Joe Biden’s top choice for Vice President just saw her career implode because of a giant scandal

Joe Biden promised to pick a female running mate.

One name shot up to the top of the list.

But now Joe Biden’s top choice for Vice President just saw her career implode because of a giant scandal.

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer sits at the top of any prospective lists of possible running mates.

With her status as a swing state Governor, Democrats thought Whitmer’s presence on the ticket could deliver Michigan’s crucial ten Electoral College votes into the Democrat column.

But her disastrous performance managing Michigan’s coronavirus outbreak damaged her prospects.

The final nail in the coffin for Whitmer’s Vice Presidential chances could be the “500 year flood” caused by the failures of the Edenville and Sanford dams which caused thousands of residents of Midland to lose their homes.

WDIC Channel 4 in Detroit found that federal regulators flagged one of the dams for repeated safety violations and revoked a license for hydro-power from one.

“In 2018, federal officials revoked the hydro power generating license for the dam and gave the regulatory authority to the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes and Energy,” WDIV4’s Karen Drew reported.

Governor Whitmer claimed her administration was considering all options to hold the companies that run the dams accountable.

“Regarding the dams, the state of Michigan is reviewing every potential legal recourse that we have, because this incredible damage requires that we hold people responsible, and we are pursuing and are going to pursue every line of legal recourse that we can,” Whitmer said.

But Drew also reported that since taking office in 2019, Whitmer ignored these problems and may have been able to prevent this disaster had she taken action.

“Local 4 Defender Karen Drew obtained a 2018 inspection document from EGLE, which states the dam’s two concrete spillway showed signs of moderate deterioration but appeared to be stable and functioning normally . . .

“. . . The problems and citations went on and on, but no major action was taken.”

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71 Responses

  1. Robert Wallace says:

    It pleases me that Baltimore told Strumpet to keep his Skanky ASS away from there; the way he viciously and malevolently dissed them! !

  2. Alan says:

    It doesn’t matter who the old perv picks .they dont have a chance even with their fake news..honest people see them for what they are .they know it and now trying to cheat with mail in voting .for all their illegals they have been protecting and wanting open borders.. nothing but cheap labor and a vote..

  3. Jack Handy says:

    > MI. Gov Whitler/ W/illinois Gov Pritzker ARE ‘CONTRACTED’
    (by whom?) TO SPLIT USA Rite Down the MIDDLE …
    >West Coast Gov’s, Newsom/Insley + a few others.
    > East Coast /Big time NY Cuomo/ NJ + afew ‘others…
    > SEE ‘big pic HERE & NOW …
    > BETTER STAND UP, folks.
    > To ‘blind haters’ 0n this Site, ( W/0ut ‘ranking’ 0n Any ‘Level’)
    guess what, YOU GO DOWN as well.

  4. Jack Handy says:

    To Trumpsux: Yep , the dude ‘fell’ Toa Major boner…
    > 0ut of True Compassion/Caring 4 USA = he Listened to
    Fauci/Birx Taking WAAY FALSE ‘Stats’ from the Imperial College.
    >& Fauci/Birx KNEW IT !!! The guy, Neil Ferguson WAS/IS the 0ne
    who designed the Computer Model. Fauci/Birx ‘grabbed’ it, Took to
    Pres. … Ferguson RESIGNED, thereAFTER WHEN’ LockDown Accomplished.
    >( Want some ‘smutt’? He went to ‘lover’ After ‘mission accomplished’ & ‘walks’)
    >Ferguson reported 0n Major ‘news 0utlets’ &&& IGNORED.
    > The Damage IS DONE… That WAS Phase l… Phase ll 0ccurring NOW…
    > Do You KNOW PHASE lll ??? Do You KNOW Phase lV ???

  5. Glenn says:

    Whitmer murdered elderly and crippled Michigan’s economy. That kind of evil is exactly what biden would want

  6. PAUL B says:

    I have a lot of friends here in New York, including myself, that always voted Dem. but not any more. This party has been confiscated by the far left. If your party loses New Yorkers and parts of the South and all of the Midwest what are your chances at winning anything?? Say good bye to the house and say hello to increasing Republicans seat in the Senate. This party stands for nothing!!

  7. zee says:

    Mi Gov. Whitler IS a ‘Total Hack’ (wearing Black Leather)
    &&& Extending Shut down June 12-19…
    > Any ‘hater’ Here, Want her ??? Please Take her & live W/it…
    > Plenty ‘blood 0n her Hands’ sending virus To NURSING HOMES,
    just like Cuomo. Raising ‘Death STATS’ … Relying 0n False
    data from Imperial College /Neil Ferguson. Then he quit, 0nce
    Fauci/Birx ‘bit the Bait/ & You Know ‘The Rest of the Story”…

  8. Robert Wallace says:

    Hey Johnson! RIGHT ON! ! STRUMPET is a lying self-effacing scumbag!

  9. Johnson says:

    President Trump admitted to loving North Korean dictator , Kim Jung Un, and that did not disqualify him or admitting to grabbing womens’ pusssies, (his word, not mine) and that did not disqualify him. Lying about his friend, the Prince of Saudi Arabia, absolving him of the murder of Jamaal Kashoggi on the order of the Prince, did not disqualify him. Those are just a few examples of President Trump’s evil, lying ways, so , disqualifying anybody , in light of these and hundreds more, is ludicrous! Let’s face it, not many candidates could be worse than President Trump!

  10. Robert Wallace says:

    GITMO–Your post is a moot point; I already stated cogently, the FACT that President Lincoln was an Iconic and one of a kind POTUS! Most Especially, at a time in our Country’s History when it could have been irreparably ripped to shreds! All I was getting across was the point that practically everything that the Republican Party espouses today, is everything that President Lincoln loathed. Strumpet continually compares himself to Lincoln in the attempt to ‘ UP ‘ his ludicrous importance, and record, over that of Lincoln! Then he follows those bogus statements with–” This is the Party of President Lincoln “; how Very shallow. The Republican Party today is NOT the same as in Lincoln’s time–Strumpet is not the Icon he claims. As one good man has said: Stumpet is a Legend in his own mind !

  11. GITMO says:

    We dont need a black Woman V.P. trying to jump the game and be President from Bidens failing brain! Vote for Biden your voting for his V.P. and we all know with Obama coming out of Hiding and Soros dumping millions towards demorats there trying to put in un-qualified Michelle in as v.p. so Obama can screw up the country again and turn it into a Soros open border society hell hole!! We can allow this to happen from a criminal like Obama and Biden and last thing we need is those idiots back in White House milking tax payers while there playing Hollywood and selling america to Soros! No more planet of the apes at the white house!! You need qualified people who arent corrupt and selling out to the highest bidders or camel jockeys countries! This is about America first! Our jobs! Our country! Our people! You’ll never!! I repeat you’ll never see that from the demorats that’s playing Congress now!! Demorat party needs a complete overhaul of people a d start over!!

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