Joe Biden’s failure to mention this one issue could cost Democrats the election

The Fake News Media is praising Joe Biden’s boring and angry convention speech as a political masterstroke.

But in Biden’s brief remarks, the former Vice President made a major mistake.

And Joe Biden’s failure to mention this one issue could cost Democrats the election.

In Joe Biden’s brief 24 minute speech – his handlers were afraid to leave him on stage for any longer than the bare minimum – the former Vice President assailed Donald Trump for creating numerous crises in America.

But there was one national emergency that Biden never mentioned once.

And that was the Black Lives Matter riots still raging across American cities months after George Floyd’s death.

Breitbart’s Joel Pollack wrote:

Democrats failed to condemn recent political violence and rioting across the nation, as they avoided the topic throughout the four days of the Democratic National Convention.

Former Vice President Joe Biden never mentioned the riots during his speech accepting the Democratic Party’s nomination for president on Thursday evening. Nor did any other speaker.

Instead, Democrats talked about “peaceful protests” and claimed falsely, that President Donald Trump had used “tear gas” to disperse demonstrators near the White House.

Biden did not want to touch this plague of violence with a ten foot pole for good reason.

The violent rioters in the streets beating people bloody, attacking federal buildings and officers, and looting businesses are his voters.

The elected officials allowing this mayhem to take hold in their cities are all Democrats.

Biden doesn’t want the American people to dwell on the violence and riots because then they will ask if Democrats are allowing this carnage to spill out into the streets of the cities that they control, what will they do to the country if voters give them total power in November.

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