Joe Biden’s latest COVID advice is laughable if it weren’t so dangerous

Joe Biden made ending COVID a centerpiece of his campaign for President in 2020.

He regularly attacked President Trump for a supposed lack of testing availability.

Now, President Biden is stumbling and bumbling as he tries to explain away his own testing shortage crisis – and it would be funny, if he weren’t the most powerful man in the world.

In his latest address to the U.S. public, Biden once again urged Americans to get vaccinated, while pointing to a surge in new OmiCold cases.

He then turned to the limited supply of COVID testing kits available to the general public.

Biden’s advice to Americans who want to get tested – “Google it.”

“Google [long pause] ‘COVID test near me,’ [long pause] go there, Google, excuse me, ‘COVID test near me’ on Google. [long pause] To find the nearest site where you can get a test [long pause] most often and free.”

You’ll notice Creepy Uncle Joe trips all over his own tongue while reading from a teleprompter and trying to explain how to use Google to find testing sites near you.

Of course, these types of blunders have become par for the course during the Biden Presidency.

As has bumbling the handling of COVID.

Despite campaigning to end COVID, testing kits are in short supply, OmiCold continues to spread, an endless run of boosters are promised for our future, vaccine mandates are being implemented, mask mandates are making a comeback and talk of more lockdowns is heating up.

Even though OmiCold has a fraction of the severity of the original COVID-19 and Delta variants, the President is also planning new travel restrictions.

The radical Left is insistent on making COVID lockdowns the new normal.

They’ve had a taste of crisis control and they won’t let it go without a fight.

Even if they can’t explain how to use Google.

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