no one gets punished or kicked out of the Houses and sent to wear the infamous orange jumpsuits. And rot in prison!
      Yu wrote a very good piece here thank you.

  6. Gregory Sullivan says:

    A democommunists view of our our country is to them that it’s a government of, by, and for the democratic party and nothing more. Mitch Mc Connel is going to stop this impeachment circus and prove to Pelosi and company that it just isn’t so and never will be period.

  7. Randall says:

    Oooooo that’s it, times up, demoncrates your all fired . Or just plain prison . For over my life time 68 years we were told not to trust government and you demoncrates are the reason why lie. lie. lie . We finally have a president that’s backs all Americans , and you still trust the swamp rats . Now that’s just sad ! Demoncrates and news media has insulted your intelligence, they believe you’ll never catch on , let them know you’re not that stupid.

    • Robert H Banning says:

      Obama had Brennan kill Seth Rich,both are still walking around free. Let’s do something about that !

      • Steff says:

        Hillary Clinton (murderous witch) is the owner of Seth’s death to protect herself from the wrath of the deplorables. Hillary and Bill are probably the two most vicious serial killers we have ever seen. She is finally on the path to righteous justice for all her crimes and hopefully, Bill gets his also.

    • chief1937 says:

      Can’t blame Brennan for being concerned it looks like he just may be found out about that FISA warrent and it’s beginning. When the top law enforcement department breaks the law, if so, we are in dire need for someone honest in charge if such a person can be found. If Brennan is guilty he should be required to spend the maximum prison term in the regular prison and not some cushy confinement.

      • Ann Beal says:

        I think the death penalty for treason is more in order. Besides, we don’t need the tax burden of feeding this old hog for the rest of his rotten life… that goes for the rest of the treasonous rats.

        • Glory says:

          From Criminal Treason Traitor Mob Boss Hillary, Obama, Brennan, Comey, McGabe, and all involved Criminal corrupt and compulsive Liars, Pelosi, Swamp Snake Queen LIAR Adam Schiff, Waters, Nadler and all Democrats & Squad, are all being EXPOSED.

        • Roy Sutton says:

          I thought death was the only sentence for Treason? Not right away, though. Lock ’em up and let them squirm and reflect on what they did to get in that position.

  8. Merlin Wood says:

    Thugs eventually get to pay for there crimes

  9. PO'd says:

    Slowly it is coming to a head. I certainty wish the wheels of justice would turn more quickly, before time runs out. Then again that’s exactly what the Democrats and deep state are stalling for.
    Brennan is just another cog, an important cog who needs to be fined and imprisoned, but a cog nonetheless.
    Barr, Durham and the rest of the investigators need to keep their eyes on the prize, Barrack Hussein Obama.
    Just as the Democrats champion that Trump is the root of all evil, nothing happened in the previous administration without Obama’s hands on the levers.

    • It’s sad these gov people don’t have to go by the laws we’re forced to go by, none of these will pay !

    • Daniel Brofford says:

      I agree PO’d. This is just one more reason we need to make sure that we keep Trump in the WH, keep the senate, and take back the house. If we were to lose the WH these investigations would stop. We need for these people to go to jail. I’m talking about all the criminals not just the democrats. I want for all of them regardless of their party to go to jail if they committed crimes against our country. It’s a shame that a lot of democrats don’t feel that way not realizing that if they are for that kind of stuff it will come back at some point and bite them. They will end up losing their rights also. I’ll bet they would not like it then. I believe that as they investigate that more and more names keep popping up. It is bigger then even they imagined. That’s why we need another 4 years to make sure these people are cleaned out of our government.

  10. Ben zomok says:

    I would like to know when we are going to do something about the thirty plus million they wasted!! I pay taxes, that’s some of my money they seem to be forgeting about . lets find out who’s pocket that went into not fruitcake Muller

  11. Teresa Kolodny says:

    Can you imagine how much “greater” America would be today were it not for these crooks? And don’t forget George Sorros! I pray for his soul. But he is the evil behind the evil!!

  12. The redhawl says:

    Brennan & Clapper&Susan Rice&LYNCH&Clinton >>>>>>ALL the way up yo OBAMA !!!!!
    TIME to FLUSH those TURDZ

    • Paul T. says:

      Totally Agree redhawl!!! It Has to Happen to clean House. All are Corrupt and many others are part of the deep state and the Global elite. Time to put the Pedal to the Metal and Flush them all OUT once and for all!!! Long Live the USA and our Constitution!!! NOONE is Above the Law!!!

  13. neo says:

    Most treasonous rats would be “concerned”….WHY did you travel to the Ukraine with a “fake” passport…johnny boy?

    • Paul T says:

      Right On Neo!! Can You believe the Chutzpah these corrupt Cronies Like Brennan and Clapper have. Instead of fading away into the woodwork they open their big Fat lying corrupt Traps! Proves they are deranged and Insane! Thou Does Protest WAY too Much Deep Staters. Protected and given Platform from the liberal Fake News Outlets!! The Corrupt Top Brass are all going down and History will reflect the scum they All are!!!

    • Steff says:

      He’s already cornered, but he still can’t accept the reality!! This rat would probably be the main rat to sink the Obama ship of fools in an attempt to save his own worthless skin! It looks like Barr and Durham are heading this off at the pass so no deal will be made or accepted on this traitor.

    • Elinor Ann DeMendonca says:

      You bet. He is one rotten person. He is the worst enemy to the WH. Pure evil. John Brennan.

  14. Armando says:

    All Trump haters should be investigated and imprisoned for trying ruin a truly great (finally) presidents’ administration. Strictly because he’s trying clear the rubbish that has been “stinking” up the Congress for years and robbing their constituents blind. This is long overdue, get rid of the “dinosaurs”

  15. Desert Fox says:

    All the corruption of the previous administration has got to be rectified. Our justice system cannot be trusted. The FBI, The CIA, AJ System under Lynch, Then there is Holder, Rice, Jarrett, McCabe, Adumb Schitt, Nutzy Palooozi, Nutless Noodler, Chump Scummer, Muler, and the list goes on and on. Make these demented dimwit, obstructionist demoncrats pay for what they put us through for three years. And by all means don’t forget the Fake News Ensemble.

    • Steff says:

      Your parodies are hilarious, but your message is well formulated. Together we will take them down. Be ready!!

    • Becky says:

      Totally agree that all corruption needs to be rectified. My fear is that it is not JUST the last administration. I think it goes deeper and is more wide-spread. All those ELECTED congress people are in there to represent the people who elected them. The longer they are there, the more they represent only themselves and their own pocket books. President Trump is shining a light on their corruption, and they don’t like it. I do not believe it is ONLY Democrats, but I believe it is mostly Democrats. TERM LIMITS FOR ALL!!!

      • Art L says:

        All these President Trump haters should be thrown out of office “Immediately”. They want him out because he’s a “Winner” for our country and the American people who really love what he’s doing to make America great again! He’s the hardest working President we’ve had in the last 50 or more years. He also wants and will clean up all the corrupt assholes that are in Congress now once and for all! That’s what they’re all afraid of.As far as Pelosi goes she’s just an old hag and should be tossed out first along with Schiff and Brennan who are also the biggest of all the corruptors.

        • Scott27 says:

          A “winner” Art? Why is no one talking about Ivana’s connection to China and why they suddenly granted her about 100 patents? How’s Jared’s middle east peace plan going? Why are the sons allowed to continue $130 million in foreign real estate deals on dj’s behalf and he can financially gain? Where’s that “beautiful” health care that “everyone would love”? Why is Mitch McConnell holding up legislation addressing foreign involvement in our elections (along with about 100 bills passed in the House? Why is it ok to strong-arm a foreign country for dirt on a political opponent in this nation? Are you aware that neither dj nor his sons are allowed to operate a foundation in all of New York because they stole from a children’s cancer fund? Are you aware he was found guilty of defrauding hundreds of students at “Trump University?” Are you aware he reversed regs and now allows the use of a pesticide known to kill? Are you aware coal companies can now dump toxic waste into rivers? Are you aware his ignoring subpoenas goes against the Constitution? Are you aware of the dangerous conditions of our infrastructure because, despite the House’s best efforts, he has chosen to ignore it? I could go on, but maybe it’s time you put country over a president who is really nothing more than a reality TV huckster.

        • Jonathan Conover says:

          Art, I don’t see how Mr Trump is a hardworking President. He shows up for the job after fixing that birdnest on his head and getting in his TV time. He also wastes countless hours composing ridiculous tweets complete with lies insults and nursery school name calling. Unless you are referring to his golf game, he really don’t do jack.

  16. Timothy Toroian says:

    He could always leave the country to avoid interrogation.

    • Lorraine says:

      Yeah. With a fake passport in hand.

    • Steff says:

      We have new sheriff and martial in town so he won’t be able to go anywhere but jail now. There are most probably flags on any and all of his accounts if he attempts to move his assets offshore. What a fool he is to think no one can get to him. I just hope his trial(s) are public so we can finally see some justice. I hope to see the DOJ, FBI, and Intelligence traitors indicted and receive justice.

  17. Alvina Sedwick says:

    Pete Kennedy, you are so right, they have every reason to be concerned, their corruption is coming out

  18. This gets even deeper. We are looking at the rotton apple now and getting right to the core. It goes to prove the lengths of the huge mess President Obama and the left has done. Eight years for a crook is too long. How do we unsolve a corruption so rotton it’s full of maggots? It has left a very big stink on the American people. It fell in hands of our current President. In my opinion that is not a fair handshake from get go! How do we solve this and unravel?

  19. Joe Salcedo says:

    They are all corrupt need to put them in Jail including the former President Obama.

  20. Rick Love says:

    Brennan: “the hand of politics and of Trump are now being used to massage what this ongoing review quasi-investigation is.”

    Me: All Deep Staters suffer from the delusion that it’s not fair for anyone to challenge their manufactured hoaxes, it falls for us to jump in line and accept any lie they thrust upon us. Oops, Mr. Brennan, President Trump and his followers don’t play like that. You’ll be challenged, you’ll be proven to be a traitor to this country, and you’ll be tried and convicted. Enjoy prison and thanks for playing.

  21. Jack says:

    If I was Trump no one appointed jobs by the 3 previous President’s would have those jobs, if you have worked in the federal government for the last 30 years your part of the swamp, and are probably corrupt.

    • Jerry R davis says:

      YOU DON’T KNOW JACK, A-HOLE !!!!!,

      • Steff says:

        Hey Jerry, you are the one who is either just brainwashed or stupid. With your comment, I vote on the latter. Jack is speaking his opinion honestly and sincerely. Since you don’t have anything to say, you just opt for a put down and name calling. Most of us who have brains will agree with Jack over you hands down.

    • Steff says:

      Please read my comments to Jerry’s narcissistic reply.

      • Jerry R davis says:

        Well “Steff”, I retired from the USGS after a 30 year career in water resources and I resented the implication of having been corrupt by someone (Jack) who does not seem to have a clue! As for name calling I apologize , I see that you are also adept at that. By the way I didn’t vote for trump in 2016 and I certainly won’t vote for trump in 2020. As for being “narcissistic” no one beats trump! So put that in your pipe and smoke it!

  22. Jerry says:

    Give him a fair trial the hang him

  23. Steff the patriot says:

    His time for justice to be served is coming quickly now. Besides being a communist activist, he has added traitor to our country through his actions in the CIA. No one deserves the noose or firing squad than Brennan right now, and that says a lot given the number of criminal thugs right now running the social- democrat party who break a law a minute. I will try very hard to witness your execution and even volunteer in the performance.

  24. Brennan should be investigated, he’s neck deep in this attempted coup on President Trump, but what can we expect from this traitor, he was appointed by Obama, one of the most treasonous presidents ever. Remember lying comes easy for Brennan and is OK in his eyes, he does belong to the death cult of islam !!

  25. pete kennedy says:

    Brennan and Clapper worked hand in hand with the Obama administration and other deep state officials to cover up the corrupt Obama administrations.

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