Joe Biden’s campaign made one shocking announcement about quitting the 2024 race

Photo by The White House, via Wikimedia, public domain

Joe Biden’s losing to Donald Trump in the polls.

Biden’s cognitive decline is now front and center in the Presidential campaign.

And Joe Biden’s campaign made one shocking announcement about quitting the 2024 race.

It’s not been a good run for President Joe Biden.

Special Counsel Robert Hur released a devastating report concluding that he was too mentally impaired to stand trial.

Biden then stood in front of the American people and proved he was too enfeebled to run the government during a disastrous primetime press conference where he couldn’t remember the name of the church that gave him his rosary following his son Beau’s passing and mixed up the President of Egypt with the President of Mexico.

Biden campaign chairman Mitch Landrieu drew the short straw of having to appear on the Sunday shows and defend Biden from polls like one from NBC that said 73 percent of voters thought he was too old to serve another term.

Meet the Press host Kristin Welker grilled Landrieu about a bombshell Washington Post story that reported in the wake of the Hur report and the ensuing press conference that Democrats wanted to see Biden drop out of the race.

“How do you respond to Democrats who say they want to see a change at the top of the ticket?” Welker said.

In the story, Democrats expressed their concern about Biden’s age costing the party the election as “hair on fire.”

“About as hair on fire as you can imagine,” one Democrat strategist texted the Post reporters. “Worse than I even thought it would be.”

Landrieu offered up the only response he could – declared that Joe Biden was the President and that he would never drop out of the race.

“I’m in the process of doing it right now,” Landrieu declared. “And demonstrating that the president’s accomplishments have really been second to none, and Joe Biden’s going to get up every day. The one thing Joe Biden is never going to do is — count on this — he is never, ever going to quit! Because that’s not what he’s done his entire life.”

Biden quitting is no boon to Democrats.

Polls show that Vice President Kamala Harris is even more unpopular than Biden and no Democrat operative can come up with a plan to take the nomination away from the first black female Vice President without fracturing the party’s woke base.

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