Joe Biden’s handlers just revealed that this is their biggest fear

Joe Biden’s Presidency is a sinking ship.

Everyone knows it.

And now Joe Biden’s handlers just revealed that this is their biggest fear.

Joe Biden’s approval numbers started tanking last July when he reimposed mask mandates after the hysterical public health “experts” who hold massive influence over the media and the Democrat Party base began to panic about the Delta wave.

But it turns out it’s not just the TV doctors on CNN spreading panic porn and misinformation who are terrified of COVID.

The greatest fear held by Joe Biden’s handlers is that Biden himself will contract the virus.

That explains why Biden’s handlers limited his movements and sent him home to Delaware so often.

Biden’s handlers fear the political fallout of the double vaxxed, boosted Biden, who now wears a N95 mask, contracting COVID and proving that his mitigation measures are utter failures.

“As Omicron began storming the country in December, the President and the Vice President changed their own masking protocols,” POLITICO reported. “At the advice of their personal health advisers, they largely ditched the black surgical masks they previously sported and began wearing KN95’s weeks before the CDC updated their own masking guidance.”

“The change reflects a dynamic within this White House — one that’s dictated everything from internal operations to the President’s travel schedule and could very well scuttle his ambitions to criss cross the country more this year,” POLITICO continued, adding that “they’re terrified of JOE BIDEN getting Covid.”

“Some current and former White House officials foresee a potential political and policy disaster if the President were to contract the virus, even though he is vaccinated and boosted. Covid protocol critics and vaccine skeptics would have a field day with Biden catching Covid and use it to further undermine trust in the administration’s efforts to combat the pandemic. The 79-year-old President would likely take at least a few days to recover—in addition to placing himself in quarantine—which could exacerbate concerns about his age and health,” POLITICO concluded.

The Omicron wave already showed the futility of vaccine mandates and passports.

Vaccines do not prevent Americans from contracting COVID.

And the Centers for Disease Control’s own study showed natural immunity offered greater protections against infection from the Delta strain than just being vaccinated.

Obviously, no one wants Joe Biden to catch COVID.

But Biden’s handlers fear that if he does somehow contract the virus, the biggest vulnerability would be the politics and the demonstrated failure of his promise to “shut down the virus.”

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