Joe Biden’s White House sent word out after SCOTUS’ decision on Texas’ abortion law and this Democrat Attorney General doubled down

The Left’s obsession with defending abortion mills has been in overdrive lately.

And this one move could be the worst action yet by the “pro-choice” Left.

Joe Biden’s White House sent word out after SCOTUS’ decision on Texas’ abortion law and this Democrat Attorney General doubled down.

Conservatives overwhelmingly consider the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision as one of the worst human rights abuses in history as evidenced by the millions of pre-born babies killed since the Court handed down the decision.

Democrat politicians view it as sacrosanct and many on the Left even openly embraced the ability to kill a baby at any time and for any reason.

Governor Ralph Northam of Virginia told thousands on the radio that physicians should “keep the baby comfortable” after being born so the parents can decide if they should kill it or not.

And rather than condemning his comments mainstream Leftists defended him – allowing him to survive the revelation of incredibly racist photos in which Northam appeared, by his own admission, in either blackface or a Klan costume.

Democrats are extremely worried the Supreme Court’s move to deny a stay on enforcement of Texas’ new heartbeat abortion law signals that Roe v. Wade’s days are numbered and the abortion fight will soon rest almost wholly at the state level.

And Democrats in state attorneys general offices are scrambling to prepare the field for those fights and keep the abortion lobby’s dollars flowing their way.

In Massachusetts, Democratic Attorney General Maura Healey rejected a voter petition that would have allowed state voters to decide if babies should be protected after they are born alive.

The proposed law states, “if a child is born alive, all reasonable steps, in keeping with good medical practice, shall be taken to preserve the life of the child born alive.”

A denial letter sent by Healey’s office, stated, “the proposed law does not define ‘a child born alive’ or what is required to ‘preserve the life of a child born alive,’ nor does it specify what ‘reasonable steps’ must be taken or who ‘shall’ take them.”

The letter continued, “These ambiguities make it impossible for a voter to know what ‘general rule of conduct’ is proscribed by this proposed law.”

Many are wondering if Democrats have any limit if they won’t stop at terminating a child’s life after it’s born and outside the womb.

Nothing is ambiguous about the rights of a born child not to be killed or the duty of physicians to keep the baby alive and well.

What do you think?

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